Pebble Time Watch Review: The Thinnest Smartwatch With An Affordable Price


It’s been few years since the concept of smartwatch was introduced in the market. The earlier models were not that great in terms of convenience, but nonetheless, the definition of technology was changed. Every brand wanted to make a huge name in the smartwatch industry and Pebble was one of them. It would be fair to say that the very first watch from Pebble was the first successful smartwatch in the market. Pebble time is a successor to the original watch from Pebble and this article presents the Pebble time watch review in detail.

Nobody can deny that Pebble achieved an enormous amount of support from its Kickstarter campaign. As soon as Pebble Watch was introduced in the campaign, it generated millions of dollars within few weeks. The same fate is followed by Pebble time, which again received a record-breaking support.

Pebble time has shown a huge improvement in almost every area of its predecessor. The company has focused extensively on its design and performance parameters. While, they may have tried very hard to attract the users to opt for the product against other competitors, it simply failed to follow the legacy of its ancestor.

Pebble Time Watch Review

Pebble Time: Design and Build

The design and build quality was the primary cause of concern in the first model. The plastic material of the watch made it look like a cheap product that is meant for small kids. It received huge criticism in the design category. Hence, Pebble decided to focus greatly on the design aspects. Truth to be told, they again failed to impress the users in delivering a quality looking product. Appearances are extremely important if you are investing hundreds of dollars in a smart watch.


Pebble decided to go with a metal bezel, but the overall base of the watch is again made from plastic. Now, there is nothing wrong in producing a plastic product as there are many other products like Casio G-Shock, which is made from plastic quality. But, the difference in the quality can be clearly seen in the comparison and Pebble feels like a cheap product on hand. The slight curve on the watch allows the users to place the watch securely on the wrist.

As if the cheapness in the plastic base wasn’t enough to add in the watch, the company decided to go for plastic buttons as well. Pebble time employs three buttons on the right side and one of the left side, which is again made from plastic. Moreover, these three buttons are located in close gaps with each other. Hence, you will find it difficult to use. This will certainly place a huge dent in usability.

The pebble watch time is much lighter in weight, with a body size of just 9.5mm, even thinner than Apple watch. The overall weight of the watch sits at a mere 42.5gms.

Straps can make your watch a luxury or a complete disaster. We have seen many watches like Moto 360, which has excellent overall ratings, but their tight bands gave away their appearances. Pebble time seems to have fallen in the same category of delivering cheap bands. We don’t mind having a silicon based band, but quality should not be compromised. The bands on the watch feel rough and too sweaty at times. It tends to get hot as well. Thanks to the standard design, you can change the band and insert any other bands available in the local marketplace like Amazon.

Pebble Time: Display Screen

Remember the first thing we said in the introduction of the design improvements made in pebble time?  Well, you didn’t get much heads up in build quality, but it did employ improvements in display quality. The original Pebble had a monochrome display, which was introduced in order to preserve the battery life. The idea was not bad at all, but with time watch, you can feel the limitations of the display over its rivals. With Time edition, Pebble decided to improve on the basics to a certain extent.


Using e-paper, Pebble again wanted to keep battery juiced up, but it affects the performance badly. If you are comparing it with the likes of OLED display, there is a clear lack of richness, sharpness, and detailing. However, it stays ON throughout the entirety, whether you are looking at it or not. It is certainly better than LCD display during broad daylight but fades in angular view so you will have to watch it straight to get a clear display. The protective glass is good enough to prevent from any scratches, making it a durable display.

Pebble Time: Pebble Health


One thing that pebble time delivers in performance is the ‘Pebble Health feature. Allowing you to track sleep activity is a great plus to the watch. This feature is already available in pebble time. It lets you track the sleeping activity with much more accuracy; a lot better than its competitors, without draining too much of battery life. If that’s not enough for you, it also lets you track activities like steps were taken. The line chart keeps you updated with the estimated count of the steps taken during the specific time of the day. Very useful in motivating you to stay more fit.  You can easily set the device with Google Fit or Apple Health and monitor the progress on the weekly or monthly basis.

Pebble Time: Battery Life

So far, whatever we have seen from the device strictly speaks on providing an excellent battery life and this is where the smartwatch pebble excels at. The impressive battery life of seven days is the real gem of the watch and likely a huge reason to opt for the wearable.


Naturally, you won’t get a full seven days of life, if you are syncing with iOS or Android, but that is a given since the watch is going to plummet with lots of apps usage on a continuous manner. The best we say is the charging period of 6 days, which is still impressive. Charging it is pretty quick and clean as the cables easily secure to the watch without any hassle. Comparing it with Jawbone, it is a great annihilator, very much in the league of Garmin – another watch with beast of a battery life.

Pebble Time: Waterproof

Having a smartwatch which you never need to take off during bathing or swimming is a dominating feature and Pebble time has secured its corners with the waterproofing feature. The watch is waterproof up to 30m, hence you don’t need to take it off during your swimming session, assuming you aren’t going for a scuba diving. It is a great feature, especially looking over its rivals like Apple watch, which can hardly take any water on the surface, let alone entirely submerged in water. We do remember Sony Smartwatch 3 being waterproof, but only to the depth of 1.5m.

Pebble Time: Performance

While we weren’t impressed with the design aspects, we loved the simplicity of the operating system. This pebble smartwatch review was based on checking the better qualities of the watch and we seem to have landed now. From easy menu navigations to showing up on notifications, the watch was spot-on in the performance category.

 The timeline feature lets you get a quick glance at all the information displayed by the installed apps. You don’t get complete details at first, but clicking further down reveals detailed information. The device supports on both iOS and Android, however, the Apple support was not really up to the mark. For instance, you can only take a look at the notifications from Apple phone, and cannot react or delete it. Whereas, Android Phones lets you reply with a voice control command. This isn’t entirely a Pebble’s fault. You also get the very limited option of apps from

Whereas, Android phones lets you reply with a voice control command. This isn’t entirely a Pebble’s fault. You also get the very limited option of apps from pebble app store as opposed to other Android wear watches with huge app access. This watch from Pebble doesn’t actually suffer any concerns with interface and app usage. The operating system is easy and apps can be easily accessed without any sort of lag.

Final Say,

The price varies with the color straps, which is quite unusual to see. The Pebble time black  comes with a price tag of $123.99, with Pebble time red at $144.93 and Pebble time white at $138.

Even though it has poor build quality and standard display are some of the concerns that still persist. It is a fairly decent watch, which cannot really challenge the likes of Apple Watch or other Android Wear. The company has a long way to go in order to survive in this advancing market.

Even with improvements, Pebble time didn’t really shine enough to divert the huge crowd towards the glory of its success. The surprising factor that original Pebble had seems to be missing in pebble time. Let’s clarify the on the facts as to why Pebble time shouldn’t be your first choice in the market and you are better off to look for the alternatives.

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