The Technology is changing so rapidly that what seems a tech king today can become old school by tomorrow. No matter whether these are new smartphones or new smartwatches, every product is trying hard to sustain in the era of massive competition.

However, for the buyers, it becomes tough to choose the right fit for their hands.

upcoming smartwatches 2017

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The rate at which technology is changing will surely make 2017 a smart tech year. With all the IOT, VR, AR and wearable products are definitely a booming bubble in the technology era. The whole new range of upcoming smartwatches 2017 will certainly blow your mind with some fantastic features.

Check out the list of best and most advanced smartwatches released on 2017, to get you more time to choose the right wearable.

Also, with this list of 20 best upcoming smartwatches 2017, we have provided the features that were missing in the previous version and are expected to be revamped.

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20 Upcoming Smartwatches 2017

1) Motorola Moto 360 3

Moto had always designed something more unique. Motorola Moto 360 3 is the predecessor Motorola Moto 360 generation 2 launched in 2015, which ruled the market for the whole year.

Now, it’s the 3rd generation which is about to come is rated to IP67, making it perfect for you to forget about it while deep sea diving. It can withstand static water for more than 28 minutes.  It is expected to be released with the unique design which would be way better than previous versions.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

It would be packed with futuristic features like 4G wireless connectivity and GPS system. To enhance the elegance is would have a high pixel front camera for instant Selfies.

Most Probable Features- Elegant Design, High Pixel Camera & USB Port

Price – $385

2) Google’s Angelfish and Swordfish

The smartwatches are the most exclusive gadgets in 2017. Google is about to come up with two nicely designed smartwatches with innovative designs.

Following its previous trend of giving irrelevant names to the secret gadgets, It has named the new watches- Angelfish and Swordfish. Both of these gadgets have Android wear 2.0 installed, which means it would have larger storage option (at least more than 8GB).

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Angelfish smartwatch is comparatively larger in size, and possibly functions too. It is designed with the idea of providing bigger watch face and a distinct crown sized button on the right side. Other than size, it is integrated with setting apart features including the LTE, GPS, and an expected heart rate monitor.

On the other hand, Swordfish smartwatch is lighter and smaller than former. The smartwatch with less quirky and more basic features, the only feature that makes it eligible is the compatibility with interchangeable MODE bands which is absent in Google’s angelfish.

Most Probable Features – Larger memory & Heart Rate Monitor

Price– < $350

3) Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

Samsung had historically designed some marvellous smartwatches and fitness trackers for its users. With the same, it can dominate Apple at some point soon.

It is about to come with its new Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch; it offers duo variety like Gear3, Gear S3 frontier, and Gear S3 classic. Where dazzling Frontier is designed for active users, its rough and comparatively heavier, the Classic is more elegant. However, LTE support is only provided by Frontier.


Upcoming Smart Watches 2017Other than this, both are nearly similar in storage and battery life. And comprise Tizen operating system compatible with all Android after KitKat. The Swiss design carries around 380 mah batteries with 4 GB internal memory. Samsung Pay is the whole new feature here; it offers quick payment facility compatible with both NFC and MST.

Most probable features Good Battery Life & Changeable Straps

Price– $497

4) One Plus Smartwatch

One Plus co-founder Carl Pei shared a sketch one year back in 2015, showing how the one plus smartwatch would look like. But One plus is saying they have dropped this idea, focusing on the mobile phone, which could probably be the reason behind successful smartphone designs by One plus.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

However, the standalone feature of this gadget is the quickly changeable strap. The band firmly joins with left and right bottom of the device. More features would be available as soon as it is declared to be launch, as the company itself is looking unclear about this project or showing to look so.

Most Probable Features- Quick connect Band, Battery Life & Responsive layout

Price– TBD

5) Movado Bold Motion

It could be called a Swiss-Tech, as after the handshake of Swiss watch designer MOVADO with Tech Company HP.

Company’s Newest and latest design had both good/bad sneak-peeks. It would disappoint the wearable lover as it doesn’t have a watch face (digital screen), neither has it had the heart rate monitor. Instead, watch face have LED at the edge, with blue/white colour, which notifies every new notification or shimmers faster when you have a daily goal sooner. A specific sequence of LED is assigned for every notification related to calendar, reminder, text message, and touch sensible phone call.


