Nike Fuelband SE review is here following the launch of this much-awaited smart gadget. The Fuelband can be used while running, walking around, exercising, climbing stairs, playing and even sleeping. It boasts plenty of features and lures the customers towards it. Here is a complete and precise Nike Fuelband review.

What’s New In Nike FuelBand SE?

One of the primary benefits of Nike Fuelband SE is that it promises improved battery life and offers is better energy efficiency than its previous models. The appearance has changed as well. In fact, you have a much-enhanced version this time. The improvements are noticeable in the form of accuracy, sensing abilities, etc. Also, you will find different color options. The notable part of the Fuelband is the companion app that is friendlier, easier, and seamless to connect. Focused on keeping the user active throughout the day, the Nike Fuelband SE features (new hourly reminders & Sessions feature) monitor all your activities within the set time frame.

Nike FuelBand SE Review

Hardware and Design

Nike FuelBand SE is quite much a copy of its 2012 edition and weighs, looks as well as feels the same. However, the current design is so elegant and solid that I don’t think there is much need of devising changes or modifications. Unlike other fitness bands in the market, Nike Fuelband is nothing sort of flexible rubber band but more like a bracelet. While the usual bands are subject to cling to your wrist without any sweat or irritation, Nike Fuelband is rugged and sturdy.


Just like its original 2012 predecessor, the Nike FuelBand SE also features a 100 dot LED display that whizzes out options, readouts faster and clear than the earlier version. The device adjusts the brightness of screen automatically depending on the surrounding light and the matte finish produces no reflectivity, meaning, you can easily read in full daylight without any fuss.

The projected numbers on the surface also look fresh and stylish, especially when you have reached your Fuel Goal and the band splashes some special colors (Green & Yellow). Also, there is a button that efficiently handles your navigation needs. You can swipe through it to check your clock, fuel total and goals. Nike FuelBand SE follows its exercise metric, which is not in calories. However, you can add, as per your needs through iOS app or web interface.

Another improvement is that the band now displays the time through a single touch button. In the earlier models, I had to clock several times, scroll through calories and fuel to check the same! The simple improvement gives it an edge and much-needed enhancement as a band.


The USB input for connecting and charging the Nike FuelBand SE also acts as a clasp. There is no risk of coming it loose as the device has been using this feature for more than a year. The Fuelband is available in three different versions as per the size. The bigger devices come with bigger built-in battery size which means that it will last longer than ever. Earlier, the device had to be charged every 2 to 3 days, however with increased battery life, it runs successfully for a week or so.

Fitness Tracking and Performance


Regarding the performance and functionality, there are two major changes — Hours and Sessions. You can also get these features on older Nike bands through an update. The Hours option is made optional, but when enabled, it will nag you before the end of each hour to leave your seat and make you do some activities. You just need to pick up some fuel points to “Win the Hour” and that’s it.

Hour Feature

Fitness band maniacs often term this feature as “common sense”. You can set up the Hour feature through the FuelBand app, via PC or by connecting it. Either way, you need to choose the hours to be reminded. In case you think you will forget, then you can connect it to your iPhone so that the reminders can be sent as notifications.

Session Feature

Another highlight of this Nike fuel band review is the Session feature that can be activated by holding the physical button on the device. It will flash Start on your LED display. Another tap on the button will send it to a 3-second countdown. Though the Session feature functionality is not much described by the firm yet, it can be understood that it is a simple way to add dividers to your non-activity and activity zone.

Sessions also circle off your activities, offer you Fuel-per-minute gauge showing how hard and fast you have been working, and thus, you can compare your efforts with your friends or partners. Sessions feature can be assigned to specific activities as per users needs to be compared to other activities. You can also assign Sessions as Sleep.

No matter how advanced the technology has turned, there is no device that has been made perfect. Every technology has positive and negative sides. So, Nike Fuelband is no exception. It comes with little drawbacks like no water resistance, which means you cannot use it while swimming. Another drawback is the Sessions feature incapability to advertise that the user is logging in some activity.

Social features

The social features of FuelBand are worth a mention. The device includes the ability to differentiate your friend’s list to specific groups to see how you have rated against your weekend warrior, lazy friend or others separately. Another significant feature Nike+ peruses is the Facebook profile and address book for the possible competitors to reach them. You will love to see how Facebook integration helps you to hook your friends and social circles, and this is something that keeps Nike ahead of others in the league.


Now, not all the readers and users must be happy to know about this sharing. Plenty of people don’t like to share their ins and outs to know exactly how much exercise they have been doing. But not worries because the competitive shares are options, and it depends on whether you had liked to share it or not. Nike Fuelband combines your win with trophies and awards that make you feel like rewarded and give you a sense of achievement. You will also get a glance on how much you need to move further to earn other rewards.

FuelBand App


The FuelBand App is another noticeable update that recognizes most of the app along with reading out your daily activity, comparing it to current Fuel count and average demographic. There is also a pop-up menu on the top right corner that helps you access your profile and your Fuelband device history. You can know how you have fared over last week, month or year.

The app will calculate your average performance on a daily basis, compares the activity against the previous performance, and lets you browse the new Sessions to compare the winds against your groups and friends. You can customize your band’s settings here through the smartphone interface. Unfortunately, Nike still does not have Android Fuelband app till a year, but now they have developed an app for android, which is a great addition. Though the band provides you the opportunity to accomplish whatever you want by connecting it to your PC yet, an app seems and sounds to be convenient.

Key Features

So the Nike world is beautiful with the band. It does, what is similar to other trackers — it counts your steps, sends your movement data to your smartphone or computer, measures your motions and tracks your activities. However, there are major differences as well. The dissimilarity between Nike’s Systems and others is its Universal Point System. This term is serving as the measurement unit of your activities.

Another new thing is the SE- Standard Edition, which can be said to point to the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. This enhancement of connectivity allows more energy efficient synchronizing, continuous sync, and the updated software helps you track your data through new ways and motivates the user by offering them video-game-like achievement badges.

What else boils down the Fuelband and makes it super cool or superior to others? Well, here are a few to jot down:

  • It doubles as an elegant watch
  • Keeps the score of your footsteps and Fuel Score
  • Can be worn in the shower (but not waterproof!)
  • Syncs with your app and
  • Offers fun social features like linking with your friends and Facebook.

Bluetooth 4.0: Automatic syncing


These days, you will almost see all the high-end wearable gadget providers adopting the latest Smart Bluetooth, known as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth LE. So, Nike Fuel band couldn’t be left behind. It comes with the same. It enables your device to connect/disconnect and automatically synchronize in the background without much strain on your battery.


Nike Fuelband is Priced for $44.99 , which is far better than their rivals like Jawbone Up and Fitbit Charge.

Is It Worth Buying or Not?

The greatest improvement of the FuelBand SE is the battery life enhancement and new software helps to monitor your activities as well as how active you are.The social feature of the Nike Fuelband are worth the praise and let you connect further and now you can distinguish your groups and friends and compete with them separately. This one also excels at providing rewards and motivation to the users through trophies.

Also, not necessarily sporty type gadget that gets irritating sometimes, but it looks classy and no shiny look adds glamour.

The FuelBand SE is not very much different from its predecessors. However, the longer battery life, enhancement in social media feature, Sessions feature, Hours feature, and one-button information makes it a solid and best choice amongst the other fitness trackers. Buy it as a regular health fitness band and it’s great if you are a regular workout junkie.

Here’s a additional source of video from Wharton University , about Nike’s fitness market boom.


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