You may be aware of the new wearable technology in the market, which has the ability to perform like smartphones and comes in very compact size. Yes, we are talking about Fitbit here, fitness activity tracker. It is one of the leading brands and is significantly gaining attention due to its immense success.

Did you know that Fitbit products hold more than 50% market sales than its competitors? Whether it is a wrist-based fitness tracker or watch, band or clip-based devices, every product is designed to do multiple jobs in a single go. It also includes heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, tracking your sleep mode, etc…

The device collects the data as per the usage and stores in its memory. However, you cannot store the data permanently in the Fitbit device, as it needs to transfer the data to the permanent memory. That is where the Fitbit Connect comes in. It is a software installed on your mobile device (iOS , Android and Windows) or computer to keep track of your daily activities and its history.

This may get a little difficult to comprehend, but consider it as a storage platform for keeping the track of all the data collected on your Fitbit device. In order to transfer the data, you need to sync the device with the computer or mobile phone, as per your choice.

The connection is established with the help of a dongle, where all the data is uploaded to Fitbit server and you can easily check your history at any time you want from your phone. Syncing is very important in order to transfer the data on regular intervals. Once you have connected the 2 mediums, Fitbit will automatically sync with the dedicated Fitbit app in your phone for every 15 minutes, when in range, and transfers the data.

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Though the connection can be easily set up, there are times when Fitbit won’t sync. If you are facing the same issue, here are 5 reasons behind to make a note of and solutions to fix them.

Why Fitbit Won’t Sync And Solutions To Fix Them

1. Faulty Device Pairing

It is very important to pair the device with the Fitbit account is mandatory or else your Fitbit won’t sync with your daily activities. The most obvious way is to log into the Fitbit account and check the device pairing via a gear icon on the main screen. If it is not visible to you, then it means the device is not yet paired.

Here are the steps to sync the device:

  1. Go to setup page and download the Fitbit connect app.
  2. Install and launch the Fitbit Connect.
  3. Create your account and enter the details.
  4. Plug in the dongle with the computer that came with the device and pairs the device you are using.
  5. Once the device is paired with the computer or phone, it will directly connect to your online account and you are ready to go


2. Improper Dongle Connection

Sometimes, the dongle that needs to be connected to the computer will not be recognized by the Fitbit Connect. This happens due to improper connection with the USB port, this because you may be unplugged the USB without safety removal option. Check the functioning of the USB port in order to rectify the situation. If the problem persists, plug into any other USB port. Once the dongle is connected, Fitbit Connect will display ‘USB dongle connected’.

3. Not In Range

The most common reason for not syncing often lies in the range. Every device has a range. Hence, you need to be within the range of 20 feet to form a connection for syncing. While this is not necessary all the time, as your device can keep the data for about a week but still it is important to check the range before coming to a conclusion.

4. Losing Automatic Syncingfitbit-connect-app

Fitbit devices may fail to sync with the Fitbit connect automatically due to automatic syncing bug issues or the computer may be affected by the virus or bug. Under such occasions, you need to restart your system and the you need to manually sync the device with the Fitbit Connect. Just open the main menu and sync the device.

5. Software Issues

Fitbit Connect is faulted with issues. There will be moments when the device won’t sync due to software issues. The company is working on it but if the problem arises, all you need to do is to just reinstall the app again on the computer and it will solve the problem.

The above-mentioned are only common problems associated with syncing issues. Most users experiencing the syncing problem will be able to sort out the issues through above fixes. Even if the syncing still fails, it is better to contact the Fitbit customer support or their community forum and they will sort out the issues to the best of their knowledge.

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