3 Unanswered Questions About The Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble is the Nintendo of smartwatches. While it may not be as popular as its competitors, it still manages to deliver the geek experience. It offers the basics pretty neat. Whether it is emails, texts, calls, calendar events, you can have your notifications pop up on your Pebble. You can even have voice services and reminders as it comes with an inbuilt microphone.

Pebble Time smartwatch

The Pebble time adds color to your moments with its Color e-paper and cute animated icons while keeping the interface simple. Pebble Time Smartwatch claims to be water resistant for up to 30 meters. The minimal curve design is very unisex and seems pretty comfortable in the pictures. All said and done; Pebble Time Smartwatch does have its shortcomings. Functionality is not on par with its competitors, which gives us clearly better options than Pebble Time in the smartwatch market. But that’s a personal decision and if you are looking for a wrist buddy rather than a smartwatch, then Pebble Time can brighten up your day. So if you’re planning to buy a Pebble Time or expecting one, then you might want to have these three questions answered. We answer here, the three most frequently asked questions about this playful smartwatch: Does the Pebble Time have a GPS? Does it have a heart rate monitor? Does it work with an iPhone?

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Does Pebble Time have a GPS?pebble-time-smartwatch-have-gps-hear-rate-tracker-compatible-with-iphone

The answer is simple, but there are reasons you should know in detail. Pebble Time does not sport a GPS on it, but if you have a Smartphone that supports GPS, then it can connect to Pebble over Bluetooth and can provide you the functions of a GPS in effect. You can have the same functionalities of a GPS on your Pebble with the help of a smartphone.

If you are out for a routine jog and decide a route that isn’t routine, then keeping a check on your Pebble makes sense rather than having to pull out your phone. It saves the trouble nevertheless. Pebble even supports many navigation apps including Google Maps, but having no actual GPS onboard can let users choose another smartwatch that offers the same over this wrist buddy. Which is why Pebble has announced ‘Smart straps’ , as the name suggests, these are watch straps that are smart!

A smart strap is a smart accessory that can be strapped onto the Pebble through a magnetic port. Pebble has encouraged developers to come up with a new idea for smart straps. The Xadow modular strap developed by Seedstudio features GPS and NFC modules on it. While Pebble hasn’t made any official announcement or release of smart straps, it seems hopeful for the Pebble users. Imagine having straps that could offer different functions while not having to change your phone?

Does Pebble Time Track Heart Rate Level?pebble-time-smartwatch-have-gps-hear-rate-tracker-compatible-with-iphone

No, it doesn’t. Pebble time doesn’t have any sensors that could track your heart activity. But that’s okay because the right smart strap will enable heart rate monitoring in your Pebble. Pebble Health, Pebble’s dedicated activity tracking service seamlessly keeps track of your basic activities such as steps, sleep or distance covered by befriending apps like Misfit. Still the fact that, you have to buy an additional accessory like the smart strap to keep track of your activity seems less appealing to those looking to buy a smartwatch. In fact, Kickstarter came up with something other than smart strap-the TYLT VU Pulse. It’s more of a smart case for your Pebble rather than a smart strap. So does it do any good?

Yes, it does. The optical heart rate sensor provides you with two options namely, active and passive modes. Active mode is for the fiercer workouts, which keeps monitoring your heart rate every ten seconds. This could give you an extensive detailing of what you have gone through. The passive mode monitors your heart rate for every 30 seconds. However, using active mode for an hour could drain the battery by about 8 percent. Pebble health syncs very well with the VU Pulse’s application for Pebble and it lets you track your sleep, heart rate monitoring and the whole of you activity from one platform.

Does Pebble Time Work With iPhone?pebble-time-smartwatch-have-gps-hear-rate-tracker-compatible-with-iphone

Yes, it works just fine on the iPhone. Pebble Time is compatible with both iOS and Android, and you wouldn’t have any trouble using it either. The iOS users have been complaining the lack of voice-operated services like attending calls or making voice replies on their Pebble while Android users seem to be enjoying it. Pebble has seen through the issue by fixing it with a new update of the Pebble Time app for iOS in January. Pebble Time offers iOS users Color e-paper display and the very long battery life that lacks in an Apple Watch.



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Pebble Time is not a great smartwatch by itself, as it lacks the sleek design that most of the smartwatches possess. However, it is highly customizable with new arrays of accessories popping out each month. This playful device is a fun thing to have on your wrist and a great choice for those who like to keep it simple and classy.

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