Fitbit Inc had a slow rise in 2016, but now with Charge 2 released on the market and they are ready to push their boundaries even further. With all the fuss about the Apple watch 3 release end of this second quarter and other small hybrid smart watch makers pushing their products to the end user so fast, Fitbit doesn’t want to be at the end of the Que.

Fitbit Charge 2 is a new fitness tracker with a reasonable price of $147.59, not more than old Fitbit Charge / Charge HR and more expensive than Fitbit Alta. It comes with so many new features that everyone requires at present hectic machinery life.

Fitbit Quick Facts:
  • Total number of Fitbit users around the world – 23.2 million
  • Fitbit revenue in 2016 – $2.17 billion
  • Total Fitbit’s share on wearable tech market – 34.2%

Here are 11 best new features you should know before you get this one,

12 New Fitbit Charge 2 Features You Should Know!

1. Pause Your Workout Anytime

new Fitbit Charge 2 features


Accuracy is the core of any fitness tracker in the market. Unless the data which tracker shows you is unrealistic, then you won’t even wear it from next day. So, here’s a feature that can put your workout “Pause” whenever you stop for a drink or get back your breath for few minutes. All you need to do is to just press the left side button on the tracker to “HOLD” and Press again to ” Resume.” Simple and most needed option in every fitness tracker.

2. Improved Heart Rate Display

With more accuracy and easy to view visualization makes it easier to identify the heart rate of the user while working out.

3. Guided Breathing Vibration Cues

new Fitbit Charge 2 features


Not every day is a good day, but now this can be changed with this single awesome feature called “Relax” in Charge 2. Meditation is the most important habit in my life from past 7 years and Fitbit understood this very well by providing guided breathing exercise feature in this Charge 2 fitness tracker. Now change your mode in to “Relax” on the tracker, and close your eyes now. With light vibration on your hand, you just need to inhale and exhale till you completely calmed down. I can gladly say that this one of my favorite feature in this device!!!

Meditations can help with conditions including depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain. It might also be helpful as part of a treatment program for cancer and heart disease. –


4. Do Not Disturb

The one thing we all hate in our smartphones is that annoyingly notification from the tons social apps. People are more distracted than ever before. So, in Fitbit Charge 2 you now have the ability to turn off or on notifications (Call, text, calendar alerts, reminders) at any time and let you focus on your present task. You just need to press and hold down the side button for 5 seconds to turn off notifications and it’s same for turning it on. This is one of many new Fitbit charge 2 features you should use on a daily basis.

5. Smarter Notifications

With this smarter notification feature, Fitbit charge 2 will let you know with “+” symbol on the tracker display if ever got more than one unread message or alert.

6. VO2 Max

VO2 max is a new feature that can show your Cardio Fitness Level by considering your weight, height and gender with your daily average heart rate level. Simply put the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use during exercise.

7. View Battery Life on Device

new Fitbit Charge 2 features


Now you can able to view your Fitbit Charge 2 batter life on it’s display at any time. To add this to your Charge 2 screen, go to accounts in Fitbit app and Tap on Charge 2 and then Menu Items. You can then click the checkbox for Battery!

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8. New Clock Face

To enable this feature,  go to “Clock face” in Fitbit App account menu and just select the box. Now you can able to view the cool new clock with hour, minute, and seconds (ring display) one display.

9.  Improved Interval Timer

It’s just an additional feature most of us never heard before, but a much need for our present no-break 8hr work life. So, if you have set up an interval timer in your Fitbit charge 2, it will light up the display with dimmed vibration, making it easier for your to follow up.

10. Lasting Workout Recaps

Now you can able to check out your on-screen exercise summaries an hour after your workout completion. History stays with your all the time. In mobile and desktop app you can able to see this whole history whenever and wherever you want.

11. Unknown Caller ID

Are you one of those who gets call from the unknown spammy sellers from china everyday, no worries charge 2 got your back now. Callers are now identified as “unknown” if the number doesn’t match a name in your contact list.

12. Message Prioritization

Fitbit Charge HR had issue with text notification view, with a small display user had bit of confusion in senders name and the message. But this issue is sorted out in the latest Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker. Now you can see message scrolls first, then the sender’s name. Better and easy to read view!

As you can know now, Fitbit Charge 2 a smartwatch cum fitness tracker comes with so many advanced features and got the trust in US and Europe wearable market already. And yet to see what others feel about this new features soon, as life saver? or annoying add on?!?

At the end of the day it’s all about your commitment towards your health and mind. For $147.59, Fitbit did a great job in adding features that user needed for their daily life and so believe me, this one of the coolest and best fitness tracker you can buy right now in the market.


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