TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Review: A Better GPS Watch For Sports Enthusiasts


Lately, many health and fitness enthusiasts were greatly impressed by the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport. Giving its accuracy and quality available in the market, many people were waiting for the greatest improvement TomTom is going to make. Even though the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport were already a significant contribution in the field of sports, fitness and technology, TomTom thought that something is missing, and market after a year, they came up with TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio, a sport watch for athletes.

TomTom released this new watch that could create your life hassle-free with another added feature. Want to know more about this product? Well, just keep reading this TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio review.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio does not merely have the new inbuilt heart-rate monitor, but it has a highly accurate monitor for running, cycling, swimming, or any sport that you prefer. In this review, you will learn in-depth about the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio’s design, usability, features and more to help you make a better decision.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio: Design

The first thing we all notice in any gadget is, of course, the most visible one: the design. Well, the most popular color used for the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio’s advertisement is white and red — not favorite for everyone, though. But if you check the online shops, you will find all the other colors, and I was impressed with how they mixed and matched the colors to create a watch flexible for different types of people.


There are five colors, which are composed of bi-colored watches: red and white, green and white, turquoise and red, white and gray. Well, at any ages, from serious to fancy ones, you can find the color that will suit your style. However, if you want to go to formal meetings or dinners, then it will not be pleasing with a tie or a dress, though.

Talk about the size of the watch, it is big and bulky – the cool sporty look of a fitness tracker. Another noticeable thing about this watch is that it has rubber flaps in the added strap somewhere in the rear part of the watch. It is a small difference from the previous watches of TomTom, but the advantage of this is somewhat big.

Unlike the TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport (wherein the watch unit can easily fallout from the strap), TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio is designed to fix this issue. Now with rubber flaps; the main watch stays in place. Another problem I have found with the previous TomTom watches is that charging is a bit of troublesome work. You need to give a lot of effort dismantling the four-way control button before you can charge it. However, this is not a problem anymore with the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio design because you don’t have to remove the strap before charging.


For better heart-rate monitoring, the watch should be worn tightly to get some data with your pulse rate. Sometimes, it does get a little uncomfortable, but you can loosen the strap. Overall, the design is excellent for sports and fitness enthusiasts but its not designed for those who are not much of a workout person; this watch is a bit of an off. Well, changing the whole design will be a hassle but putting single colored watches such as black or white can be an option.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio: Usability

Something that I like about TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio is its easy-to-use features. With a watch that has multiple uses, it is seldom to see something that can ease the pain of learning how to use it. However, TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio’s manual can easily be understood by people, who are new to this type of technology.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio: Menu Navigation

The navigation is very simple even though that there are numerous menus available when you use this watch. The looks of this watch are somewhat unique when compared to the other sporty looking watch like Garmin Edge 1000 because they have a navigation button below the display screen. Though this navigation button adds a slight bulkiness to the watch, they work great for you if you prefer big watches.

tomtom-multi-sport-cardio-reviewNow let us look at the importance and the ease this navigation button gives us. TomTom’s thought out of the box, this time; they bent the rules of the ordinary fitness tracker by having the navigation button on the display screen (which can be pressed up, down, left or right).

When you press left, it will show the version of the firmware and the battery life of the watch. Pressing right will give you the menu. The menu displays different types of sports like Running, Swimming and Cycling. After choosing the desired sport, simply press right to start the recording. But what do I do to end the recording? Another simple thing, just double press left side button. Oh, and one more thing, you can pause the recording whenever you stop your workout, by simply pressing left once.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio: Display

Let’s get into the deeper detail: the accuracy of the data gathering and analysis. Another great thing about TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio is that it has a display screen. Meaning, you don’t have to memorize codes or transfer the data gathered just to know your performance. The screen says it all, all your workout data is shown in the little small screen itself.

You don’t need the whole data always. In my opinion, the data shown is what we need to know at the time (after all, you can upload or auto syncing through Bluetooth to TomTom’s MySports Application whenever you want). In the screen, you can see three results: The heart rate, distance and duration are always at the top- you do not have any choice but to deal with it, and the large numerals at the center are the data of your choice. You can choose what you want to see: heart rate, distance, time of the day and a lot more choices to pick. Just press the navigation button up or down (the choices will simply scroll up or down).


