Sony PlayStation VR: A Virtual Reality Headset For PS4


In early 2000, computer games were just breaching the points of innovation and revealing a completely different experience than most users expected during that time. With the addition of depth in the gaming and other related information, the whole definition of “gaming world” was changed.

Consoles were always on demand right from the start. However, PlayStation console is still the ultimate mean of entertainment in gaming. Games have evolved with time and so has the hardware to support it. These days, games are more polished, detailed and feel completely real in the user’s experience.

PlayStation is a very old name in the gaming industry. With each successive release in the console market, it has attracted millions of fans worldwide. We are already in the next gen tech, so what else can you expect from the industry?

New tech is being unveiled every day, hence it becomes difficult to keep track on a single technology but the latest PS4 console is the definition of a masterpiece. You all might be wondering as to what next could Sony possibly provide to the fans. Well, Virtual Reality is the answer to all your questions on entertainment for future.

Project Morpheus or what is now called PlayStation VR is the best ps4 virtual reality headset in the market. There are other players like Oculus rift, Samsung gear VR, FOVE and HTC Vive in the VR market, but this one is dedicated for gamers all around the world. This new gadget from Sony can completely change the perception of entertainment. Let us check in detail these technical terms and how it is linked with the gaming world.

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Virtual Reality: A New Way To See The Fantasy World

It is a three-dimensional computer-generated simulation that creates an environment in such a manner that it feels real in a physical way through the means of handheld devices or any electronic gadgets. The term itself explains the definition — whatever you see through virtual reality is based on near reality features but not real in any manner. Virtual reality headsets are the most common type of devices to witness the experience of the virtual world.

Project Morpheus: The Best PS4 Virtual Reality Headset For Gamers?

Sony has been the pioneer in technology and project Morpheus just proves it. The latest headset for PS4 works on the principle of virtual reality. The gear brings a completely new experience of gaming, where you can almost feel as if you are the one playing the game, surrounded by the real environment. The project Morpheus is in prototype phase right now and a lot of work is still to be done before making an official release on the market. These headsets are compatible with PlayStation 4 console so you can enjoy the gaming to the fullest.


“Our biggest challenge will be to get people demoing VR. Because there’s no way to sell VR until you’ve tried it… You can watch over the shoulder, you can read articles, but – and I mean this genuinely – everybody that I know who has tried PlayStation VR has taken off their headset with a smile, and said ‘wow’. So you’ve got to try it. That’s the challenge.”

— Michael Ephraim, SCE Australia


The product is polished and slick, where the eyepiece and plastic headset compliments its looks. When it comes to fitting, the products fit well with the eye. However, there is a slight problem with the weight, which needs to be addressed before making a release.

The wireless ps4 headset comes with a 1080p display, with the occasional drop in the frame rate. However, the company has promised to rectify the situation at the time of launch. It is a 90-degree field of vision, which may not be better in comparison to other headsets in the market, but the change is hardly noticeable.


Whether the ps4 VR headset is the next medium of entertainment or not, it can only be mustered once the full details and the final product is unveiled, but so far from the display of the product, it has come to know that this product has a lot to offer in the gaming world. Sony has not really confirmed the Project Morpheus release date, but the official launch is expected to be in March 2016. The truth about these products is that you will have to use it to believe, as it cannot be described in words.

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2016 Upcoming Games For PlayStation VR (PS4)

Here’re the few upcoming PS4 games (date of release unknown) which are compatibility with the PlayStation VR,


  1. Ace Combat 7Combat flight simulator
  2. Futuridium VRShoot ’em up
  3. Gran Turismo SportSim racing
  4. HeadmasterFootball
  5. The London HeistAction
  6. Playroom VRMini games
  7. RIGSShooter
  8. Shadow of the BeastAdventure
  9. Tekken 7Fighting
  10. Until Dawn: Rush of BloodSurvival Horror

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This will be an amazing news for those game addicts in all over the world. So, it’s better to be patient for a while if have decided to purchase the new PlayStation.

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