Upcoming Smart Watches 2017Nevertheless, Up to 50-meter waterproof feature makes this wearable enough sturdy. Also, the frequency and intensity of the notification feedback could be altered effortlessly via both the Android as well as IOS.

Though, if you love Opulence, this watch is your gift. To provide variety in looks, it comes with the PVD finish over Black colour stainless steel and Complete PVD finish.

Most Probable Features – High Range Bluetooth connectivity & Lightning Charging cable

Price– $695

6) Sony Smartwatch 4

Sony packed the previous version, Samsung smartwatch 3 with some impeccable features like GPS, NFC and water resistance which are still hard to find.

Fourth generation smartwatch is expected to be bombarded with more standalone features; the major would obviously be Sony pay (this option is already developed within Apple and Samsung 2017 smartwatches).

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Meanwhile, Android play and built-in speakers are imported in 4th edition, as so far no wearable is providing the same combination. While the predecessor had the battery life of around 420 MAH, its successor is expected to be more contributed towards long battery lifeline, which is also mandatory as the previous version drained most of its battery via GPS. With inbuilt heart rate monitor and altimeter, it would be a perfect tech for sporty individuals.

Also, the previous band was little clumsy, and Sony will surely work on this in it next newer model.

Most Probable Features- Mirco charging Port, iOS compatibility & Cellular Connectivity

Price– $300

7) Huawei Watch 2

Huawei watch-1 was built with AMOLED TECHNOLOGY, providing graceful display and Stainless steel for the premium quality look. To make it intensified they added 288 PPI resolution and high quality inbuilt speakers.

However, about Huawei watch 2, the company is going to expose further in IFA.


Upcoming Smart Watches 2017Meanwhile, the new version Huawei watch 2 is expected to have Qi charger; interestingly Huawei offered magnetic charger in old wearable.

Surely the 2017 version needs to increase the vibration pitch which was previously too low. Not nitpicking, but it was quite pricey and better options were there in its competitor, with GPS of course.

Most Probable Features  Inbuilt GPS, Inbuilt Speakers & Improved Resolution

Price– $450

8) TAG Heuer Connected 2

The only company in our list of upcoming smartwatches 2017, which focuses more on the high profile audience.

Back in time, in 2k15 Tag Heuer Connected first edition, was the boon to luxury smartwatches, it offered what others failed to, Intel dual core Z34XX processor (powerful processor), high-class premium design, ip67 rating and extremely lightweight and comfortable. All of these packed in single SWISS smartwatch already made the expectation hit the sky.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Adding all these features lifted up the cost to $1500 which is way too pricey for the regular budget.

But the company is willing to create more magnificent centrepiece next year, which would be next generation Swiss smartwatch. TAG Heuer Connected 2 would be intelligent and modish as well.

 Most Probable Features – Thinner design, Grandeur look & Powerful processor

Price $1876

9) Pebble Core and Pebble 2

Probably Most High-tech and conquering smartwatches of 2017 in our forthcoming smartwatches list.

Pebble-2 is offering less changed dimensions of 39.5×30.2 with the thickness less than 10 mm, yes it means the slimmer pebble wearable. The previous versions made it into the best smartwatches of 2016 list and hoped to conquer the future with their newer design and features.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Also, Quick Strap Release and gorilla glass 3 is the newer thing. Pebble 2 can be dipped in, up to 30 meters in the pool. But it would be missing the GPS. There won’t be much change in pebble design; pebble’s health is more focused here.

Most Probable Features – Thinner design, Pebble Health, New Integrations & Waterproof

Price– $99

The Pebble core sizing 40mmx40mm, almost similar to iPod, had both the GPS and speedy WIFI connectivity. Smaller in size but quite heavier than Pebble-2 can be used with/without pebble.Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Core seems to have the moderately higher profile with more crazy features and Price, Qi charger with microphone for recording purpose. It supports Android 5.0, wireless/wired headphone connectivity via Bluetooth.

Additional Premium features are provided within the core, Syncs to latest sports platform like Strava, Map My Fitness, RunKeeper and Under Armour. For emergency condition, an alarming SOS system is integrated to buzz family or mates via cellular connectivity, also supports Spotify for paid pebbles, to get rid of music problem.

Pebble core + Pebble 2 together offers heart rate metrics via optical sensors, while Core can’t do it alone. More than 20-hour battery with GPS mode and better Sync training schedule with TAPIRIK.

