Best Wearable Tech Devices And Projects Watch Out For In 2016-17

There was a time when wearable tech devices was used for knowing the heart rate, sleep level, walking distance, etc. However, smart watch now provides the features exactly supporting the moniker. Whether it is the accurate activity bio-metrics or the assistance while running, they got this all.

With the standardizing smart revolution, companies like Apple, Pebble and Samsung are offering much more than just the notifications. With the new wearable tech, you can get quick access and Fast-track sensors.

Thanks to some innovative wearable tech devices and projects offering more for improving user’s health, and most importantly humanity, while maintaining the up-to-date and unique features. We have collated ten impeccable wearable technology companies that are so good for you.

10 Best Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

1. First Response Monitor

Vision:  Treat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Patients

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

Cambridge Design Partnership had designed one of the best  wearable tech devices, to know respiratory tech data. It is an Invention for patients suffering trauma at a battle zone. Manage your heart and respiratory rate efficiently with First-rate monitor. All you need to do is, clip it on your nose and it will display respiratory analytics on its little but vivid screen.

  • It shows the patient heart information and change in condition, means you will have an accurate track of your condition.
  • You can send the displayed info to your family doctor or directly to army medic through the built-in Bluetooth option.
  • You don’t have to carry any bulky stuff to know your heart or respiratory health; you can get info related to both on the small monitor attached to it.

The best thing about the First Response is that you can get the in-depth overview of your internal health during the long-term exposure to varying activities, such as prolonged workout or exercise; it helps you know the weak points of your disease. It is a unique concept then the normal wearable, though it had not gained huge populace for now at least.

2. WAAA!

Vision: Saving Newborn Babies

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

Next in the race of wearable technology fashion-WANNA is something more growing towards human values. Researchers from the University of Huddersfield developed as UNICEF wearable for the good program.

According to 2015 metrics,

Nearly 2 million newborn dies on the first day while 2.9 million die within 28 days.

It is designed to be used for the first three days of birth, which are much riskier.

The WAAA band is wrapped around the chest of the baby; it keeps a proper record for ECG, respiratory health and heart rate. In the case of abnormal signal detection or emergency, it sends a fast track detailed text SMS to the nearby health center.

Interestingly, it can work over the distance of 40 miles. It is a rescuing wearable providing precise metrics and proper surveillance of baby’s health.

3. Athena

Vision: Smart safety jewelry designed to help reduce assaults

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

Athena means goddess of wisdom and warfare, and this wearable band does a similar thing to the women. Recent meticulous metrics suggest that women are not safe at all. Inspiring from the same Philadelphia-based women entrepreneur designed this safety gadget. It produces 85-decibel sound when pressed once.

Roar for good is especially known for designing women jewellery. Following the same trend, they have developed a GPS fitted pendant which high-frequency sound on pressing. It can connect to your Smartphone to send your location to selected friends and family; itis activated on switching on the alarm.

The device is now available for pre-order. To enhance featured safety, it is waterproof and had the three-month battery.

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4. Starling

Vision: Helping Parents To Raise Smart Children

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

This Wearable device is designed for the digital parenting purpose, making learning way too easier. It solely focuses on language development. It provides appropriate exposure for language learning.

It’s a well-known fact that 80% of the brain is developed below five years, that’s where Starling works it provides help in mind development.

It is a star shaped wearable device with integrated microphone, to know more about the quantity of words heard or spoken throughout the day. You can easily clip in on baby’s dress.

Starling tells the parents about baby’s development analytics and tells them what is the missing part of vocabulary or get an idea about the how complex words needs to be. It greatly improves parenting and kid’s language. Start up is getting a huge response on the platform IndieGoGo.

5. VR Care

Vision: Helping Burn Patients Cope With Pain During Wound Care

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

Fellows from the company FROG with some plastic surgeons designed a low-cost VR headset. VR care is specifically produced to distract the burn patients from outside world and provide room for the same purpose. It can distract the patients from burning pain or during the treatment.

According to Frog’s Blog post

“Numerous studies have demonstrated that the immersive environment of virtual reality is a highly effective method of distraction for burn patients receiving wound care. However, virtual reality is not widely used in clinical practice outside of research studies, because many of these systems are customized and expensive.”

How does it work? It works with open source VR headset and EPIONE, a game specially developed for accuracy and is playable while you are on the bed. Epione is available on GitHub. It is made water resistant, means it would still work when you have wet bandages. Also, this Virtual Reality headset is highly durable and flat packed, to easily avail it in hospitals and health care centers.

VR care is Eco-friendly and company is trying to make it for no more than $30 for each.

6. Ekso GT

Vision: Designed To Help Paraplegics

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

EKSO BIONICS is providing exoskeleton for patients who have  below-waist paralysis. Fundamentally they design tech exoskeleton, but EKSO GT one of their greatest invention for victims suffering Hyper-flexion, vertical compression, and Spinal cord injury or Anesthetic accidents. This tech offers them mobility to stand and walk, instead of relying on physiotherapy for their cure.

Robotics is providing products for many disabilities. About the exoskeleton suit, its unbelievably lightweight, weighing less than 24 grams. It works through the battery-powered electric motor with highly precise trajectory sensors to identify the information of steps.

