Ever since Oculus Rift announced its launch, the world of virtual reality has taken off by storm. Multiple brands like HTC Vive, Samsung VR, Playstation VR, Zeis VR, Razer OSVR, are coming up with new gaming ideas and concepts, just to entertain you to the fullest. In fact, 2016 is claimed to be the foundation year for Virtual Reality Gaming and movie industry. From newly developed games to old ones, everyone is bringing their game to Virtual Reality. It is the future of gaming. Nobody would have thought that this exciting industry could turn out to be real. Though there are myriad of games coming out every day for VR gaming, if there were some that fascinated the players, it would be these. Take a look.

List of Most Anticipated And Best VR Games

Samsung, Google, Microsoft and many other are making their gear for Virtual Reality. The games are coming with extreme visuals and mesmerizing gameplay. We have here assembled  list of best upcoming VR games this year for you. So get ready for to believe the unbelievable!

1. Darknet

Darknet is a puzzle game. With a 360-Degree view and gorgeous visuals, it is one of the best Virtual Reality games. VR games are not just about killing monsters; there are also strategy-based games, and Darknet is one of them. The game might seem easy to play initially but as the level goes up, it requires you to use logic. It surely is a Virtual Reality treat. However, Darknet is only available for Samsung Gear VR as of now.

2. Heroes Battle

Hero Battle is an upcoming game for Samsung’s Virtual Reality Gear. Earlier, it was called “VR Quest.” According to the reports, Hero Battle is somewhat like the classic game “Legend of Zelda”. There is not much information about this game, but it is going to be a great game with unforgettable visuals and gameplay. If you love mysteries, adventure and dungeon crawling, then you are in for treat. The company is making it a perfect for the users. It is not a childish game. But at the same time, it is neither violent nor terrifying.


3. Eagle Fight

Ubisoft is developing this game, and we all know how creative they are while making one. So, all you Assassin’s Creed fans out there, get ready for this visual feat. Be prepared to explore the city from an Eagle’s Point of view. Fly through the city of Paris and explore it from Eiffel Tower. It has astounding Visuals and friendly controls. You can also play Multi-Player and fight with your opponent for the prey. The game is officially launched for PlayStation VR. It has everything from thrill to great view. Are you ready to experience the adrenaline rush with up to 6 Players?

4. EVE Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie is one of the most amazing multiplayer space-shooting games ever. It has astonishing visuals, and needless to say, their Virtual Reality visual takes the game to a whole new level.  The game is primarily launched for Play Station VR, but it is also coming out for Oculus Rift. It is a multiplayer dogfighting shooter game, which is set in EVE Online Universe. CCP Games have truly made this game a complete fun in multiplayer mode.

5. Dead Secret

Another best VR game is “Dead Secret” and what makes it more amazing is its Virtual Reality components. It is one of the best virtual reality games for PlayStation. Dead Secret is a classic investigation of murder mystery game. It is creepy, thrilling and highly addictive. It is set in a wooden-paneled house in the countryside. You will have many clues to solve the crime scene. However, it is not just what it looks like; it has multiple endings and the story goes deeper on higher levels.

6. Alien: Isolation

Sega is coming up with its one of the best games, “Alien: Isolation”. After purchasing the “Alien” license, it looks like Sega is getting bigger and better. According to the recent rumors, this game will support Oculus Rift. It is also said that “Alien: Isolation” will justify the Virtual reality gaming. The makers have taken the entire ingredient from a movie to make the game “Thrilling and Terrifying”. It is a survival game where the player has to survive against the Alien. You can beat the Alien; you can use stealth tactics to survive.

7. Robinson: The Journey

You might have to wait for a little for this game, but it is worth. The protagonist is crash-landed in a mysterious world, and now he has freedom to explore his surroundings. Amazing twists are sitting around every turn and with more interaction, you will discover amazing secrets. The game is made for Oculus Rift and Play-Station VR. The best part of the game is its attention-grabbing visuals and remarkable gameplay. It will take you to another planet.

8. BattleZone

Battle Zone dates us to back those days when gaming used to be 2D; Battlezone was ruling consoles. It is one of the first games, which brought “First-Person Perspective” to the gaming industry. Moreover, now it is coming to your Playstation and Oculus Rift. With a refreshing version, this game will feature various new Battle tanks. The game will also provide futuristic city and weapons. This tank game has revolutionized the gaming industries back in 80’s, and now it is ready to change the Virtual Reality gaming as well. It is the daddy of VR and the grandad of all tank games.

