Nabu Watch: Fitness Tracker

Well, it won’t be called a smartwatch if it just tells you the time right? Hence, Nabu Razer also includes features that will help you keep track of your health regimen and fitness. The Nabu watch includes features like:

  • Tracking the number of steps, you have taken in a day
  • Distance you have covered
  • The number of hours you rest through sleeping
  • A number of calories you have burned
  • The amount of time you have spent being active
  • Furthermore, the Nabu watch also adds a goal feature to help you keep track of your progress and to see to it if you did achieve your fitness objectives.

Nabu App

Smartwatches and smart bands are useless without their user-friendly apps. They make their role more specific and goal-oriented. Before you use your Nabu Razer, ensure that you have downloaded its partner application. This will help guarantee you that the time you are using is perfectly in sync with the global standard time, and it will help keep and track your progress better.

With the help of the partner application of the Razer Nabu, then you can also view all records of your fitness data in a place where you have the connection, as well as access additional features such as the Phone Remote Control.

Download Nabu App: iOS / Android

Nabu Watch: Battery & Charging

Admit it or not, it is one of our hated problems when our smart devices suddenly turn off while we are in the middle of our exercise or other activities. How can our smartwatch keep track of our progress then? That is why battery life is very important. If there is one of the things that I can really recommend a Nabu watch for, then that is primarily due to its battery life.

When most of the recent smartwatches are already drained out of their battery even with just a day or hours of use, the Nabu watch is an exception. It has been said that it can have a yearlong battery, making battery draining the least of your concerns.

It can support a 12-month running time even without the need to recharge the battery since it has more than one battery inside. The internal rechargeable battery will only last more or less than a week. However, due to its number of batteries inside, it will keep your watch alive for up to 12 months! Surprising and amazing as it may be, the watch also contains a regular and standard watch battery.

It has a 12-months coin cell replaceable battery and it has a long year life to keep showing you the time. However, the second screen that I have told you previously: the one that shows you the notifications can only be powered until 7 days of rechargeable battery life.

Additional Applications

The Nabu Razer also caters to different applications, even those on Social Media’s, to ensure that you stay connected with your friends and your social circle. You can also have apps that focus more on your health such as the iHealth from Apple, Map my Fitness, Google Fitness etc…


Though the Razer Nabu release date for their first fitness tracker, Nabu and Nabu X, was way back in 2014, the Nabu watch and the forged edition, made it to the hearts of the people and released on December 2, 2015 ( Razer website ).

Comparision: RazerNabu VS  Nike Fuelband, Fitbit Force and  Sony SWR10Smartband

The Nabu is a tad thinner than the FuelBand, but the look and feel are undeniably similar, that they could be siblings separated at birth. With both water-resistant, and riddled with sensors for steps taken and distance travelled, both are also somewhat similar to the Fitbit Force, concerning the stair climbing and sleep-tracking category.

It is more like a game between the RazerNabu and Nike Fuelband vs. Fitbit Force. The former ones’ design are stiff, hard rubber bracelets that contrast the Force’s soft, flexible rubber watchband style. I find the soft rubber of the Force a little bit more comfortable than the other two, but many also prefer the firmness that the Nabu and FuelBand have. The two are again similar in sizing with three different varieties of wrist sizes: small, medium and large. These are necessary because as mentioned, they are not as flexible as the Force.

When it comes, to battery life, both are estimated to last for about a week, but I found that both fall short of this expectation. I would choose the RazerNabu over the Fuelband solely for its notification capacity. I admit that this alone, together with the vibration notification capacity is a sweet, sweet draw. It is cheaper too.

I compared the Nabu’s and the SWR10’s activity tracking and notification capacity, and I found that in these, they are about the same. They are on par for tracking steps, calories burned; miles travelled and quality of sleep. Frankly, you have an Android with 4.4 Kitkat and above as the main device, then Sony’s SWR10 is the better choice by a mile, mainly because of its lower price. The huge downside is that it is not compatible with iOS, and the battery life is less than average.

Gizmo’s Verdict

The RazerNabu is sleek and affordable and a definite improvement over its previous version. The syncing is good, and the vibrating notifications are great. Tracking is accurate too. The app is not complicated and easy to use. Wearing it, for special activities can take some getting used to but for its price and overall capacity, it is a decent device to have.However, it’s double the price of its less powerful cousin, the RazerNabu X at 100 bucks, compared to the Nabu X’s 50 or so bucks. That said, it has a lot more features. Therefore, if you are willing to drop the additional cash, then you will have little to complain about the RazerNabu.

Buy Nabu Wath Now:  Razer Nabu Watch – $149.99


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