The developing technology faces no bounds, and the introduction of “Smart Wearable” is an appropriate analogy of the same. Our curiosity and necessities have lifted artificial intelligence to new heights altogether. Even though embedded wearable technology is not fully set up, it has already gathered lots of hype and attention. The accessories we wear now come endowed with micro-technologies.

According to Forbes,

the future of wearable tech, indicating that 411 million smart wearable devices, worth a staggering $34 billion, will be sold in 2020.

Yes, it is as cool as it sounds. The embedded technology can completely change our everyday life. The market for this new tech is well organized and has a perfect match for everyone.

Do you belong to the “Fitness-Frenzy” community? Are you suffering from insomnia, stress or blood pressure fluctuation? Do you need the gadget to keep your tight schedule organized? If you fall in any of the above categories, then wearable tech is for you.

Various companies, especially the grown economies like London and United States Start-ups are going all out in crossing swords in the grueling quest to rule this blooming Industry.

Here is a List of growing top wearable tech Companies in US and UK offering the best fitness trackers, best smartwatches and helping mankind by showcasing their arsenals to wow their customers.

Best Wearable Tech Companies In US and UK

1. Fitbit (FIT)

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: James Park

Company Value: $8 Billion

If you want to lose some pound, know how many calories you’re consuming per day, monitor your heart rate, or if you are just curious to check your step count, Fitbit is your stop. Started in 2007, Fitbit “redefined” fitness trackers.

You have to admit that Fitbit fitness trackers are extremely classy and elegant.  When your fitness accessory adds glamour to your overall personality what else can you ask for?

Fitbit trackers now come with social media notifications, exclusive Pure Pulse technology for accurate heart rate monitoring and revolutionary ‘guided’ breathing sessions.

The fact that we introduced the new Blaze and Alta in the last month of the quarter and they drove almost 50 percent of our revenue is pretty remarkable! – Bill Zerella, CFO – Fitbit

In 2016 we see Fitbit trackers monitoring your stress level, by analysing and evaluating all the biometric check (including Galvanic Skin Response). The Fitbit app has also been updated and is now equipped with virtual adventure feature, which takes exercise sessions to completely new level.

Fitbit is working on to improve their products like Fitbit Charge 2 with new features and firmware.So, it’s definitely in our most watchful wearable tech companies that are making an impact in our lives.

New Products to Watch: Fitbit Charge 2™, Fitbit Flex 2™ and Fitbit Gold Edition (Blaze and Alta)

2. Jawbone

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Hosain Rahman

Company Value: $1.5 Billion

Right from 2000 Jawbone has solidified its position in the wearable tech industry. Their innovative product like UP, UP2, UP3 are stand out from the crowd, which comes bundled with the essence of style, begs Jawbone a place in our countdown.

The UP wristbands allow you to record your day-to-day activities to optimize your habits to improve your health and literally “UP” your mood. You can switch modes to monitor your heart, optimize your sleep or get reminders for bedtime.

Jawbone has not ceased working on the production of UP products nor do we intend to. Each and every employee at Jawbone is currently focused on the design, development, marketing and production of either our current, or our next generation, UP wearables product line. – Jawbone

Jawbone helps its customers to “Unleash their Full Potential” by their fitness app. The trendy wristband and the handy application make fitness truly interesting. You can have fitness “duels” with your friends, set daily goals, and celebrate your hard work on social media too.

3. Apple

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Tim Cook

Company Value: $605 Billion

Apple watch isn’t a surprise for sure. The multi-billion dollar company has a vast empire to rule, and Wearable Tech is no alien industry. The apple watch second Series consists of simply the “superior sports watches”, it is equipped with all you can ever demand.

Inbuilt GPS, Heart Rate Sensor, Water resistance, comprehensive workout app are some of the well-known features offered by Apple. The second series watches are endowed with breathing app, social media connectivity, and all-day virtual assistance.

I think that in a few years we will look back and people will say, ‘How could I have ever thought about not wearing this watch? – Tim Cook

The products come with the most fancied Apple Inc. feature “Siri” enabled. You can swiftly get the notifications, emails, messages and much more while you hit on those gym equips. The vast link with social fitness community gives your fitness goals a little extra motivation. You can reward yourselves for completing daily quests by sharing achievement posts with friends and families.

New Products to Watch: Apple Watch Series 2, and Apple Watch Hermes

4. Nike

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Mark Parker

Company Value: $52 Billion

Surprised? Well, this Premium Sports brand with its close collaboration with Apple launched FuelBand series in 2012.

The product makes it to our list with its sleek design and brand value. FuelBand has integrated software, which works on iOS; it is compatible with IPhones, IPads and unexpectedly Androids too.

At Nike, we focus on the athletes. When you understand that, you don’t get blindsided on the technology because it’s the experience that matters! – Stefan Olander, VC- Nike US.

The product just like any other standard fitness tracker tracks your heart rate; calories burned, sleep pattern and step count. The Nike+ stores the data, social communities where you can challenge your contacts to have polls, set targets and yes obviously show-off.

