When we say Apple, the letter that is often controversial is none other than “i.” Why Apple watch not called iwatch? No matter what product this creative company launches, “i” is always prefixed. This particular adjunct has in fact come to define a digital era that personified one of the most adventurous innovative technological firms ever to exist. Apple gave definition to its brand with the simple but so very effective “i.” The copyrighted brand chose to employ the “i” across its range of software and hardware products ever since the release of its “iMac” in the 1990s.

Why Apple Watch Not Called iWatch?

The Man Behind The Prefix – “i”why-apple-watch-not-called-iwatch

Ken Segall, an advertising man (who is credited for the “i”) conceived the very idea and forwarded the name iMac to then-CEO Steve Jobs, who was desperate for a name that would resonate with the new translucent, egg-shaped, Bondi blue colour, and revolutionary personal computer released in the year 1998. It is the most common knowledge today that the lowercase i” stood for the Internet, in its name signaling towards something new and monumental, that the iMac built for the next age of communication.

The only troubling question remains that – why Apple did not choose the same for its Apple Watch? Why is it that the company did not wish to brand their first generation model of a wearable technology as an iWatch? The date of when the Apple Watch released into the consumer markets was 24 April 2015. Further, the “iWatch”, as Apple fans would prefer calling it, released a Watch OS2 update for the fitness tracking wearable technology. If reports are to be believed, despite launching itself as a gadget, Apple is deliberately targeting consumers more concerned with style than technology.

The designed smart watch by Apple following its Apple Watch 2 release date has constantly been under the scanner, as it did not receive the name “iWatch,” unlike the brand’s other utility products. The claim by creators of the iPhone is that the smartwatch Apple can be worn during all your daily activities. With the so-called iwatch, Apple aims for it to be a luxury cum utility watch, designed to track data and stay stylishly strapped to your wrists from morning to night activities.why-apple-watch-not-called-iwatch

The naming of the sub-brand “i” has been there for about 20 years now and includes myriad extensions, even including iMac, iTunes, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iOS, iCloud, iWork, iBooks, and iLife (which includes iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb, and iDVD).

The craze for using “i” has always continued to come along, right from iPlay (babywear), iHome (for audio systems) to the most recent one iFetch (fetch toy for dogs). So, what could have been the reason for Apple not to use “i” this time for its watch? Well, though nothing has been known completely yet, maybe they have used several i-product spin-offs or perhaps this fresh naming– Apple Play & Apple Watch is to represent a new era (post-Jobs).

Also, there could be another probable reason: On the Apple watch release, reviewers have spoken that the smart watch Apple launches is in fact unashamedly a fashion gizmo, manufactured with gleaming styling and high-end materials. The Apple watch cannot be called an iWatch yet, simply because the company has chosen to reassert its fashion and wearable items as those that are essentially led by designs rather than by the chips that will monitor the functions within them.

I want to hear from you as well. So, according to you why do you think Apple didn’t use its standard naming convention for its Watch? Do you have your theory? If yes, please share with me and other readers in the comments section.

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