Having this three data on the display screen would be enough because there are other critics that do not like the fact that the screen’s display is too limited. Now let us see what we can find in the menus. There are five training modes available in the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio and another good thing is that you can set up your goals such as laps, interval sessions, time, distance and zone-based training.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio: Training Features


So let us see what is hot with TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio. TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio features five zones to intensify your activity and set up a goal for yourself:

  • Sprint:

    If you set up interval training, then the sprint is what is usually used. Just a few runs within a small distance is an excellent addition to your program.

  • Speed:

    This type of training mainly focuses on the fastness of your body or the largest distance you can run within a given time. Good training for the improvement of your fitness (high tempo training).

  • Endurance:

    This training is about the capacity of your lungs and heart, answering the question “how long can you survive?” This training is from moderate to high tempo.

  • Fat Burn:

    Most people want fitness tracker device for one ultimate goal: to burn the excess fat in their body. Well, the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio will not fail you with its fat burn feature. Instead, it helps you throw your fat away (moderate tempo).

  • Easy:

    An activity or exercise will never be complete without the warm-ups. This low tempo training guides you before doing all the hard work.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio: Built-In-Heart Rate Monitor

One popular thing about the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio is the newly added feature, which is none other than the heart rate monitoring. It is the biggest contributor that gives the watch an edge compared to the other devices and yes, this is accurate.


At the back of the watch, there is a green light, which is perpendicularly aligned to your wrist once you wear the watch. This light makes the heart rate monitoring a possibility because the watch converts the change in the light’s reflection into analytic data (useful for maintaining your health and fitness).


TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio is also good if you cannot go outside and exercise because the watch works by counting the strides you have. So you can simply stay inside your house idle and run all around, up or down, and the watch will give you the distance you have traveled in circles. Whatever you do, Multi-Sport is got your back!

Download the TomTom MySports App: iOS / Android

Comparing with the other sport watches, the Multi-sport heart rate monitor accuracy is far better and maintains it in the app dashboard in daily, weekly, and monthly trend. Besides accuracy, TomTom Multi-Sport is durable and can be used in any weather (if you are that outdoor type of person) because this is waterproof. I am greatly impressed with the GPS. It boasts the latest GPS and GLONASS satellite technology, meaning more accurate and precise in finding your location.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Vs Garmin Forerunner 920xt & Fitbit Surge

Apart from TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio, there are many fitness trackers available in the market with similar features and usability. So, let us peek at those too.

This device has a colored screen. Garmin measures the SWOLF (Swim Golf) in the pool more accurately. It has the full support for drills in the water. TomTom, on the other hand, cannot measure enough underwater because it does not have an open water swim setting. However, you can set it up to running mode because it can still measure the distance you swam and, of course, your heartbeat.

While running, TomTom is a better option than Garmin because you do not have to wear the chest strap (which is always forgotten by most). Garmin can do a lot better in other terms, but if you are not that detailed enough, and you simply want to be fit, TomTom is a good choice. After all, TomTom’s heart rate monitoring is more accurate, and it is much cheaper for only between $250 and $315 while the Garmin Forerunner 920xt costs $500.

Another TomTom’s competitor is Fitbit Surge. Their price is somewhat the same, but when it comes to heart rate monitoring, Fitbit Surge is a little left out. If ever you are exceeding or below the heart rate pace, the watch will vibrate to notify you. However, with the Fitbit Surge, you have the simple heart rate monitoring. It monitors only your heart rate when you are doing something or resting. Furthermore, with the data gathered, you will soon analyze which activity causes the change in your heart rate.


TomTom Multi-Sport is a best fitness tracking watch for sports enthusiast all around the world and it offers a great deal of features for long running. I appreciate that TomTom have improved their quality and fitness features far better than their competitors in the market, and making it in the top 10  best sports watch inthe market.  TomTom Multi-Sport is made for the Cyclist, Swimmer and Runners around the world, and its worth buying it if you are really passionate about your sports.

Buy Now: TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio – $139

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