Pebble, the face behind the elegant designs and stunning smart watches is back with a better software update known to be more informative, quick and fast. The new update revamps the mobile app into highly compatible with their product lines- Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, Pebble Time Round, Pebble 2 and Time 2. Despite the so many changes in the tech world, it is nearly impossible to dominate the traditional way for the health check. Thus, it is necessary to choose a smart watch which is highly updated.

And the Pebble is well aware of this; this company is offering some of the quirky perks to outstand. The recent firmware upgrade from Pebble was released on end of Aug 2016. So, what is so good about the New Pebble OS 4.0? Let’s get into the detail below.

Here are 5 of the best features about Pebble OS 4.0-

What’s New In Pebble OS 4.0 Update?

Improved Pebble Health

Pebble is a company, that starves to produce better software every other time, the new version – 4.0, is said to be more quick and informative, then its previous version.

You can get every day’s activities like steps, distance, Sleep and active minutes. You can check the daily/weekly/monthly Summary via a single touch over the face.

pebble os 4.0 update

The Pebble health update has automatic sleep monitoring feature, which was missing in the previous version and it was a much-needed change that Pebble fans were looking for.

Also, you can jump into the better options through the button on the right side of the watch, which will provide you comparable analytics of day-1/day-2 activities or more accurate information about your whole week performance. But the best part about this app is not the weekly trend; it is the clearer graph, at least way better than the previous version. With single face touch It gets the user quicker access to step-sleep activity metrics.

Responsive Layout And Timeline

You are certainly going to love this feature if you are a speedy person. This is the tech savvy feature that might change the game, making pebble’s competitors disdain.

The new Pebble app glance feature, allows the user to unmask multiple features in a single touch (this feature remained unfocused in the previous version, it only exposes few options in one click), it shows app info throughout the screen.



pebble os 4.0 update

Pebble re-designed the whole layout for better user interface. You can go up to two days ahead in time to check anything from almanac and notes/reminders to upcoming events with just one single press on the watch face.

Speedy Preview Launch

The new version also includes a special preview option for the effective graphical user interface. This revamped feature allows the user to manage-alter the display info. For instance, you can select what app information to be displayed on the launcher or how the watch face will respond to timeline quick view events.

Swift E-mail Amenity

Great Pebble experience is the most necessary thing for the company.  The firmware is integrated with faster email actions for iOS, swiftness here is notable. Though, iOS compatibility is just more easily available within the new version.

pebble os 4.0 update

4.0 offers enabled email actions, option for deleting emails or archiving older messages, reply promptly to the emails or mark as read, or similar email related is a huge plus. This is the point where is dominated the Apple watch. Plus, the custom message option and voice command reply are two of the best perks provided within the firmware.

New Quick Launcher

It is all about the speed and quickness are the best weapon when it comes to technology. The new launcher provides a condensed design allowing more items display in a single click. You can get a zoom with a single face touch, press it and you are on the highly upgraded launcher menu, that’s 4.0 for you. You can see more options at the same time without making an effort.

The creditable Auto-sync feature makes every change saved automatically. Furthermore, the “setting” app can be effortlessly renewed for better use.

With new launcher you can assign favourites to the specific buttons, to later press-hold to get a quick launch.

Both iPhone and Android Compatibility is a rare combination but is more easily available within 4.0. Though it doesn’t sound extra, it highly alters user interaction.

The features provided in version 4.0 are both handy and useful. The sole focus here is to provide the user quick, easy and effortless access to most of the pebble app options. The users is greatly avid about this worthy smart watch app, and it’s hot in upmarket. All of these characteristics provide credible values to the customers, with elegant design, streamlined access, and tailored layout.

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