New Products to Watch: Nike FuelBand SE

5. Under Armour

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Kevin Plank

Company Value: $16.2 Billion

Under Armour has recently highlighted the might of its arsenal as it goes all out on attack scoffing up MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness, and Endomondo.

Under Armour, a well-renowned sports apparel brand is all set to be the front-runner in the American wearable tech industry. The UA Healthbox is a full hamper, which caters all your fitness needs. It’s the first ever connected fitness system which accurately tracks, measures and analyzes “how you feel”.

It’s absurd that you know more about your car than you know about your body – Kevin Plank, CEO

From the very basic heart rate monitoring and steps, counting to overall analysis of physical behaviour UA Healthbox is a complete deal. The product truly justifies its motto “Exercise Smarter, Feel Better, Live Longer”. However, UA band is a simple and sleek, classic fitness tracker which fulfils all your requirements in style.

Products to watch: UA Band and UA Healthbox

6. Activinsights

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Joss Langford

Company Value: NA

Activinsights is a UK based company specialising in wrist-worn product

Company’s greatest product is GENEActiv, which is a comfortable wrist-worn device, which helps its user to track day-to-day life and allows them to optimise their behavioural and physical changes. It is designed for free-living scenarios making it useful for all ages.

We can significantly impact all these trends by improving lifestyle, a key solution in helping to save the NHS £30bn a year. Professional wearables such as Activinsights are low risk and cost effective tools that will become essential in helping healthcare professionals understand the lifestyle of their patients and in turn improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. – Activinsights

The device also comes with the waterproof body which allows its user to track their body movements and heart rate accurately even during water sports.

The device has been vastly examined, experimented and surveyed across the globe, and thanks to its tri-axial monitoring it has scientifically proven to help patients fighting, insomnia, obesity, Parkinson’s, depression and mother mental disorders.

Product to Watch: GENEActiv

7. Blocks

wearable tech companies in us

Founders: Alireza Tahmasebzadeh & Serge Didenko

Company Value: NA

This Britain-based startup has shaken the entire wearable tech industry by its spectacular entry level product. By raising $1.6 million from its successful Kickstarter campaign, it made a lot of expectation around tech investors. Blocks are the World’s First Modular Smartwatch. Yeah, you heard it correctly; you can choose/customise the features of your trendy smartwatch.

Before the introduction of this innovative masterpiece, the users were supposed to find smartwatches embedded with features they desire which lead to compromises and adjustments. Now with the modularity BLOCKS offer users can choose functions/features of their choice.

The core is a fully featured Smartwatch in a true sense; it comes loaded with gyroscope, accelerometer, pedometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, voice control and e-compass. Plus, the possibility to expand the limit infinitely, Customers can add new features and update/upgrade the existing one from Block store.

Product to Watch: Blocks CORE

8. Doppel

wearable tech companies in us

Founders: Fotini Markopoulou & Nell Bennett

Company Value: NA

This Startup is changing the life of kids by providing behavioral support with its impeccable technology. ZubZub-Disney partnership is designing wearable that helps children to sleep better.

The RYTHEMIC music helps the kids to get a soothing sleep; it has solved a problem faced by almost every parent. The experts have taken good care in designing the ZubZub Smartwatch.

After creating enough great gadgets for Kids, Company is about to bring its new wearable, with the same concept but this time for adults.

Product to watch: Doppel

9. Balance4Good

wearable tech companies in us

Founder: Jean-Pierre Farcy

Company Value: NA

Wearable market is already  flooded with smart sensors and trackers. The advanced technology is offering runners and athletes to look into their internal health.

Following the same trend to a better extent, Balance4Good (Nymbl) is producing a tech for adults or elders. Company’s only ankle-wearable helps the wearer to improve their body balance and the app assist with the same. The highly skilled team includes the balance experts and spine medical practitioners, trying to develop a better balancing aid.

With this very new concept, the company is focusing more on people above 60 years age, which also includes the fitness-freak community of elders.

London-based Blance4good is developing some spectacular wearable systems to improve overall balance. This will be a notable wearable tech company in coming years!

Product to watch: Nymbl

10. Polyera

wearable tech companies in us

Founder: Antonio Facchetti

Company Value: NA

The First ever-flexible technology is here. Company POLYERA is producing wearable with flexible technology. The only product WOVE BAND has created with all new digital fabric technology.

The company designed a smart watch with the stretchable display. These people provide a great platform to mix up science, engineering, and design.

Product to watch: Wove Band

11. Bragi

wearable tech companies in us

Founder: Nikolaj Hviid

Company Value: NA

One of the Exceptional start-ups in our list for 20 tech wearable companies is this. Bragi is producing an earphone, Bluetooth headset, and embedded ear bone microphone, and all this are combined in a single device to generated ultra-clear voice to your ears without any disturbance.

This highly sound sensible wearable can efficiently provide isolation from noise.

The Dash is much more than wireless earbuds. They are in reality microcomputers that work as a headphone, headset, tracker and human input device. – Nikolaj, Founder

Bragi had launched some amazing featured product “The Dash”, which is much more than earphone. Also, you can manage the ambient sound via the spectacular design.

Product to Watch: The Dash

12. Garmin

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Clifton A. Pemble

Company Value: $8.14 Billion

GPS Technology is the heart of the company. It offers best of GPS in its products.