9. Minecraft

We all are aware of Minecraft. It allows players to create and build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. You can use all your creativity to build your dream world. Players have absolute freedom to choose how to play. The game has goals and achievements for players to accomplish. Moreover, now Minecraft is coming in Virtual Reality. In fact, in VR, the pixilated world will look surreal and amazing Available for Oculus Rift, this VR game is fulfilling the dreams of millions worldwide.

10. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin is a puzzle based virtual reality video game. Developed by Double Fine Productions, this gameplay will be first person puzzle focused game for Playstation, where protagonists will use telekinesis and other psychic abilities to rescue Truman Zanotto. The story of the game is interesting at the same time. It bridges the story of original Psychonauts and forthcoming sequel.

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11. Rez Infinite

Rez is also an old game; Sega is bringing it back with better graphics and classic appeal for Virtual Reality platform. It is being developed for PS4 Virtual Reality gear. Rez is a psychedelic rail-shooter game. It will have better visuals and interface, which is what a perfect VR gaming needs. When the game was first launched in 2001, many people could not comprehend it, due to its computer-based futuristic story line. However, after 15 years it will fit the demographics.

12. Adr1ft

Adr1ft is one of the most ambitious VR game for Playstation. The game is compared with movie Gravity, as you play the part of an astronaut exploring a destroyed spaceship. Adr1ft is an adventure first-person adventure game. The object is to repair the spaceship and return home. The game gives you exceptional visuals and phenomenal console. When you are in space, it makes you experience Zero Gravity, and since it is VR, you will feel as if you are floating in the air. Makers have taken good care of Physics while making this game. The music is also real; the sound of breathing will make you feel that you are in space.

13. Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa (which means “Racing Setup” in Italian) is one of the best games that emphasis on realistic racing experience. It is a great game for Virtual Reality. It supports Oculus Rift perfectly. The Virtual Reality gaming component in this game is amazing; it will take you to another level where no other racing VR game has ever reached. The controlling and gameplay are extremely easy, and it does give you a sense of reality which is crucial for Virtual reality gaming.

14. RIGS Mechanized Combat League

RIGS Mechanized Combat League, which is commonly known as RIGS, is a multiplayer First-Person Shooter Virtual Reality game for PlayStation. RIGS is planning to outshine all the other shooting Virtual Reality games we have in the market. It is a futuristic game with terrific concept and gameplay. It is a rapid battle sport, where each match is teamed with human-controlled robots.

15. Final Fantasy XIV Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (or MMORPG). Ever since its launch, it has become a massive hit and has made a huge fan base. To keep the fans happy, Final Fantasy XIV Online is also coming up with a Virtual Reality version on PlayStation. The 3D and 360° view of this game are amazing. You will now be able to see all the dynamics of this game. With Virtual Reality, the game has become more interactive. The storyline and gameplay have not been changed much, though. The controls are easy in VR and make it more playable.

16. Dreams

Often termed as “One of the Best Virtual Reality Games”, Dreams is certainly a must-play. In Paris Game Week, Media Molecule confirmed that they will be coming with “Dreams” in Virtual Realty gaming. The company has not announced its supported VR headset yet, but it will be coming on Playstation VR for sure. The game lets you explore the subconscious. It will give you thrill and excitement of exploring the surreal world in Virtual Reality. You will get lost in hours of journey in this beautiful game. Players will take the character and solve the puzzles in this mysterious world.

17. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is an ambitious game with a creative technology and gameplay. It is a survival adventure game, where a player is free to explore the open universe. The game is perfect for Virtual Reality. Players have to gather the information about the planet, and they can upgrade the player and its equipment to go deeper. There are other people as well, and if you drew attention, they would kill you. It has everything a best virtual reality game should have — mesmerizing visuals, thrilling story play and freedom to explore. The game is perfectly suited for Virtual Reality gaming with gear.

18. Temple Run VR

I don’t think there is anybody who has not played “Temple Run,” the ultimate endless running game. The makers are bringing “Temple Run” in Virtual Reality now. Surely, it is great news for VR lovers and “Temple Run” lovers. The visuals look extraordinary and with virtual reality, you will hate to look behind. The game is now available for “Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition” and it will be coming soon for other VR gear. Playing Temple Run in snow-filled trails with First-Person view will give you a nerve-wracking experience.

19. Gran Turismo Sport

It is an exclusive Sony Entertainment game, which is also available on other platforms. Gran Turismo Sport is a racing game, and it includes many levels, mode, and online/offline feature. The game was a massive hit during its launch for gaming consoles.  However, it has now come to Virtual Reality as well. Imagine playing a futuristic, fast racing game with first person perspective in Virtual reality? It will take you to a different racing journey.


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