Samsung Gear S2 Classic Review

Samsung has been grabbing all the eyes with the immensely impressive new gear s2 watch. It is perhaps a breakthrough that Samsung Gear has come across as a beautifully designed, and compatible watch. Everything that went wrong with its previous versions has been set right. Read on our Samsung gear s2 classic review and find out what features does gear s2 watch offers.

Samsung Gear S2 Classic Review

The Defining Design


One of the most important things that got our eyes wide during this Samsung watch review is its style defining the design. Everything from its bezel to the strap and a smaller body gives it a classy appearance. While its leather strap gives you the Fossil watch feel, the other plastic one shares common characteristics with a Swatch. With an additional spend of about $50; you can even fit in third party straps.


This S2 classic also comes in black and rose gold model. The only upsetting aspect being that it is 11.4 mm thick. Thus, it is not only heavier but also settles high on your wrist – a drawback similar to the Second Gen Motorola watch. The gear s2 watch is sleek, stylish and can be adorned by both sexes.

Rotating Bezel


It is by far the best thing to review for the gear s2 watch. Samsung has it just right with its interactive, rotating bezel. You will not be able to resist your hand from moving over it. Not to mention the smart UI design in its Tizen OS that will awe you. You can easily swipe through the applications, switch to notifications, control volume, and brightness, everything in a seamless, sweep motion. You are yet to read the best. The Samsung Gear S2 watch with Tizen works faster than Apple‘s Digital Crown on the Watch as well as the touchscreen gestures of Android Wear.

Display Screen

While you would be busy admiring the bezel, you can’t stop your eyes but notice something unusual for a Samsung – yes, it’s 1.2-inch Super AMOLED screen, which is extraordinarily sharp and bright. Although it’s smaller than its modern counterparts such as the Moto 360 2, yet it does not fail to impress you.


Thanks to the 360 x 360 pixels, that you can enjoy an appealing pixel density of 302ppi. It makes it very convenient for you to use tiny fonts to see a higher number of messages or notifications on a single screen while you skim through them. It would not be wrong to say that the gear s2 watch’s screen is as sharp as the smaller Apple Watch.

Operating System

What we have found out that Tizen has proved to be a winning bet for Samsung this time. It makes it extraordinarily convenient to use the smartwatch. All you have to do is to rotate the bezel to the right and let the magic unfold – from weather to health information including that from third-party apps; like Myfitnesspal, Runtastic, etc. you will find it all there.

The only little frown comes when it does not display images, like from WhatsApp, which can be excused, though. Tizen works smooth between transitions too, except for the animations of the apps. What might come as a disappointment for many is that the user becomes handicapped when it comes to customizing the UI. One may say that the UI is not as classy as the watch looks.

As for the maps, Samsung obviously had to hunt outside of Apple and Google, and what it has to offer is the HERE Maps. It is accurate most of the times, and it is handy as you can zoom in by simply rotating the bezel. However, it may tend to be a little slower to load on the watch. The directions can be obtained from a separate HERE app, Navigator.

Another Brownie point to Tizen for supporting Bluetooth, which allows pairing with most of the Android phones – yes, this is a first for a non-wear Samsung smartwatch. It also has Wi-Fi accessibility, which you can simply pull down to see whether it is on standalone or paired mode.

Fitness Tracking

Smartwatches by default are loaded with plenty of fitness functions, but we shall focus only on some of the best features provided by Samsung.

What we liked here is that its step counting is considerably accurate, and the S Health app will update you on the goals that you would have set with some awesome graphics.

Gear s2 can even vibrate to tell you that how long you have been heating up the couch along with timing when you have been active as well as inactive (Idle alert). Apart from that, it can also notify you if the step target is achieved or not for the day. For more health information, you can even feed the data easily to keep track as to when you drank water or coffee (Food log).


While we liked how s2 take care of your health, we would not recommend it as a replacement to your sports watch, especially when it misses the GPS on both the models. However, to compensate that, there are numerous options such as auto tracks for walking, running or cycling, along with the estimated amount of calories burned. Now, all these features will be perfect for the routine users.

You can even take spot readings of your heart by using the heart rate monitor available on the underside of the smart watch. It can also be set to capture your pulse rate continuously at predetermined intervals. The excitement enhances when you set your BPM readings with what you are doing or how you are feeling. Say for instance, as resting or angry. It will help the gear to monitor your heart better. To sum it up, gear S2 watch has much more to offer regarding fitness tracking as compared to it’s counterparts – Moto 360 or Pebble.

Gear Apps


Now, here is where the Samsung watch might sound disappointing – yes, you guessed it right – the reason is – Tizen! However, Samsung has promised to load around 1,000 Tizen apps exclusively designed to suit the gear s2’s circular model. In fact, it is said that it has sent a good number of notices to the developers to read them. Some of the big names of these developers include Nike, CNN, Yelp, Twitter, etc.

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As for now, you have a bunch of them in Samsung Gear Apps store via the Samsung Gear App. However, these are only a selected few of them. For, example, You would miss the Uber app in the current store, well, of course, you can always order the can through your phone and manage to be notified on your gear s2. So, for a fully-fledged app store experience on a smart watch, well, you got to wait for it.

Battery Life And Charging

The battery life of Samsung Gear S2 is much better than its counterparts. Yes, it comes with a disclaimer that it depends on how you use it. Its 300mAh battery can officially serve you for three days, and we assume, a lighter use would last even longer.


To check your battery level, you can simply swipe down – just like the other Android Wears. In addition, a feature worth mentioning is the highly efficient Power Saving mode. The Power Saving mode will turn the watch into a simple grayscale screen, and disable the functions of the watch except notifications, calls, messages and will disable your Wi-Fi. Thus, you can extend the battery life further when it is time for it to turn off. The charger dock, however, looks like a smaller version of the Moto 360 dock. That said, it’s a good asset otherwise.

Voice Command

Also, we found that the voice features would let you down, perhaps the only area where Samsung needs to work on. You can access the S Voice either on the first screen located to the right of the watch face or by double pressing the home button.


Thumbs for the mic of the watch because it can considerably detect what you speak without bringing the device close to your mouth. However, when you try recording a voice memo, it may give up to 75% accuracy. The same problem lies with voice searches as well and adding to the aggravation is the fact that its default search engine is set to Yahoo instead of Google. Thus, Samsung needs to work a lot on the voice feature to get its customers to using this feature.

To sum it up,

Samsung Gear S2 Classic black is priced for $299 and the rose gold edition costs $399.

We would like to state that gear S2 is as easy to handle as a Pebble and as classy as the Apple. Also, its rotating bezel is a show stealer. Yes, of course, we expect a lot more apps for Tizen – but a good battery life, a stylish piece and some awesome features, s2 is a good choice to buy.

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