Oculus Rift Review: The VR Race Began To The Future!


Enter the world of Virtual Reality! Oculus Rift brings – true, interactive, visually stimulating VR experience to consumers. It is the first product to do that, and its set to change the way we watch, play and interact forever. The Oculus release date (March 28th, 2016) saw the first pre-ordered Oculus Rifts arriving at those doorsteps that have been waiting to enter the world of Virtual Reality.

The Oculus Rift Review by fanatic gamers promises to transport you into immersive otherworldly experiences. The rift is the first of its kind VR headset to make it into the mainstream market-giving customers who buy Oculus a chance to fathom what this technology is capable of.

Oculus Rift is primarily a gaming device and that their main content focus is gaming. – Time.com

This headset will offer the next evolution in gaming and filming, what with your movements tracked and translated from a certain space into the digital world. It is one experience the world will feed on, including all those who never played PlayStation games. Changing the way people have viewed animation and gaming over the decades.

Oculus Rift Review



Remember the old prototype Oculus, which looked like a dustpan stuck to your face? This model hitting the doorsteps of game lovers is a far cry from its prototype that was released on Kickstarter few years ago well this version will change that as its new design boasts of a sleekness, fabric that covers the front and rubber straps putting it firmly onto the face of the user. The entire unit design is much lighter to feel. It is a comfortable fit around the eyes as it has cushioned pads around the goggles. Don’t worry about tightening or untightening the straps; you can easily put it on and off your face. One can easily use this headset with their pair of glasses.


According to Oculus, it is a new technology portal to another world for the eyes, ears, and the mind but not for the body, not yet at least.

The Oculus will have the user feeling real in a world and trying to grab into things that do not exist. Oculus will pave the way for heightening or hinder VR experience.

To adjust the distance between your vision and the lenses, the user needs to find a tiny switch placed on the underside of the headset. Just like a phone camera functions, this in its VR language will show two green highlighted crosses on the screen ensuring the viewing distance is comfortable.  The lenses would have a tendency to fog up if there is consistent space between the nose ridge and any other edge. The virtual reality technology will make sure to set you heart racing and physically feeling the pumps of anxiety through the gaming experience. Highly addictive!

Major Key Features

  • Resolution of 1,200 x 1,080 with  AMOLED screen
  • Requires a high end graphics card gaming PC
  • Remote control for select options
  • Xbox One controller
  • In-built Head-tracking sensor
  • 30 ready to play games
  • In-buit Audio headphone
  • Full customer support


The Oculus setup process is a breeze. The Headset has a single cable that reaches out before splitting into HDMI and USB at the base. The rift’s headset light sensor would detect when the user has switched it on; the inbuilt software is such that it is designed to be an always-on Windows service. Once connected the headset would launch the Oculus Home software.

Thankfully, the Rift’s headset cable is about 3m long, with more than enough flex to ensure you don’t trip yourself up when marauding around. Booting up the Rift and its webcam-style motion sensor to your personal computer is a cake walk. The simple process involves plugging of a few USB 3.0s and HDMI cables. In the case when pairing with the XBOX one controller, activate the Wi-Fi dongle and pair them together.  Customers have to wait patiently as the Oculus touch motion controllers are not returning until later in the year.

Easy Setup


The Home is easy to use with either the included remote of Xbox controller while in VR. You will have to go through a simple library setup where you will find the large thumbnail for games. The Oculus can certainly fix the mere simplicity of the software with its missing features as it can only install games into the C:\ drive. The Oculus Rift lacks any social features. The present Friend list is hardly of any us, there is no way to send voice messages or chat. The user can only detect if they are online and in a game or not, sending invites if you are on the multiplayer game yourself.

Display & Lenses

The Oculus Rift fits like a pair of 1080×1200 OLED display headset “goggles” enveloping the eyes. The pixels are dense enough to avoid the distracting “Screen Door Effect” or lower-resolution displays.

Screen door effect is the term that refers to visible fine lines between pixels on a display, as if you’re looking out of a screen door.- Hometheaterreview.com


The rift can improve on the gaps between the pixels in the newer version, but it’s hardly a complaint once it takes you into the heat of the moment of its virtual reality. The OLED runs at 90Hz, which gives a fast enough refresh rate for the user.


Hybrid Fresnel lenses are responsible for creating the three-dimensional environment designed to minimize distortion while one even enlarges the display, projecting them in a wide, curved FOV(Field Of View) around the users eyes. The entire display and lenses setup unit have risen three-fold from the introduction of its prototype wherein the text was almost impossible to read. The pixels are legible and visible, enough to sustain detailed games.

The Rift’s final screen technology has come around well with its zoom in and out feature; this is scratching only the surface of what could now become a huge reality at home virtual gaming experience.

