It is a well known fact that 7 in 10 people in the world struggled with stress and depression in their daily life. Reasons may differ for stress cause, but the struggle is the same for everyone, insomnia, not focusing in anything, and feel bored all the time. Stress relieve pills are huge demand in US & UK market and growing day-by-day. So, the question is, is there any alternative for this cause? Yes! Here comes the technology as handy, the MUSE headband by Interaxon!

As per the device founder says, MUSE band that promises calmness, mindfulness, focus, relaxation, and healthy lifestyle. The Muse band is an innovative gadget that tries to alter your brain or in best cases, tries you to modify it all by yourself. Here is a comprehensive Muse Headband Review for you to read.

MUSE Headband Review

What Is MUSE?


The Muse Band is a headband that completes the breathing sounds of storms, waves and twerking birds to indicate how calm and focused they are. If you own an active mind, then you are suggested to clear it according to the Muse feedback.

Muse is the brain-sensing headband that allows you to track your cognitive and emotional activity. It boosts your attention and helps you become more aware of the emotions that you’re having.

– Ariel Garten, Founder and Chairman of InteraXon

The headband also compares the session’s score to the length of the sessions, days of weeks of time to hit the weekly target. You can alter the Difficulty level, time of the session in the Muse Band and the gender of the voice as well. Consider it as a discrete meditation for the gadget geeks.

The MUSE App


The Muse headband is extremely lightweight and is placed across your forehead. It tucks behind the ears of the users. Due to the panels (that sit behind the ears), the device’s design has received many praises recently. The companion app of the BrainWave runs on Android and iOS platform tablets and smartphones. You can wear the Muse Headband and connect it to the app. It is a wireless device that connects via Bluetooth. The unfortunate part of the Muse Band is that if you wear it with some quite neighbor, the device’s headphones might interfere with the right fit of the gadget. Sports ear buds hooked over the ears are not an appealing feature as well.

Battery Life & Charging


The Muse headband charges via a Micro USB plug and boasts a series of 5 flashing LEDs on the right side that indicate the status that the device has been paired, charged! You can also find the battery level of the device through the app. However, a big disappointment is that the headband needs charging every 6 to 7 minutes of sessions, and thus, it depends on how frequently you use the Muse and how much you need to charge it and for how long.

How Does MUSE Headband Works?

Muse band uses the 7 EEG sensors along the scalp, and they are grouped into 5 points, three in the front of the forehead and one behind every ear. EEG, an acronym for electroencephalography is a technical method that detects the brain’s electrical activity. The machines used at hospitals based on EEG are used to measure the major and minor brain diseases like Alzheimer, Insomnia, epilepsy, etc. With technology getting compact and cheaper nowadays, wearable startups have started to offer EEG-based headbands and headsets that are not exactly medically approved.


Once you wear the headset, it becomes a routine for you; it will quickly become one of the most useful gadgets that you would love to associate with a wellness and quiet feeling to stay calmer.

The initial fitting of the band might take time and a fair amount of hard work to set the piece in place. The band has to fit into head tight, which might begin to hurt your skin, and the adjustable band might pinch you behind the ears as well.


But once you get the band fit right, it gets easier to recreate the session. The Bluetooth pairing might seem to be a pain at the start, an updated Bluetooth will bring relief, and the pairing becomes a task of seconds. Thus, this Muse band will not stress you a lot.

The only problem with the design is that though it is beautiful and flexible yet faces concerns about breaks and bending of the device. A sturdy case accompanies with the box might have been a much-needed accessory for the headband for traveling and carrying around.


The goal of Muse headband is to train the brain of the user by making them aware of the various brain activities in real time. It uses visual cues and sound waves to alter the brain cells as well as neural pathways to activate you.


It might take practice to learn to discipline you mind, but the Muse Headband seems to be promising while helping those who have little experience of other techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-awareness. The device seems suspicious to those gadget geeks who had loved to compartmentalize the Muse offer. You will require discipline, but the feature of choosing to use it, putting it on your head and opening the app signals help to give you relaxed and calm time.

The Fitbit for your brain


Usually, you will find two types of Muse users:

  • Those who feel the benefits of trying to still their minds through sessions and leave the same on the device.
  • The other is the number crunching sellers who dive into the figures and statistics to produce results.

You need to have few sessions completed with the Muse before you unlock the graphs and insights. It might be due to stopping the users to get too much bogged down in straightway scores, and it is a notable thing that you will need to calibrate the device each time by thinking about the categories like musicians or vegetables for a minute!

When you do the same, you will be able to see the percentage of time spent on calming per session and dig deeper into individual sessions to get timelines zoomed into, the total number of twerking birds you have earned and all other crucial information.

The device also comes with a training and information card that describes how you can use Muse band  and stresses on the general insight, which might prove to be useful over the time span. The headband gives the users a weekly target, which can be changed. However, you will need to learn to alter them. You can add to do things to the list, and the user requirements differ from person to person. Thus, these changes are not a bad thing. Simply put, the brand has pushed a lot of feature and brain exercises in work so as to make the users invest in the device as well as get rewarded.

Calm With MUSE

The Muse Calm app indicates that muscles are louder than brain signals, and the device is very much adept to pick up movements, fidgeting, and other features when you open eyes.


Though the actual brain sensing is far from being 100% accurate which picking up brain signals and in case your thoughts start to wander, the device will start the brewing storm. In case, you’re purposely trying to stress yourself out when the device might not act much wiser as well!

Said that, the overall time amount of time spent calming per session will correlate with how good you feel. Your most calming sessions might vary from those of others and the act of practicing the training on how to calm yourself, focus back your breath or feel that your mind is wandering will be shown by distractions, agitations and can be incredibly useful to a lot of people. After the sessions, you will feel calmer, relaxed or sometimes even spaced out, feeling akin to do an on-the-spot medication, expand your stretches or even get a massage.

Is It Worth Buying?

With the price of $249, it comes with free shipping, and 30-day money back guarantee. This is a huge advantage for the user to get to know more about the device.

It is a useful device, and you need to use it for a few weeks to get used to it. The 3-minute quiet focus is a big highlight for the device. Though the band does not claim to be a medical device yet it victoriously sits in the wellness category, helping the people to calm down. The device is not cheap but comes with 2 colors — Black & White. Try it all by yourself to get the best out of the box and make yourself feel relaxed to hear the twerking birds.

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