When running/walking with core only you will get regular indications related to running statistics via audio messages.

Most Probable Features Android 5.0 support, Headphone connectivity & Spotify support

Price– $69

10) Sony Wena

Wena is a rare mix of simplicity and luxury. This smartwatch is more like the regular ones but more elegant. Rather than packing the watch with techy features, Sony added some regular perks, like the LED light with revolutionary vibration motor, to set a different vibration, and to shimmer for varying notifications.

Masculine Wena is featured with Short ranging wireless technology, so called, NFC payment system, which is initially working only with Japanese fellica standard. Basic activity tracking sensors like heart rate monitor, Calorie counter, and sleep monitor would be there in this edition.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Stainless steel increases the look but increases the weight slightly as compared to regular smartwatches in our list. This cool looking smartwatch can withstand for more than 168 hours without charging and would stick to its place, won’t become clumsy or tighter on the wrist.

Most Probable Features – Quality Design, Prolonged Battery & Vibration Motor

Price– $523

11) Pebble Time 2

Unlike Pebble 2 with plastic Design, Pebble Time 2 is purely stainless steel. Also, heart rate monitor is integrated into Time 2, which was missing in Pebble-2. Other than this there is no as such difference between the Duo.

The watch face is around 52% bigger than the previous version. The battery can last longer than 10 days.

Pebble health, an inbuilt application is integrated into Pebble Time-2 and other Pebble smartwatches, to get an overall metrics of daily activities, Pace, distance and time. The health app records analytics regarding the quality of the sleep markedly supports both the iOS with Pebble app (version 4.0) and Android Pebble app (version 3.8) and above, it is, however, mandatory to have Firmware 3.8.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

A revamped customizable timeline is provided to preview past-future activities with quick view option. You can view anything ranging from recent appointments to upcoming events. Quickly changeable 22mm Silicon strap is supportive with the watch face covered with Corning Gorilla glass. Cortex M7 processor makes it easy to set smart alarms

Time-2 is missing the audio play feature, but the microphone is added, providing voice command and voice messages. Withal, it’s purely resistant to water, up to 30-meter depth.

Most Probable Features – Speedy Timeline, Higher Resolution & Better Battery Life

Price– $199

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12) Hublot Smartwatch

Hublot would be the next, after the TAG Heuer brand to launch its Swiss-tech smartwatch.

The company is known for making expensive and luxurious Swiss watches with sophisticated designs.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Since Heuer is going to launch its product in the same year, it is necessary for Hublot to add more intelligent features with high-class design. The Swiss smartwatch would be coming in more sporty design with higher Price. It would surely be water/dust proof so as to maintain the modish look.

Most Probable Features – Stylish design, Built-in LED & Premium Quality

Price– < $1800

13) HTC One Smartwatch

HTC declared its new smartwatch back in 2014 since then it is awaited. However, the famous leaker Evan Blass recently leaked the 2017 launch news. Since then there are continues rumours regarding the HTC smartwatch design and Specs.

On the side-2, there are some reports stating that the smartwatch will be having the round watch face with 360×360 p resolution to provide better display; HTC is possibly trying to through its best design next year.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Tech gurus are claiming the smartwatch to be rated above ip57, supporting both the Android and iPhone. Keep in touch; we would update the latest trends soonest.

Most Probable Feature – Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor & Extended Battery

Price– TBD

14) Nixon Mission

Mission dominates most of Smartwatches New features; Nixon can withstand over 10 atm pressure that provides water resistant above 100 m depth.

Totally customizable polycarbonate watch case offers more than 20 unique straps and 14+ bezels.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Robust Mission offers ultra-clear circular watch face with 400×400 p resolution and AMOLED display; its sensors could include the altimeter, thermometer, and gyro meter which would be accessible through Android Wear apps.

That said it had built in microphone to give the voice command or make a call while surfing, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are there in it. While moving/surfing, it records your distance/time data via a puck which is in turn connected to the board. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2100 Processor makes the best out of the mission.

Most Probable Features Microphone, Powerful processor & 20 Unique Straps

Price– $400

15) Blocks Smartwatch

Block is integrated with basic Android OS, to offer quick access to notifications, apps and messages, chronological OS makes it quicker than smartphones.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

The real lifelike 1.39 inch, 400×400 swatch face offers very clear display. The screen remains in monochrome mode, to be used anytime without a button. The battery is no longer than 400 MAH.