Comfort Wear

The rift consumer edition does not feel heavy on the head; it almost has a hollow feel. Though one cannot altogether eliminate that you are wearing something way more substantial than just a pair of glasses on you head. The visor does not dig into the skin thanks to the dense foam, which is tightened along straps that do not require major adjustments. The device snuggly fits your face, the foam cushions at the back of the strap; allow comfort for the head to cradle easily into the rift. The headset is balanced and does not add fatigue or weight even after an hour of game play.  The fitting process might be a little of discovery during setup but requires getting used to.


In case the headset is too loose; the gaps will allow the transmission of light from under the face plate. This feature might find it as a distraction to many gamers or for some a relief of still knowing that you are holding your Xbox controllers and are still connected to reality. The positioning of the headset on the face is of importance; otherwise, the focus in the VR is lost. To help the user get this, the Oculus rift has a pair of green crosses on its screen just like the many camera features of our smartphones do. Once the focus matches, you know you’re ready to experience every bit of the thrill that is virtual reality.



The headphones are positioned on the headset itself, and one can easily flip them over when wishing to listen to the outside world. When turned towards the ear, the headphones have crisp audio that adds to the immersion of the experience. It feels like a lightweight audio-visual helmet rather than just a visor. The audio quality offered is not a booming blaze on bass but instead is precise and subtle. The low shallow under-breath of a killer stationed behind you can have an effect enough to startle your nerves and brain. They are detachable, and one can remove the audio arm if wishing to replace it with a device of more premium sound quality.

The headphone volume is enveloping, which is both an issue and not. The gamer is virtually cut off from the world in this experience; you will have to strain to hear you friends barking at you as you dwell deeper into the world of VR. Oculus Rift might have you banging through into a wall.

Remote Controller

The Rift has a simple remote to help non-gamers or VR newbies find a way around the menus and controlling video playback. Saving your PC’s USB port is a watch battery inside and a communication system with the Rift hardware.


There on Pre-warning that goes with the Oculus Rift: DO NOT use this in cramped places where there could be objects causing an occurrence of an accident! This technology is best suited to be used when sitting or standing.

Touch Controller

The Oculus Touch controllers are yet to be launched and being widely awaited by the masses. The one thing that stands out in the Rift’s VR hardware experience is the PC tether. This is the Headset’s lifeline to the engine which runs and executes all the wild experiences of virtual reality. The ported wire comes out through the rear part of the headset’s lifeline and curves over the back of the shoulder. It has a light touch to the body and does not get in the way of gaming unless you are having an anxiety breakdown, which is very less likely to happen even when standing.


Oculus states at a total of 30 games will be available on day one, with more that will follow soon after. The touch will bring in more games as they come. The price range for the games would be from free-to-play to $49.99. Those who have tried the consumer-ready rift will not argue that it has indeed been a VR experience to cherish as so with its quality. The technology is only now being made for the masses after several revisions over the past 20 years.

Oculus Rift does have potential in capturing the imaginations of its loyal gaming customers. Virtual reality is soon to become a reality in itself with what this technology has rendered. The Rift wins hands down to its attention to detail, smooth rendering, and flushed-out narrative.


The company is essentially seeking to launch multiple gaming titles that suit everybody’s need and not just the core gaming community at large. Many of what’s on tap are standard gaming fare regarding themes, settings, and objectives. Though there is nothing standard about the sense of presence and immediacy, they induce.Others offer one-of-a-kind experiences that you cannot have on any other platform. The launched games will come with a rated Comfortable, Moderate or Intense helpful guide to pre-warn users of what they might be getting into before strapping on the headset for a never come back experience.

Oculus Rift vs Samsung Gear, HTC Vive & Microsoft HoloLens

HTC Vive though prevents this sort of a mishap with an inbuilt camera.  Chaperone pass-through mode allows you to see the real world without pulling off the headset, and it has room sensors that create a virtual fence around you so you can tell if you’re going to walk into a wall. Compared to Microsoft HoloLens, the Oculus rift can find to more work to do on the hearing surrounding sounds part, letting the user not only see everything that’s in the environment but also being able to hear it.


The pricing of Oculus rift PC Bundle is $1,499.99 of the entire deal could keep everyone from jumping on the Rift bandwagon altogether. Without the PC bundle setup, it costs only $599. But for those with a compatible PC or ready to invest in one to take a rift plunge, it will be worth every little penny.

Buy it from Oculus.com – $599


For all those who have witnessed the evolution of the Oculus Rift would know that the company has stuck to its vision making sure to give everyone the virtual reality magnum that they deserve. Like every other revolutionary technology, the Oculus Rift has immense potential to build new gaming and virtual reality standards. It is come forward a vast majority from the more questionable early prototypes.

The Oculus has made sure to build an entire ecosystem for their most pampered product. From the sound in the inbuilt headphones, remote, games, and the touch controllers, transport you into the world of three-dimensional abominations. Overall they induce a sense of presence enough to have you hooked on for days with no end.


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