Top 15 Tech Companies That Are Revolutionising Health Care In 2016

Technology is evolving at a very rapid pace and is bringing virtually every field and industry under its wing. There is nothing that has not been touched by the advanced technology. From consumers to industries, everyone and everything are technology influenced.

More than 75% of all patients expect to use digital services in the future. –

Even the health industry is touched by technology in every way. However, we are not talking about the hardcore electronic implements used in the hospitals. We are talking about the fitness equipment that is available to the end consumers; the kind of electronic tools that the consumers can wear and carry with them all the time. Here is a list of 15 companies that have revolutionising health.

Digital Health Care In 2016

1. – Big data, better health.

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: CA, United States

Category: Analytics, Mobile, Big Data

What if you could keep a track on your health with your smartphone without having to buy any additional device? Nearly everyone uses smartphones today, and it is only wise to use it for the health purpose. is the company that has come with some ingenious ways to monitor your health and provide you useful data with the help of some really smart and effective apps.

Unlike the other companies, that require you to buy the fitness tracker devices; Ginger IO only makes use of the mobile or computer apps (iOS & Android). These applications collect the data pertaining to your mental health. They have an incredibly intelligent reporting system that easily relays the data back to the users. But that is not it, in case you need to keep your mental health advisor up to date with your condition, it will send the information to them as well.

2. Here One – Making “Hearables” To Help Humans

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: NY, United States

Category: Audio, Consumer Electronics, Wearables

Augmented Reality is making steady headway into the lives of the people. When it comes to fitness and health, there is a company called Doppler Labs which is manufacturing AR devices that you can plug into your ears. The company has been around for about 3 years now and has already innovated many hearing aids and ear buds. Their first major product was Dubs an advanced earplug.

However, their major product that turned the tables for them was the wireless ear buds. This earplug can truly enhance your hearing/listening experience with amazing customization options. But it is not just the health industry that wants to use it. Even those who want better music experience are buying it. The company has worked with the renowned DJs to create a unique product which customises modes according to the artist.

3. Fitbit – Fitness Tracker For Everyone

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: SF, United States

Category: Hardware, Fitness, Personal Health, Wearables

This is another American fitness tech company which has headquarters in San Francisco. The company was founded by Eric Friedman and James Park. The company has truly revolutionised the world of digital health with its incredible wearable tech. Some of the major product categories include wireless wearables, activity trackers, HR monitor, and sleep monitor. It is certainly one of the best smart care companies and uses the advanced technology to create their products.

Several important data can be collected and relayed to its users including sleep quality, steps climbed, heart rate tracker, and many other metrics. Most of their products are in the form of the fitness bands. Some of their most famous products are Fitbit one, Fitbit Surge, Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit One, Fitbit Alta, and Fitbit Blaze.

4. Garmin – Leader of GPS Products  

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: KS, United States

Category: Hardware, Fitness, Personal Health, Wearables

Garmin was founded in 1989 in America and now it is based in Switzerland. The company is widely popular for its fitness line of products with the integrated GPS technology. However, their products are also extensively used in the other industries such as aviation, automotive, and marine.

They have the finest fitness tracking products and they compete with the best companies of the world. They manufacture smart watches and activity trackers.

Their Garmin Forerunner line of smart watches is extremely popular with the fitness conscious people. Over the years, they have made several technological advancements in the fitness-tracking industry. Almost every digital health device produced by this company is easy to connect to the smartphones and provides amazing data on the health and fitness. Garmin by far is the leader in the GPS devices products.

5. Jawbone – New UP for Wearables 

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: SF, United States

Category: Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Personal Health, Wearables

Jawbone is another wearable tech company that produces some really high-quality fitness tracking products. The company is also headquartered in San Francisco. They have a number of top-grade wearable fitness products in the form of wristbands. Some of their most famous products are UP2, 3, and 4.

These products are extremely easy to use and can be conveniently connected to the mobile phones to read the data and analysis. Jawbone is one of the few companies that are trying to reach the top of the wearable industry ladder. The company has also been given the award for Design of the Decade from the reputed organisation IDSA.

Currently, Jawbone is the proud owner of more than 230 patents in the wearable technology. They have UP line of products along with UP24, UPmove, and UP for groups.

6. AppleInnovation to the Core

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: CA, United States

Category: Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Personal Health, Wearables

Apple Inc is known for its innovation in technology in the smartphone industry. They came up with the incredible smart watches (Apple watch) that became a rage in the market. People know these smart watches for the ability to sync and track the entire human health motions real time.

These watches can give you notifications and even allow you to make calls. But you will be surprised to know that they also double up as the activity and fitness tracker. While Apple itself may not have contributed to the digital health revolution directly, it has been the source of inspiration for many other companies like Fitbit. This is the reason why it deserves to be the part of this list. Apple smart watches have all the fitness tracking features that you will find in just about any high-end device.

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7. Misfit – Sensor Technology for the Health Industry

Health Care In 2016

Headquarter: CA, United States

Category: Fitness, Personal Health, Wearables

This is an American company which was founded in 2011. Although it produces many electronic products, it specialises in the wearable health technology products. Their products utilise home automation and sensors. There is absolutely no denying that their products are very unique. Besides doing the basic tasks such as sleep monitor, calories tracking, and other things, they can also do a lot of advanced things as well. Their devices can be easily connected to the smartphones with the help of an app.