Blocks smartwatch too have Snapdragon 2100 with Gorilla Glass 4.0 similar to Nixon. 6mm smartwatch had the exquisite finish over stainless steel. Block Strap is a unique feature here; each module joins each other providing easy detachment utility.

The mic is there, but built in speakers is missing, wireless headphones are nice alternate.

Most Probable Features – Health Tracker, Contactless Payment & Micro Charging Port

Price– $280

16) Fossil Q Marshal/Wander

The technology used in Q Marshal and Wander are simple yet futuristic. The traditional Android firmware is replaced by goggle’s android wear OS, a platform specifically designed for smartwatches.

Both the wearable had stainless steel watch face with the leather strap, though silicon straps option is there, light sensors are provided to alter the intensity of glare.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Q Marshall had the rugged blue plated 46mm watch case with classic leather straps, providing both the exquisite look and sturdiness to some extent while Q Wander had focused design with multi finish 44mm watchcase With Magnetic inductive charger, iOS and Android compatibility is provided, featuring voice control, message notifications and viewing calls. The display is customizable with longer battery life, but there won’t be any heart monitor.

Most Probable Features  Quick launch, Wireless Charging & Voice control

Price– $276

17) New Balance Android Wear

New Balance is about to launch one of the most high-tech smartwatches next year. The device is still unnamed, but our sources confirmed the GPS and built-in storage for listening music without Android.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

New Balance had its digital sports team which is about to make most advanced smartwatch with highly updated features like smart sensors, athlete performance analytics, which would be more focused on athlete’s overall health and embedded technology

Most Probable Features – Smart Sensors, Music & Athlete dashboard

Price– TBD

18) Tissot Smart-Touch

Swatch owned Tissot is about to expose the best of T-family, Smart Touch is a Swiss smartwatch with a tag of affordability. The game changer here will be the solar power generating LCD watch face.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

Some extras are sold with the Smart touch like the e-tracking tag, to track the location of any attached item and weather station, forecasting weather quality. GPS and Bluetooth connectivity are accompanied by the on-screen navigator, altimeter, and barometer.

Most Probable Features OneTouch Navigation, Intelligent GPS & Solar Powered LCD

Price– $1025

19) Samsung SM-R150

Murmurs regarding Triathlon started as soon as leaked images hit the web. Gear S2 look alike SM-R150, is equipped with same circular bezel, offering quick access to metrics.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

This would be Samsung’s next generation wearable with better tracking utilities; the SM-R150 accessory is accompanied by a tracker, which fits on the tees near the heart. This device will share food-water intake, heart cycle and possibly blood pressure analytics directly with the smartwatch.

Samsung would be surely launching a surprise packed gadget in 2017.

Most Probable Feature – Workout Tracker, Calorie Monitor & BP analytics


20) Martian Kindred Vip

Martian Kindred Vip is True woman-centric smartwatch with 38mm vivid circular display.

LED is present on the downer side of the watch face, fully customizable LED-vibration combo allows the user choose from unique seven colours. Nevertheless, VIP/ non-VIP vibrations can be assigned to different notifications.

Upcoming Smart Watches 2017

The VIP-assigned notifications show 4-vibrations, which is usually for urgent messages including reminders and social alerts, while non-VIP possesses two vibrations for not urgent buzzes. To alter further changes, there is specifically designed companion app. To maintain the sporty-tech feature, pace and sleep tracking is indulged. There is a specific leash option, to alert you when your phone goes more than 30 feet away from you.

Though Micro pin or Qi charging is completely absent, instead pogo pins are there for charging purpose. Also, waterproof body and scratch proof glass bearing up to 3 atm pressure are added. High-quality accelerometer for swift vibrations and Bluetooth connectivity can be called the meat of this watch.

Most Probable Features – Bootable Straps, Longer Battery Life & Improved notifications

Price– $79

Our list of upcoming smartwatches in 2017 is something all techies looking for, but to choose the right one is quite bewildering as each one had its crisp sneak peeks. It goes totally with your expected features, for instance, if you are technology nerd, you will like SMR150 and Pebble-2/Time-2, while Tag Heuer and Hublot are high profile luxurious Swiss wearable which is modish. One thing is certain; the year 2017 will take the smartwatch features to next extent.

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