Fitbit is a familiar name among fitness enthusiasts who like to keep a check on their physical activities. Despite its shortcomings, Fitbit fitness trackers remain the best fitness trackers on the market. While not everyone is having a bad day, some Fitbit users could face troubles like their Fitbit heart rate not syncing, display issues, not charging properly and so on. While many of the issues can be solved with the help of Fitbit Connect– Fitbit’s syncing freeware (You can setup Fitbit on both PC and Mac), some issues need external assistance. So, here’s the most common Fitbit problems and simple guide to fix them by yourself.

How To Fix Most Common Fitbit Problems?

1. Why Fitbit Charge HR Is Not Syncing?Common-Fitbit-Problem-Fitbit-Charge-HR

Charge HR has been already receiving criticism for its syncing issues, and some of the users have reported these to Fitbit. If you are facing the same, troubleshoot with the steps given below:

Here’s a checklist to make sure you are good to go,

  • Make sure if your device supports the Fitbit app. Check out the list of devices that support the app here.
  •   If you are an iOS user, see if you have the latest version for your device software. To do this, go to Settings > General> Software Update.
  • If you are an Android user, go to Settings > About Phone or About Device > Android Version.
  • See if the Bluetooth is enabled on the device. Do this by going to Settings > Bluetooth.
  • You have to make sure if your device is connected to only one device over the Bluetooth. Multiple devices can also create a problem.
  • Ensure that the tracker is charged.

Follow to Fix

Now that you have gone through the checklist and made sure your device is ready to do some serious tracking, follow these steps to troubleshoot your Fitbit heart rate monitor.

Restart your Bluetooth if it is not already ON. Make sure your device is visible. Now open the Fitbit app. Try the following steps if your tracker hasn’t synced:

  • Force close the app if the tracker hasn’t synced. Open the app again.
  • Restart your device and open the app again.
  • Try restarting your tracker.
  • If you are not able to sync the tracker with your device even after following any of these steps, try to sync the tracker with your computer.

2. Why Fitbit Zip Display Is Not Working?Common-Fitbit-Problem-fitbit-zip

From a software point-of-view, the Fitbit Zip offers a robust experience. However it neither records your sleep or pulse activity nor can it wake you up with alarms. That’s right; it’s a quiet device with no option for alarms. A commonly occurring problem among Zip users is the trouble with its display.  Here’s a step by step guide to troubleshoot the display:

  1. Check the status of the coin-sized It should have some charge left to complete the procedure. Go to the Fitbit app dashboard and tap the image of your tracker to know the status of the battery.
  1. Now, remove the battery shield on the back using a plastic tool and take out the battery.
  1. After a good 15 seconds, put the battery back onto the device. The ‘+’ side of the battery should face up.
  1. Now close the shield on the back and give your Zip a tap. It should be working fine.

3. Why Fitbit Flex Is Showing Charging Issues?Common-Fitbit-Problem-fitbit-flex

The Fitbit Flex doesn’t come with a display, and the LED illumination system doesn’t take you there. Apart from these, Flex users have been experiencing trouble while charging the trackers. The company has replaced the units for some customers, which is by itself an acknowledgment. However, this guide could help you get out of the trouble:

Now before starting, make sure the device is clean. This includes checking the charging ports for dirt and sorts. Make sure the adapter socket or the USB port is not faulty.

  1. Connect your tracker to the charger. If the tracker LED illuminates its working fine, leave it as such.
  1. If it doesn’t, you can try resetting the tracker. To reset the device, connect the Flex to your PC or Mac. At the back of the device, you will find a tiny hole. Put something slick and metallic like a paper clip into this hole and give a slight push. You will feel a click.
  1. Keep pressing for about 10 seconds and the device should lighten up. Keep the tracker connected to the computer and let it charge.

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4. Why Fitbit One Display Not Working?Common-Fitbit-Problem-fitbit-one

The One is a clip-based tracker as claimed by Fitbit. It redeems its predecessors by offering a crisp LED display which allows you to shuffle between Six tracking modes. The display on the Fitbit One could be a little tacky in the beginning. The display doesn’t turn on for many users.