The founders of this company had previously innovated iBGStar which was the first ever iPhone medical device approved by FDA. Misfit has now been acquired by Fossil Group but continues to use the same brand name. Some of their most popular products include Shine, Flash, Beddit and Connected Home.

8. Medtronic – Ready To Treat Chronic Diseases Worldwide

Health Care In 2016

Founded: MN, United States

Category: Biotechnology

Medtronic is a MN (Headquartered in Dublin)- based medical device company. Besides manufacturing the health devices for various diseases, it also specialises in the wearable tech devices. Since the company is dedicated to medical devices, most of its products are better than the others. While some may find them expensive, given the utility value, they could be pretty useful.

They have the fitness and activity monitor devices as well that can provide accurate data on various metrics. They are not only used to wear around the wrist. Some of them can also be strapped to your chest. So, they are able to provide more reliable data. The company has been around for a while and has been making revolutionary health products for a very long time.

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9. Polar Electro – Taking Care Of Hearts

Health Care In 2016

Founded: Kempele, Finland

Category: Sports Wearables

Polar Electro is another such name which has revolutionised the digital health today. Polar is the fitness and health devices company that specialises in gadgets for training and exercises. In fact, their expertise lies in physiology, sports, and electronics. They have been one of the leading suppliers of fitness trackers and HR monitors for many decades. Their fitness product range is quite comprehensive.

At the same time, they also provide quality advice and support. Not only do the devices help the sportspersons and athletes improve their performance but the devices also help everyone lead a healthier and better lifestyle. They are also helpful with the weight management. From smart fitness watches to sleep monitors and activity monitor wristbands, they have everything.

10. Recon Instruments – See More Than The Reality!

Health Care In 2016

Founded: Canada

Category: Smartglasses, Heads-Up displays

Recon is a wearable technology company and claims to be the philosophy that one must live their products. There is no denying the fact that company has been leading the wearable technology industry for a while now. Their products are very well designed, extremely well balanced, safe, and very easy to use. One thing that makes the company stand out from the crowd is that their products are open to the developers.

They believe in taking ideas from the great minds of the world. The company is primarily into the manufacture of the smart glasses. Their wearable products are capable of delivering reliable and effective metrics of live activity. The products come integrated with GPS. The notifications are viewable directly on the glass. The company’s first smart glass was introduced way before Google Glass.

11. Pebble – Father of Modern Smartwatch

Health Care In 2016

Founded: CA, United States

Category: Wearables, Hardware, Software

If you are looking for the smart health and fitness, wearable electronic products then Pebble is another company to consider. They have the top of the wearable line techs. The company has also won numerous awards. Just like Recon, Pebble also has its product line open to the developers from around the globe.

Their smart watches and other wearable gadgets are quite advanced. However, their primary focus is on the smart watches. There are number of products that can be bought depending upon the personal needs. Their watches are quite elegantly designed and are very easy to use. They can be easily connected to your smartphone with the help of an app. The devices are pretty fast, and you get the summary of the activity immediately.

12. Zephyr TechnologyWay To Wireless Tele-Health Systems

Health Care In 2016

Founded: MD, United States

Category: Biotechnology

More popularly just known as Zephyr, this is a company owned privately and is an expert in the manufacture of quite advanced remote physiological monitoring systems, heart rate monitors, and telehealth wireless systems. The company is based in Maryland and was founded in the year 2003.

Zephyr is one of the first companies to introduce the wearable wireless technology. They have the presence in many countries with the network of more than 30 distributors. They have a wide range of wearable consumer techs including fitness monitoring gadgets, heart rate monitors, and more. Their devices are capable of measuring heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration, activity level, and more.

13. Samsung Electronics – Being Life Companion

Health Care In 2016

Founded: Suwon, South Korea

Category: Electronics, Health Diagnostics, Hardware, Software

Samsung has also made a name in the wearable digital health tech industry with its Gear Fit products. Samsung claims that these products are not only meant to be worn during the workout but just about any time. Their fitness products are quite lightweight and so much comfortable. They are also waterproof. Most of their fitness products also give you mobile notifications and firmware updates regularly.

Their products are capable of giving information on various health metrics including heart rate, sleep pattern, steps were taken, and much more. Their S Health trademark is especially for the wearable tech products meant for fitness and health.

14. Nike – Just doing it right!

Health Care In 2016

Founded: OR, United States

Category: Fashion, Sporting Goods

Nike has come up with its own line of fitness wearable tech devices. We already know about Nike+ which is integrated with your footwear and can give you statistics about your activities. However, their wrist wearable product FuelBand has been quite successful too.

It features a very sleek design and is extremely easy to use. It gives you all the basic information regarding your activities. The company has also collaborated with Apple and now their software is integrated with iOS platform. In fact, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple also wears one of the Nike fitness products. The design is pretty modern, and the digital display is quite attractive. It is indeed a great product to own. It easily connects with the smartphones and provides instant information regarding your activities.

15. Dexcom – Diabetes Management Made Easy
Health Care In 2016

Founded: CA, United States

Category: Health Care, Software, Hardware

If you are diabetic or are afraid of being one, you would want to monitor your glucose level at all times. If that is the case, you will want to go for the Dexcom wearable health devices which give constant information regarding your glucose level.

Their products are more suited for those with serious diabetes problem. However, they are also good for people who want to maintain their glucose level under check at all times. The continuous report on glucose level is very handy and makes sure that risks are mitigated.

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