Razer has always been associated with gaming laptops and hardware’s. Surprisingly, they developed another gadget that has now entered the market of fitness, which is called Nabu. The first Nabu to be launched was a very simple black wristband. It had basic and very simple fitness tracking features and an OLED screen wherein you can see your notifications.

However, due to increasing competition from other smartwatch manufacturers and the desire to give only the best for their consumers, Razer developed their fitness tracking smart band further. They said goodbye to those old OLED screens and said hi to three LED lights… at a very affordable price. In fact, you can pick up the second generation of the Nabu band, which we call as Nabu X, for as low as $94. But was it worth the price? Not really.

Get Nabu X-band now: Razer Nabu X Smartband – $94.99

Nabu X, even how affordable it could be, is not really opting if you compare it to other smart bands sold by their competitors like Microsoft band, Fitbit, Misfit, Basis, and Jawbone UP. Simply put, it was boring. Perhaps, that was also one of the reasons why it didn’t turn up as nice as they hoped it would be. This led to the creation of the ultimate – Razer Nabu a beautifully designed smartwatch for the new generation. Here’s the detailed Razer Nabu Smartwatch review that will convince you why its worth buying!

Razer Nabu: The Watch For Gamers

It seems that Razer has learned a lot from their predecessors and has produced a better quality smartwatch. Somewhat expensive, though. Since they were earlier praised by the world of gamers — from laptops to hardware’s, Razer used it as a marketing strategy from the start.

I can say that they have a certainly brilliant marketing team for that, especially when they said that the Razer Nabu watch is the,

“Ultimate expression of a wrist-worn wearable that is for gamers”.

Obviously, their gamer markets will patronize their smartwatches since it is a watch for the gamers and made by the gamers too.

The Nabu Watch and The Forged Edition

Razer developed TWO smartwatches:

  • The Nabu Watch  – $149.99
  • The Nabu Watch Forged Edition – $199.99

Though they may function the same, they still have the difference in their physical designs. The much-developed Nabu watch might be a little expensive compared to its predecessors (Nabu and Nabu X), which are simply smart bands. However, it is not much of a disappointment because it was carefully laid from its design to its functions.

Nabu Watch: In the Box

Just a 100 bucks fetched me the cool Razor Nabu fitness tracker, a band, a clasp (to customize the sizing) and of course, the charging cable via USB.

Upon opening, I embarked on a little adventure with the Nabu. It is a little of an over the top unveiling, similar to its ostentatious zombie apocalypse promotional video. However, it is not bad and, in fact, earns a few plus points for being a little different from its other more prosaic-looking competitions.

Unlike other devices (like Fitbit Flex), which usually arrives in a clear plastic case, the Nabu is packed in a case that is clamshell-shaped, reminiscent of a posh jewelry box. As soon as you open the lid, you will see the stylish Razer Nabu that lies like a bracelet in its faux velvet bed.

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Lifting the upper portion of the drawer reveals the device’s documentations, a charging cord, and the second clasp mentioned for adjusting and customizing the size of its band.

Nabu Watch: Design and Cost

The Nabu Watch boasts cutting-edge technology, made of tough polycarbonate materials. A simple Nabu Watch, which already has a screen, will cost you around $149.99, and mind you, it is already a good deal for a perfect watch that you can use for your everyday needs.


However, if you want to be more exquisite and more prestigious, then you can never go wrong with Nabu Watch Forged Edition. With the Forged Edition, you will have machined stainless steel buttons. Buttons made up of steel will ensure that they are more durable and can stand even the tests of time as well as extreme conditions, which you might likely undergo during fitness programs and training. The steel buttons are also exquisite to touch which will make you feel more unique and stronger (man of steel, remember?).

With the Forged, it is perfect for every occasion that may come your way since it gives off a premium black finish that shows how elegant yet sporty the watch really is. If you are both a gamer and a fitness enthusiast, then this might be the right and perfect fitness tracker that will obviously fit your needs.

Nabu Watch: Sleep and Activity Tracking

The Razer Nabu watch features several useful buttons though most of them are also available on other smartwatches like Apple watch, Samsung Gear, and Fitbit Blaze. So, nothing really new and special about it. But, I certainly love its illuminated backlit display. While it is true that other smartwatches also have their own backlit display, Nabu watch’s display surpasses them all.razer-nabu-smartwatch-review

Its chronograph also includes a countdown timer and a stopwatch, which is very beneficial and useful especially to those who love to play sports and those who are running or jogging, as part of their exercise regimen. There is also a world time available (which for me is not necessary, except if you want to know the time on the other side of the globe while doing your crunches and weights). In addition, it features an alarm function too.

The Nabu watch also has an auto-phone time sync and a fast blue tooth pairing, which is very helpful in connecting other devices to your smart watch. The watch also displays a private message screen that is helpful for you to know whether you have important messages.

Nabu Watch: Notifications

While Apple watch, Fitbit Blaze, Pebble time, and other smartwatch companies have bigger single screens, Nabu chose to have two smaller ones. One where you can see the time, and one primarily used for notifications. The watch features a unique second screen wherein you can see the notifications regarding the activities of your connected smartphone.

Be it texts, calls, app alerts or emails, it will be notified as quickly as you can think of with the help of its advanced technology, specifically its speed. All you have to do is simply to raise your wrist and boom! It will activate your Nabu second screen to show the notifications that you need. Then, you have to press a button once to help you cycle in through the info that you need.