Pokémon Go was one of the most favorite apps of 2016. Of course, it was the “free- to-play” feature that built a bulk populace and helped it grow fast in the market, but one cannot simply miss the real location gaming jubilation.

Within 1-2 days, Pokémon app (iOS / Android) became a hot talk among the audience. With its real-life location interference, it was able to enthral the users.

it’s a much-improved Pokémon Go playing experience for casual players who’d rather not be holding their phones constantly. – Techcrunch

However, if you have noticed the gameplay explicitly, you may have encountered some cons in it, the prime one is that you have to get yourself into the Smartphone. Getting the sought of the same company is about to launch the all new Pokémon go Plus which makes the Pokémon games a whole lot easier.

What is Pokémon Go Plus?

Pokémon Go Plus is a wearable device (kind of a watch) that allows the player to catch a Pokémon into the Pokedex without even touching his smartphone. You can have a much easier gameplay experience via Go plus.

But what are the assets of this device? To help you with the same we have compiled, some of the greatest facts about this Pokemon go plus device.

Pokémon Go Plus Device Features

1. Pokémon Go Plus is A Bluetooth Wearable

The device is one-time investment product that works more than just fencing your hands. It improves the Pokémon catcher’s gameplay

Wearable is made up of the regular strap with the monster ball (poke-ball) like thing stapled on the band. It is connected with the phone through the Bluetooth integrated within the device. Also, you can attach it with your t-shirt if you find it clumsy on the wrist.

This can be a great gadget for Pokemon lovers. It will make catching Pokémon easier; you can do it while walking or running without getting your nose into your Smartphone.

2. It Sends Notification When You Are At Poke stop

This is the most well to do a feature about the Go Plus; the user will be notified when they are near a Pokémon egg or a real Pokémon, i.e. Poke Stop. And all this can be done without opening their phone or checking the map/location.

It will notify you as and when you are nearby a poke stop; it will start to blink LED and will show vibrations, but what about catching Pokémon? Niantic sought of this too. To get it, you just need to click press the little button on the centre of Plus, and there you go. You will have the Pokémon into your Smartphone without even touching it, provided that it’s connected via Bluetooth.Pokémon Go Plus Device

It will be a huge plus to using Pokemon Go Plus, as the regular players may miss some poke stop in the locations as they will require checking the phone for details. About the go plus, users they will be benefited with this premium service.

3. Android Compatibility is Yet To Be Disclosed

The new launch Pokémon Go Plus will not do not have Android compatibility. But it will support iOS version 8 and higher, which is a must for almost every iPhone user.

However, the company has not yet confirmed if going to launch an updated wearable for Android players or plus will have Android support. The code implementation is marked as complete and is ready to release. Thus Android support will most probably be there in it.

Android version will use the Bluetooth option to connect with the Smartphone device, but it is necessary to have Android 4.3 or above installed on the devices.

4. It Saves Mobile Phone Battery     

This will be a huge plus for iPhone users. You can save a lot of battery while enduring the Pokémon gameplay. To catch the Pokémon, you just need to click the device and don’t have to take out the phone. However, you will not be able to catch a new Pokémon but you can re-catch one by throwing the poke ball through the wearable. All this can be continued without consuming the Smartphone battery life.

5. Inside The Go Plus Case- Lighter And Wrist Fit

Plus will be having some apple watch series 2 similar features but it is much lesser, which is also obvious as per its cost. The cage will be lightweight, and fit wrist design won’t make it clumsy at all. It will be around 4-7 cm with a perfect fit and CR2032 lithium battery with high power density, means the battery life will be longer. It will weigh only 13g with the pointer like design.

6. Expected to Run Newest Pokémon Games

Nintendo is the company behind the new Pokémon Go plus watch. It is expected that company has thought of the upcoming Pokémon games and update. The rumours are out there, supporting the fact of upcoming game support, but no source had yet confirmed it. Nevertheless, it will probably be supporting the 2017 Pokémon games.

7. Buy Pokémon Go Plus at $34.99

Instead of famous Pokémon GO game, which was available without any cost for every user Plus will cost the players a bit (but not much). Plus will cost you $34.99 (although $34.99 for the UK) which will be almost same for most of the players around the globe. In addition to wearable, there will be no apps available at the time for existing smartwatch users.

If you have an extended budget, then you might put your preorder on the eBay, who is selling the same wearable for 7 times the normal cost, which is $250.

8. You May Have To Wait For More

Nintendo previously declared it to be launched at the end of July, which was confirmed until their mysterious update on July 27, which of course trodden down the audience’s anticipation. The new month was then declared to be September 16. You can now get your hands on this latest Pokémon device; it will be available to all by September 16th, as confirmed by Nintendo. However, it’s still unclear when it will be available in online stores for normal users. So it will be worth to wait for couple more weeks!

Should I Buy Pokémon Go Plus?

Pokémon Go Plus will surely be a great asset for trainers. It is however not mandatory to get, but if you want to enhance your gameplay with some useful features, then this is for you. Also, you might be able to have a better experience with the Plus as it is expected to support new Pokémon game as well. It sends you smooth notifications
at poker stop and saves the iPhone battery by up to 46%. But the decision is ultimately yours.

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