ProNav (another name of company) is competing Fitbit and Apple with it is up to date activity tracking in its wearable. Ipx7 Waterproof, USB interface, optimum activity metrics, these are just another feature for Garmin.

The U.S. based sports accessories company is about to launch its greatest products ever in the year 2017. However, the USA, UK, and Taiwan are Garmin’s main operating hubs.

Product to Watch: Vívosmart HR+ Vívomove


wearable tech companies in us

Founder: Nicholas Caporusso

Company Valuation: NA

Enormous followers are the moniker of INTACT; it is the most extraordinary company with some worth tech products. The company develops wearable products for blinds, deaf-blind and Severe provision.

how could I use technology to change that, to improve their quality of life? The idea for what would later become our dbGlove – a wearable device which transmits and translates messages to and from deaf-blind people – was born. That was 2004. – Nicholas, Founder

The device dbGlove works on touch base technology, which digitises Malossi and Braille alphabets; this helps the blind person to use smartphone much easily. dbGlOVE translate the reply into vibration, stimulating touch signals reflecting the words over the hand and the user can read the message.

Product to Watch: dbGLOVE

14. Pebble Corp.

wearable tech companies in us

Founder: Eric Migicovsky

Company Value: $20 Million

“The Best Smartwatch You Can Buy” – The Verge

Pebble is the trendiest company developing next generation wearable.  Pebble Smartwatch was the first wearable developed by the company.

Pebble Classic (alternative company name) launches its products via Kick Starter campaign, which might be the reason for how it makes $10M from its first wearable. It is taking up the smartwatch standards by offering intriguing features like Android-iOS compatibility, GPS tracking, swift watch face and tracking facilities.

Products to Watch: Pebble 2 & Pebble Time 2 , Pebble Core

15. Nixon

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Nick Stowe

Company Value: $484 Million

U.S. based Nixon focuses on the youth lifestyle market; they try to make products with more customizable features. And their products offering include wearable, accessories, speakers and more. This is one of the most talked wearable tech company in recent year with their innovative design and features.

A younger lifestyle-focused watch company who tends to cater to the skate or surf crowds.


Their centerpiece smartwatch offers a new feature every time. As per the industry heads, Its upcoming watch Nixon Mission will be a big arrival in 2017. It will be fully customization with changeable straps and new features that will be surfing friendly.

Product to Watch: Nixon Mission 

16. Motorola

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Greg Brown

Company Value: $5.5 Billion

Though Motorola is the Telecommunication Company, it offers great wearable for its users; the 87-year-old company had launched MOTO 360, MOTO 360- 2ND GEN.

Now it is about to launch greatest 3rd generation with much more elegant and impressive features. However, low battery profile is one of the everlasting features, which is not sure to be eliminated in 2017 Moto wearable.

Product to watch: Moto 360 3

17. Movado

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Efraim Grinberg

Company Value: NA

U.S. based company Movado is known for designing Swiss watch masterpiece. One such design was named Museum watch, one of the most iconic watches by Movado with single dot dial, which is now a regular trend.

It’s sharp and clean, and looks like it’s straight from a Bond film and might even come with some hidden gadgets that Q will tell you about later in the movie. – Businessinsider

The company has collaborated with HP and is soon going to bring its new Swiss watch with a pinch of tech, but not too many features. The new timepiece will be coming in 2017, but it will be a luxurious wearable.

Product to Watch: Movado Bold Motion

18. Nuzzle

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Anthony Dubbaneh

Company Value: NA

Nuzzle is one those 2-3 companies offering pet wearable. A GPS-fitted collar walks the distance for you and tells you about your pet’s movement. You can know where your dog is with the help of GPS mapping and activity monitor. Also, you can compare the whole day metrics; this is all that NUZZLE does for you.

Product to watch: Nuzzle Collar

19. Oculus

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Brendan Iribe

Company Value: $2 Billion

Oculus VR is an American company developing virtual reality products. Oculus new product Oculus Rift started with Kickstarter launched its Gear with reality head-mounted system to improve the virtual gaming experience. However, Facebook-owned its wearable Oculus Rift back in 2014, in $2billion.

Product to watch: Oculus Rift

20. Roar for Good

wearable tech companies in us

CEO: Yasmine Mustafa

Company Value: NA

One of the greatest designs launched by Roar was Athena, which was developed with a motive to create alarm wearable for women safety.

Although it had most of the wearable qualities, its main feature was GPS Alarm that will save you in the emergency condition. Which comes under our list of top wearable tech companies in US and UK to watch for!

Product to watch: Athena

UK and US, both are producing tremendously high wearable with the unique feature in their products. You can expect wearable tech to be the most preferred sector within few years. More people are going towards smart technology featuring company. Also, tech companies in London are enormously demanding more tech minded peoples to get into it.

In our above list, we compiled most companies with unique concepts and engaging designs. However, most of the companies are going to launch its newest versions to make 2017 a year of tougher smartwatch competition. Where some of them are even available out there, and others yet to come, to know about these undisclosed gadgets, stay tuned with Topgizmo.

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