Each passing day is seeing a faster leap into tech advancements making us more dependent on smart devices that help us to monitor nuanced aspects of our life. It won’t be long before we would see that fitness trackers are indispensable.  Not so long after the successful launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band, the Chinese tech manufacturer has come up with a new version with an affordable price tag. It has been upgraded with a heart rate monitoring tracker (HRM), and hence the name ‘Pulse’. Xiaomi’s new fitness tracker has already heated up the market and is garnering positive feedback from Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse review.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse Review

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse: Design


Light, small, sleek and matte finished, the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse is a must for enhancing your geek appeal and satiating your cravings for an all-in-one featuring fitness gizmo. At 19.5 grams this tiny tracker bot glides on your wrist like a feather light gadget. The hypo-allergenic bands of the tracker are available in black and other colors, if you want to prefer among blue, green, orange, pink and teal.


The new bands are more durable and comfortable than the previous Mi Band. The tracker shaped like an ellipse with squared off edges, has the following dimensions- 3.7 cm width, 1.36 cm tall and 0.99 cm thick. The top of the tracker has an aluminum blade that holds the three LEDs. The LEDs display the gadget’s notifications.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse: Hardware


The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse hardware is fitted with similar sensors as the previous Mi band. The only new inclusion is the heart rate monitoring sensor. It comes with the same Bluetooth chips and the accelerometer. The IP67 resistant cover of the tracker makes it dust and water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it due to rough use. The silicon band is fitted with an adjusting pin to ensure a firm fit on your wrist. It has a 45 mAh battery. The battery has thirty days life for one charge. For charging the device, there are two pins on the left side of the device. It comes along with a USB charger. You have to take away the tracker from the silicone band and connect it to the USB cable charger for charging.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse: Tracking


Considering the newly added usability features, it is really worth investing in a Xiaomi Pulse Mi fitness band buy. It has improvised upon the existing usability features while incorporating the heart rate tracking sensor. It will help you with its usual functions of tracking how many steps you are walking each day, how much distance you are traveling, how much calories you are burning and daily sleep duration and quality (light sleep or deep sleep with the help of the heart rate sensor).

This Pulse Band tracks steps, distance and estimates the total calories/grams of fat burned, just like the previous Mi Band. It also breaks your walking and running into blocks of active time and presents hourly, daily, weekly and monthly graphs.


Sleep tracker has been modified with an ‘edit’ option. This helps in rectifying mistakes like when you’re lying down and not sleeping, which could be otherwise read as your nap time by the Mi Band Pulse. The earlier Mi Band had received some complaints that the tracker reads the steps even when one is simply moving the arms. This has been tested for Pulse by some present users who have reported that this issue no longer exists.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse: What Makes Pulse high on demand

Mi Fit App


The device software and the Mi Fit app that can be downloaded on your smartphone ( the app is available for both android and iOS) rank high in ease of usability and user friendliness. Once the Mi Fit app is installed on your smartphone, the fitness tracking device will roll out its functions and keep you engaged with your health updates. You will be able to access daily results, swiping through charts and have plenty of options to customize the notification settings.  If you are using a Xiaomi smartphone, you can enjoy the option of unlocking your phone with the Mi Band Pulse fitness band.

Once you get started with the device, you need to update some basic stuff to help it keep working. One of them would be setting your daily steps goal. Each day you make it to the goal; you will be awarded with a “well done” appraisal from the Mi Band Pulse. Your daily performance is reported by the Mi Fit App at the day’s end. You also get a sleep report on waking up.

The Mi Fit App also has an added feature that allows you to monitor your body weight and BMI. This makes it more helpful in your efforts to manage your weight. Also, the new version of the Mi Fit App in Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse helps you to sync with Google Fit and AppleHealth, which was earlier not possible in case of Mi Band. This has made it easier for data sharing and exporting to these platforms.

Social Sharing

Now you can share your week’s or day’s results on social networks like Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter. There are add-on features in Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse, like a smart alarm and notifications for phone calls and other apps (up to three more apps). So the buzzing device keeps you updated with gentle vibrations when you need it.

Heart Rate Sensors


The attraction of the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse is, of course, its photoplethysmographic heart sensor. This is where the interesting part begins in the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse review. The heart sensor uses a perception of photoelectric light. The sensor gives almost accurate readings for heart rate. The optical heart rate sensor enables you to scan at any time you wish to. It gives out a green blinking light and you can use it while working out or monitor your sleep schedules accordingly. The ‘sleep assistant’ option enables the Mi Band Pulse to measure your heart rates at periodic intervals at night time. You can, however, choose to switch off this option if you want to save up more battery.

Xiaomi Pulse Band Vs Jawbone UP3 & Fitbit Flex

The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse is the best buy if you are looking for a budgeted and value for money fitness gear to rev up your health tracking. The photoelectric light perception technology of the Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse definitely gives it a thumbs up when compared to more expensive fitness trackers which lack this feature. Considering the value for money, it is really a good feature you can get at such low costs like Jawbone UP3 band and Fitbit flex.

Its user-friendly features are one more reason that makes it appealing and a reason why people would prefer Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse. Apart from the fact that it is a low priced fitness tracker in the market. The Mi Fit App offers a plethora of features and the data reports are provided in a simple to understand manner. It is perfect for a comfortable wear for daily use and even when you are sleeping.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse Price

The price at which Mi Band Pulse is available is really low for the features it offers to its user. It costs $ 25, and needless to say that such a pricing will give competition to other existing wearable fitness trackers like Nie FuelBand SE and Misfit shine. Well, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has been wise enough to keep a competitive price since a fitness tracking band is not an indispensable item, not yet. With the improved software and app features, it is definitely value for money buy.

Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse Warranty

This cool fitness gear comes with a one year warranty, long enough for its price and features.

Is It Worth Buying?

Some not so major drawbacks can be identified if you really want to place it on par with some recent available features in smart devices. Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse comes with an official thirty days battery life but in reality, its battery life doesn’t live up that long. This is one drawback as the battery can last anything between two to three weeks or less depending upon the usage and the features activated on the Mi Band Pulse.

You might find that its accuracy and look can be worked upon. But again, it is too much to ask for such low pricing. The Mi Fit App is upgraded with the option to share on social networking like Twitter. However, it doesn’t offer a full scope for social integration, unlike some other available trackers. It also doesn’t provide lots of health data, and you mostly require relying on Mi Fit App.

All in all, this second installment of the Mi Band by Xiaomi has definitely created a buzz in the wearable market. It offers all the fun and benefits of a wearable fitness gear at an affordable price tag. It offers a good investment if you want to opt for something that is comfortable, pleasant to look and good functioning at a fair price. The Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse has surely thrown in a surprise with the inclusion of the heart rate sensor.

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