Wearable GT is packed with four walk-modes as per the need of the user. It includes:

  1. FIRST STEP MODE is the basic step mode, designed to support the user to stand and take the beginning walk. The therapist via a push button switches it on.
  2. ACTIVE STEP MODE As soon as the user takes its first walk, it allows him to take control over the steps with the button on the armpit support.
  3. PRO STEP MODE you can take nearly full control to your actions, while shifting the hips to walking position. GT calculates the correct posture and proper steps to assist in walking efficiently.
  4. PRO STEP PLUS MODE Final Steps are triggered with the forward momentum supported by shifting weight directionally.

Vision says more about their future. So, we decided to put this project under the 10 best wearable tech devices and projects for the future.

7. Armis

Vision: Polo helmet designed to save lives

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

It is produced to save the players from traumas. However, Polo looks like a manly sport it does have some cornered mishaps. For instance, the head injury or trauma, which can be caused by a wrong hit shot directly in the head or falling.

Regular Polo helmets are there for safety, but it didn’t change anything for decades. Stats suggest that Polo is a high-risk sport with over 64% injuries classed as majors.

Armis is designed to safeguard the players while maintaining the wearable technology fashion. To start with, it is incorporated with safety clips and air vents for proper air supply while maintaining the safety. It is integrated with Crash-sensors that detect the dangerous head impact; it is connected to the user’s smartphone device and alert the first responder during the game and automatically gives an emergency response when the player is alone.

Additionally, it is fitted with Multi-directional impact protection system, which is a low friction layer within the helmet. It reduces the rotational acceleration to lower the impact of the injury.

8. GuardBand

Vision: Helps protect children from abuse and observes their health

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

Guard Band is developed by a group of 4 guys from Vietnam. Band is water resistant strap that will be worn by children for their safety. It collects accurate data about the health of wearer and its location via GPS. It also keeps track of audio info.

All this data is directly transmitted to AID organizations. They are then able to use this information to save the children from danger. These organizations in turn get help from benefactors for needy children.

Guard had its app that helps to keep an up-to-date record of each child, to improve the information shown, though, it keeps the personal info hidden. Surprisingly, Child abuse cases exceeded over 50% in the USA in the year 2014.

UNICEF has reported that millions of boys and girls below the age 18 are mistreated every day. This band is a great initiative towards child safety, which is why it is also selected as UNICEF finalist in the wearable Device for the good campaign.


Vision: Wristband that Warns you of Speed Traps (Speed Control)

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

WOOLF is the simplest yet useful wearable tech Device for bikers and drivers, which is focused on controlling your speed and saving you from the road fine. You don’t have to worry again about the speed cameras once you WOOLF yourself.

This powerful Leather strap had a hook and closure to fit better on your wrist. Under this lies a lithium ion battery and strong vibration motor embedded on the electronic board. Also, a micro USB port is integrated beneath the wristband.

It pairs with both the smartphones- iOS and Android. The concept is based on global mapping technology (GPS) and can measure your speed more accurately than ever.

Solid motor starts to vibrate before 150-meter distance of speed controlled zone. Starting with long vibration, frequency starts to increase and vibrate continuously at a distance of 50m. This not only helps you ride with right speed but also save you from expensive fine and penalties.

WOOLF had its app, which allows the user to set a buzz for bus lanes. It is crowed funded in Kickstarter campaign, but it failed to Endeavor the target raise of €90,000, which is no good as the idea is innovative rescuing.

10. LVL

Vision: Monitor and Track Dehydration in Human Body

Wearable Tech Devices And Projects

LVL focus on saving you from post-dehydration effects with by smart wearable band.

There are trucks of fitness wearable devices in the market, nevertheless, less offering hydration monitoring; the First of its kind LVL is a wearable tracking our hydration level at pin-point accuracy. Kickstarter is being flooded with new ideas every day, but this is the only smart-band we have seen defeating competitive wearable tech companies.

It looks much like the usual smart watches with a vivid display screen. But it’s packed with valuable tracking systems including the heart rate monitor, sleep and fitness tracker. It makes activity tracking so much easier. When you run out of water or your dehydration level increases it send an alert to tell you about the body water level.

It doesn’t seem much interesting to some guys, but it’s a great deal for fitness lovers. You can track how much more you need to drink while cycling or when you are at the gym.

Built-in sweat rate tracker and calorie tracker is another healthy feature. Also, it tells if you need to drink exactly before going to bed.

It features combined mood and hydration metrics on you, while you are required to input the smiley mood. A little plus- you can set smart alarms for you.

There are no two opinions for the fact that staying hydration is as important as staying fit. The design itself is nice, and the idea is better. LVL is greatly funded by backers on the Kickstarter- Crowdsourcing platform.

Much More To Say,

The market is filled with wearable gadgets offering the Wearable camera, VR headsets, fitness trackers and smartwatches. While Fitbit, Jawbone, Samsung, Apple, and other companies are trying to offer a totally new concept in its next smartwatches, entrepreneurs around the globe (more from the UK- the startup hub) are working on the unique wearable.

And most of them are becoming UNICEF- wearable device for good campaign finalist. Their projects are focused on providing human values.

If you are a trauma patient, First Responsible Monitor is just irreplaceable. Babies are efficiently saved with WAAA and patients are relieved with VR Care.

Crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are filled with similar projects and innovative minds. Though we have tried to compile the most innovative of them, there are much more wearable tech saviours available on this platform.

Hope you loved our 10 best wearable tech devices and projects list, if you got any, don’t hesitate to ask us, comment below now!


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