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If you are experiencing the same problem, try holding the button on the tracker for about 5 seconds. If the display is still dead as ever, here is a simple step by step guide to show how you can resolve this:

  1. Charge the tracker for about an hour and a half to complete the procedure without the tracker running out of battery life.
  1. Plug the charging cable into a sturdy USB port.
  1. Now keeping the tracker plugged to the charging cable, hold the display button for about 15 seconds so as to restart the tracker.
  1. Unplug the charger cable now. Press and keep holding the display button for 5 seconds. The display should be working fine now.

5. Why Fitbit Charge Not Receiving Notifications?Common-Fitbit-Problem-fitbit-charge

The Fitbit Charge is the successor and probably a better device than the Fitbit Force. The allergies the Force band had brought people had caused Fitbit to call back the products and overhaul. The Charge comes with a relief of tracking sleep without alerting the coupled device. This tracker keeps track of your sleep without you telling it goodnight.

With its crisp display, the Charge gives you notifications that come up on your device; however opening it is a task still far for this wearable. Users have complained of not receiving the notifications on the tracker even after syncing. Here is a step by step guide on how to receive notifications from your mobile device on the Fitbit Charge.

  1. Try restarting your tracker. Here’s a guide on how to do it.
  1. Turn off notifications by going to the app dashboard.
  1. Reboot your device and turn on notifications by going to the app dashboard. If you are still not receiving notifications, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Settings> Bluetooth and select Forget Device. This helps you to unpair the device.
  1. Restart your device and select Allow Notifications from the app dashboard.
  1. Go to the app dashboard and turn on Enable Notification Widget.

6. Why Fitbit Alta Not Powering ON?

The Fitbit Alta is style personified, which gives slightly less room for functionality and software stability.  Alta provides superior comfort and automatic tracking of activities such as distance, calorie burned, heart rate, sleeping, etc.

Many users have come up mentioning problems occurring while starting the tracker. The tracker couldn’t be powered ON, and the Bluetooth connection seems irresponsive for many. Try reinstalling the Fitbit Connect on your PC or Mac by following this guide:

  1. For PC, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features > Fitbit Connect and select Uninstall. Mac users can search for Fitbit Connect and choose uninstall after selecting it.
  1. Reboot your PC or Mac.
  1. Download Fitbit Connect.
  1. After downloading, run the file and install it again.
  1. Makes sure that your tracker has a battery charged and is working by tapping the display.
  1. Select the Fitbit icon > Open Main Menu> Sync now.

7. Why Fitbit Blaze Is Not Syncing?Common-Fitbit-Problem

The Fitbit blaze is a complete watch. Apart from an immersive interface device, this is an improvised Fitbit with heart rate monitoring perfected to give the user a hassle-free experience. Fitbit has done something truly marvelous here, a feat its rivals have yet to master.

Although there is not much popularity for the faces that Fitbit has packed it with, the clocks come pretty handily because Blaze is designed as a watch and probably intended as a rival to Apple Watch. However, there have been reports of the time not being in sync with the device of the user. Here’s how you can tackle this minor issue without much trouble:

  1. Go to the Fitbit app on your device. Choose the Account option on the dashboard.
  1. Go to Settings>Advanced Settings.
  1. Choose the option of Modifying time zone.
  1. Now sync the tracker ( the procedure is same as for Charge HR)

8. Why Fitbit Surge Swipe Not Working?Common-Fitbit-Problem

The Fitbit Surge offers pretty good comfort with its rubber strap and features a 24/7 heart rate monitoring, provided that you charge the battery well enough to last. The PurePulse technology by Fitbit does a really good work tracking your heart activity.

The design of the device, however, lacks the inferno found in Fitbit Blaze. User reviews pointed out that Surge has been experiencing problems while swiping the screen. Here is a list of instructions that could take care of the problem:

  1. Keep pressing the Select and Home buttons (bottom right and left) for about 15 seconds. You should see a flash now, or the screen should start to get dim.
  1. Make sure the screen is completely OFF.
  1. Wait for a good 10 seconds before you press the Home button again. The swipe should be working fine by now.

We hope we made the world a better place for you to keep track of your activity! Pour your comments below, and let our users to know your thoughts!

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