Fitbit tracker quantifies your sleep propensities and measures your daily sleep habits. This can incorporate to what extent you sleep and the nature of your sleep (or the quality). With Fitbit, you can associate your sleep examples to regular sleeping cycles that you may have control over, for example, dinners, drinks, dozing time, waking time and your exercises amid the day.

However, there have been a lot of complaints from various users, while the one common being – Fitbit not tracking sleep or sleep dashboard not showing the accurate data. So, here is a detailed post to help you troubleshoot this issue.

Fitbit not tracking sleep

According to a press release, the Fitbit’s new sleep schedule feature will work in tandem with its tracker’s other functionalities in order to enhance a user’s sleep quality. It improves sleep goals based on the target amount of shut-eye individuals should get each night. It also sets target times to go to bed and wake up each day, and sends reminders to help keep people on track.

“If you’re constantly changing your sleep routine, it can have the same effect as giving yourself jetlag because you are continually changing your circadian rhythm, also known as your internal clock, which can negatively impact your health and wellness,” said Michael Grandner, PhD, MTR, CBSM

Fitbit Sleep Mode Mechanism

Fitbit not tracking sleep

  • Fitbit Surge tracks rest naturally. Just wear the gadget before going to bed. You will have the capacity to see your details when the tracker synchronizes with your record. Make sure to charge your Fitbit otherwise it does not record sleep.
  • After getting into bed, just tap on the head of your Fitbit Flex for around 2 seconds. The tracker will vibrate and show two gradually diminishing lights as a pointer for sleep mode.
  • After you get up, tap the Flex quickly for around two seconds. The gadget will leave rest mode. When you do this, the Flex will streak and vibrate three times and after that, it will show a turning light. You can see your details after Flex has adjusted your Fitbit account.
  • To actuate sleep mode, hold the catch on the tracker for a few seconds. You will see the stopwatch start to a number or the symbols begin to flicker. This means that the gadget is in rest mode. After you wake up, hold the tracker’s catch for around 2 seconds to leave rest mode.
  • For Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, Alta, and Blaze, it automatically detects your resting mode with its sensors and starts to track your sleep levels. The Fitbit App dashboard will give you all the data you need about your sleep.

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Why Fitbit Not Tracking Sleep?

The capacity of Fitbit trackers to track test examples is down to the way that it is fitted with sensors called accelerometers. They distinguish the wearers’ movement with the heading and speed of the movement. At the point when the tracker identifies that you have not moved in over 60 minutes, the calculation expects that you are snoozing. This is frequently recorded wrong by the developments you make when you are snoozing.

Your developments in the morning tell the tracker that you have woken up. This system is not consummated, and therefore, it can dishonestly accept that you are sleeping because you have stayed without moving for a long time. When this happens, erase the resting time record from your dashboard.

There are few reasons you might not able to see your sleep data,

  • Battery is not charged full
  • Not wearing it properly
  • Not properly synced with your PC
  • The phone app not installed properly

It could be any one of the above, but the solution for these problems are very few. Do follow the below steps,

  1. Reset your Fitbit device
  2. Re-install the Fitbit app in the phone
  3. Charge your Fitbit device battery
  4. Check your app store and update the Fitbit app
  5. Check Fitbit website and update your Fitbit device
  6. Go for the customer service support

 Other Questions About Fitbit’s Sleep Tracking

Fitbit not tracking sleep

1. Can You Track The Sleep Goal?

Fitbit rest permits you to set down a sleep objective to help you accomplish a consistent and sound rest cycle. This should be possible through the Fitbit dashboard

2. What Is The Variation Between Sensitive And Normal Sleep Setting?

You can set your Fitbit to “touchy” where it offers nitty gritty records of your test examples or “ordinary” for essential details. In the “typical” setting, just critical developments are measured, for example, moving over. The “delicate” setting measures each and every development regardless of how insignificant. The “touchy” setting is perfect for individuals with resting issue.

3. How Do I View and Change The Sleep Mode Setting? Why is Fitbit not syncing?

Sign into your Fitbit dashboard and snap on the rigging symbol at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. Select “Settings” and then explore the Sleep Sensitivity setting. Pick “Delicate” or “Ordinary”. Sync your tracker for any progressions to produce results. Resetting and changing these setting could help if Fitbit is not tracking sleep.

4. What Do The Various Sleep States / Levels Mean?

The eager rest state implies that your body is transitioned from a condition of rest to development. This infers that you were not getting the most tranquil rest. When the tracker says that you are moving in excess, a diagram will demonstrate that you were alert.

5. How Is Sleep Efficiency Calculated?

Rest productivity is computed with the accompanying equation for solving where the result is,

sleep efficiency: 100 * time snoozing/(time eager + time sleeping + time awoken amid rest)

The time it takes to nod off is not considered into the figuring. This implies on the off chance that you don’t move throughout the night, you can get 100% rest effectiveness regardless of the fact that it took 30 minutes to nod off.

6. Why Can’t I See the Sleep Graph for Last Night?

On the off chance that your tracker auto detects sleep, it may take a while before it enrolls that you are alert. Fitbit server may be slow; it might need some time to update your new day activities.  In this manner, you ought to sit tight for 60 minutes for your rest logo to show up.

7. I Wasn’t Asleep Even When My Sleep Chart Says That I Was. Why?

Infrequently, the tracker might not detect automatically when you have taken it off your wrist. It might record asleep sign by mistake if Fitbit does not record sleep. You can simply erase the previous sleep log by getting to your dashboard.

8. I Wasn’t Awake When My Sleep Graph Says I Was. Why?

If you turn & move a great deal while dozing, the tracker may record that you are wakeful. On the off chance that you feel that the rest diagram does not portray a genuine photo of your sleep design, you might need to set affect ability to ordinary. This will give you a broader outline of your sleeping signals and patterns.

9. Find out how Fitbit works diversely for various models as clarified beneath:

  • Fitbit Ultra, One, Flex, and Zip: Enter the time you spent snoozing on the Fitbit site or in the application. Fitbit will utilize the accelerometer information to set up whether you were sleeping, alert, or eager amid that time span. This information depends on the developments of your wrist amid the time you said you were snoozing.
  • Fitbit Surge, Charge HR, Charge, Force, Alta and Blaze: These six models decide the starting and end of your rest consequently in light of your developments for 60 minutes. You can just enter the time physically if you feel auto detection is not exact.

In case, you are still not able to get your sleep data; the below points you have to check and resolve.

  • Check if you have the proper Internet connection
  • Check your Bluetooth connection
  • Restart your device and start to check again
  • Fitbit may be updating your device, so be patient and try again after an hour.
  • Reinstall the app in your device

Hope this instruction can be useful, please let us know in the comments if you are not able to fix the issue yet. Also, you can check the Fitbit community forum in case the problem occurs regular interval.

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