30+ Most Anticipated and Best VR Games Of This Year

20. Super Hypercube

Super Hypercube is a 3D puzzle game, where you have to set the twisting blocks so that it can fit into the oncoming walls. As you play longer, the game becomes difficult. The virtual reality component makes this game more interesting and exciting. Super Hypercube is in a 360° view with neon visuals, which makes it fascinating to play.

21. Bullet Train Unreal Engine

Bullet Train Unreal Engine is a Sci-Fi Virtual Reality game and can be a breakthrough in simulated 3D world. This game will provide you Oculus Touch experience — meaning, players will use two controllers to pick the weapons, shoot and interact with the surroundings. Epic Games, the studio behind Gears of War 4, developed this game. It has Bullet Trains, teleportation and thrilling gameplay at every corner. It is a simple game with fast pace gameplay. The game is fresh and gives you enough chances to enjoy it.

22. Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

Modern Zombie Taxi Co. is a Playstation Virtual Reality game with new, fresh, and exciting Zombie experience. The storyline of the game is also incredible; you are the last Human on the earth, and now you have to take Zombie bodies to the destination. Sharing the Virtual Reality with Zombies is pretty marvelous and exhilarating. It will take you closer to the Zombies in a fun and quirky way. This funny and Modern take on Zombies will make you love this game.

23. The Assembly

The Assembly is a mysterious game with lots of surprises and twists. The game has extremely good gameplay and what makes it more exciting is its storyline. It is a secret organization hidden from the world, which is responsible for human experiments and can be said immoral in the outer world or society. The game is assembled in two stories, two individuals, who play the game with their perspective and motive. Ever since its trailer launched, the game has become one the most anticipated puzzle games, which promises to take you to the new heights of Virtual Reality.

24. The Climb

The Climb is a new and exciting game, which offers you the thrill of rock climbing in a very beautiful Virtual Reality world. In the stunning environments, players will handle the excitement of new heights and unexplored striking landscapes. This game is just perfect for Virtual Reality gaming. It is a great step ahead in the first-person perspective; it gives you intense surrounding and startling gameplay. This beautiful game is a treat for people who love adventure-based games.

25. Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky is a sky-based adventure game, where a player is a young co-pilot flying with his or her Dad, and suddenly the plane crashes into a mysterious fortress. The father is kidnapped now, and the player has to rescue him by exploring this gigantic flying fortress. The best part of the game is its Visuals. Just like other advanced Virtual Gaming, even Wayward Sky has maintained its quality and beauty. The game incorporates puzzles and mysteries for you in every corner. Wayward Sky is a great adventure game for newbies in VR. It is accessible and comfortable for first time Morpheus players.

26. The 100 Ft. Robot Golf

100 Ft. Robot Golf is not just a game with gigantic robots, who are trying to play Golf. There is much going there. These gigantic robots can wreck the cities; not just cities, they can literally wreck anything that comes in their way. If you love to play destructive games, then go for 100 Ft. Robot Golf. The game has many unexpected things. For instance, the Robots here can play on Moon or in a hot volcano. The single-player campaign is amazing; it gives you the option to play multiplayer with split screen or online. This amazing form of Golf with enormous Robots is just too much fun to play.

27. Rock Band VR

Rock Band VR lets you play on stage with a huge audience. It is like becoming a Rockstar in the Virtual world. You can go on stage and hammer your guitar to impress the audience. “Rock Band VR” is coming from Oculus and Harmonix in 2016. It is also equipped with Virtual instruments. There are already many Band or Music based 3D games, but Rock Band VR takes the cake.

28. Golem

Golem is a Virtual Reality game by Highwire Games; it is an exclusive PlayStation VR game. You are a young kid, who is seriously injured and struck at home. You desire to go outside and explore the world but you can’t until you develop the power to create and control stone creatures known as golems. You can see through them and direct their movements. The storyline of the game is exciting, mysterious and thrilling. The game has everything for you: adventure, amazing gameplay, and 15-foot tall giants. The game is set in an ancient abandoned city which makes it more interesting.

29. Job Simulator

Everybody has a job and work every day to earn, but not all love their profession. Wish to change your office a blast? Then Job Simulator will do it for you but in a virtual world. Your office life might not be good in real but will turn out to be great and full of excitement with this game. Yes, it is a Job based Virtual Reality game. Owlchemy Labs are a master in making simulation based 3D games; it gives you big hands in Virtual World where you can do anything in your office, which you cannot in your real life job. The simulation and controlling of hands are pretty good, and it is not difficult at all.

30. Chronos

Chronos is a Role Playing Game with Virtual Reality. It is always fun to play first-person perspective Virtual Games, and Chronos does justice with it. The detailing of Chronos World is mind-blowing, where you will get to experience the game to another world. The game revolves around one young hero’s lifelong quest to rescue his homeland from evil. The quest is in an ancient labyrinth, which holds the secret of life and peace to his home. Chronos is mysterious, chilling and extremely addictive. The stunning designs and gorgeous graphics make the game enthralling and comfortable to play.

31. Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere is a cold and thrilling game; it is set in the snow-covered continent of Antarctica in search of a missing team, who came there on their expedition. It sounds like a movie plot and believe me, its gameplay and visuals are not less than any movie. Edge of Nowhere is an action-adventure Virtual Reality game. Unlike many other adventure games, it is not the first-person game. Instead, it is a third-person game. During your rescue adventure, you will explore the deep unknown secrets of this surreal world. Edge of Nowhere is an unexpected game with lots of mysteries.

32. Lucky’s Tale

If you want a Virtual Reality game, which is away from all the violence and killing stuff, then Lucky’s Tale is something you should try. The game gives you a life of Lucky, an adorable cute little fox, who is on his adventure to find his adorable little pig buddy. The game is straight from a storybook. The game has multiple levels and with each level, the difficulty rises and so is the cuteness. Lucky’s Tale is setting an example that non-first-person games can also be great. The storyline is decent and its visuals, it like Mario but with a fox and in a Virtual Reality world with surreal graphics.

33. The Fifth Sleep

The Fifth Sleep is an adventure game, but it is based on a human body. It gives you Virtual Reality experience to travel inside the most mysterious organ – “the Brain”. You are a part of a scientist team, who has an experiment project with nanorobot camera. This camera is in your body and through it your journey begins. Each move will decide the sleeper’s fate. It is exciting and a new concept Virtual Reality game. The trailer is incredible; the game is more gripping due to its surreal visuals and detailed graphics.


There are many amazing Virtual Reality games and worth playing, but the ones listed here are extraordinary. Hope you enjoyed reading my list. Tell me in comments, which game is your favorite and why you play it all the time?

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