The new Shine coming from the Misfit product range is being touted in the market especially for its clean lines and simplicity. This comes as no surprise from the company, Misfit Wearable, co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley. If you look closely, you just cannot miss a little touch of Apple sprinkled onto the new Shine. As the Misfit Shine Review from all over the world says, they have seen a steep rise in the interest for wearable tech as a lifestyle fitness product.

The wearable market is going to take off, and the Misfit Shine is a perfect example of what some individuals will be looking for. Fitness trackers technology market have seen a steady boom in recent years. The Shine has its staunch competitors. Not a very costly product but neither is it the least expensive. Are the design, features and functionality a good source to compare with other products in the market in the particular price bracket? Read on further to find more of how much it can be recommended for your purposeful needs.

Misfit Shine Review

Shine Design: Misfit Goes A Step Further

One of the most striking feature about the Shine is its design. Made from aerospace grade aluminium with a distinct groove running around the middle for using the Misfit Shine’s various accessories, and it is small, light and compact to wear it anywhere in the body. Misfit’s choice of basic material means the Shine only, weighs 9 grams on its own, or 16 grams with the included wrist strap.


The device is essentially designed to look more like jewellery than the average fitness trackers making it one of their main advantages. The rubber watch strap, which acts as the sports band just pops together giving the object a sleek finished look. For those who feel the need, can purchase the leather strap and necklace options available. When strapped to the wrist the Shine is almost non-existent due to its lightweight and waterproof nature.

The Misfit Shine app can be connected to the misfit shine only for iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, which does not require external pairing.  The device uses standard cell watch battery with a life of at least four months. You will be enjoying using it for ages without ever having to charge it or replace the battery.

Shine’s Modular Design – Wear It Anywhere!

The one feature that makes the Shine stand apart is the fact that it can be worn anywhere on the body. You attach this piece of wearable tech to any item of clothing, even a swimsuit or shorts. And yes, it is Waterproof. This is where the Misfit Shine has taken most of its reviewers in joyous storms, as the device is waterproof up to 50 metres deep in water. Now you can track your swim ever so easily.misfit-shine-review

The misfit shines supplies both the sports and clasp as standard with the Misfit Shine. The clasp is a rubber loop with a magnet on one end that folds over to couple with the back of the Shine. You attach this piece of wearable tech to any item of clothing, even a swimsuit or shorts. That makes for a double whammy.

Display Screen

In sleep mode, the Misfit shines camouflages into dark oblong and shows no display. A double tap on its face and the LED screen display will brighten up at you around the edges. These are used to indicate your current goal progress and time. Each of the LED light of the Shine represents Misfit tech most innovative way of showing 5 % completion of your customized goal. This feature works in a motivating way, though. The five percent always seems less enough that you can achieve more, so you keep a natural tab on your fitness senses in a way.

Reading time could be a little troublesome on this device. Somehow, a more solid LED represents the hour but the minute indicator keeps flashing. Getting use to will help. As the ring keeps ticking in a clockwise direction, your goal progression is charged with every sporting activity.

The one very disturbing drawback would be the absence of motivating messages, prompting you to move or get active. However, the Shine design takes away the cake. It could be a good thing for the ones who like taking it easy and not obsessing about fitness but enjoying technology.

Misfit Shine app


Shine App automatically detects and connects with the Bluetooth LE. By far the best part of this application management system is that it keeps updating itself not in cyclic regular intervals but also with every change or tracking that happens on the Misfit Shine. This range could be one minute or one hour from the time you would last check your phone.

Shine Fitness Tracker


You will find the shine app works in a simple yet effective fashion in monitoring your daily fitness activity.

  • Colour coded panels are used to denote the type of sport you are engaged in periods of activity into low, medium and energetic patches of activity.
  • The coloured blocks and a swanky activity chart are part of the daily milestones that you achieve represented by highlighted panels.

Misfit Shine is overall accurate in sensing and can tell the difference when it recognises activities such as walking, running, cycling or swimming. Precision is achieved more when worn on clothing. When on the wrist it would tend to sensor higher activity rate due to the use of arm movements.

One can choose to personalize their activity goals and tailor them to their liking. The Shine would need you to feed in your location for more precise and subsequent data gathering. Also, this would enlighten the programming to understand if you wish to activate the fitness tracker to display the clock to see the time or progression lights first. Utilising the misfit Labs activity tagging could be a lovely idea.


These functions allow the user to triple tap the Shine to tell it the specific activity for more accurate readings. It includes sleeping, cycling, and swimming, playing tennis, basketball or football. The results displayed by the tracker are most accurate. The app gives information on important factors such as the number of steps taken, calories burnt and the distance covered in a single day or the entire week.

The Shine app has a feature that tracks your progress- distance walked- through a graph; the data the app collects contributes to this weekly analysis graph that is hidden behind a small diary icon. One can scroll through these brief and see the same steps were taken/calories burned/ miles walked and the entire summary available for each day. A figure is there to represent how active you were compared to the previous week, less or more.

Misfit Shine vs. Fitbit Flex, Nike Fuel Band & Jawbone UP

The Misfit Shine could majorly fall back despite being an excellent activity tracker predominantly because it happens to be a little more expensive than its competition out there. Most of the other in line fitness trackers offer smartphone and tablet compatibility, justified by the fact that Android forms a bigger market for competition. The Shine sadly has limited smartphone and tablet compatibility.  If you are not an iPhone or iPad user, it will be hard to connect to this product, just yet.

Misfit Shine lacks an altimeter to count the number of stairs climbed, which is a feature in soon to be launched trackers like the Fitbit Force.

 Fitbit Flex is another successful fitness tracker that offers a great app. And guess what, it works with selected Android devices as well as iOS, though.  Has just about the same features a four to five-day battery life that is quite unlike the Shine, which sticks to Standard Cell Battery giving more battery life. The Flex work enough to be used during gym and shower but a complete No to jumping in the pool, as it is water resistant if not entirely waterproof.  It is a bit basic though, lacks a full display, altimeter, and cannot even tell the time by itself.

Talking about exclusive compatibility with “only” Apple product device ranges Nike Fuel Band Se stands at the top end of the price bracket. The Nike Band technology also uses Bluetooth LE for connectivity to its application software. Sports range endorsed, this fitness tracker is meant for rugged use. It is designed by keeping serious sports in mind. It is more flexible and hence can be used to track multiple different high-scaling sporting activities. It is also now water resistant but not waterproof like the Shine; it can be source fully utilized. It can offer a plenty information on your wrist than the Misfit Shine but still lacks an altimeter.

Hailing and turning eyeballs into the market is another product called, The Jawbone UP, which is systematically compatible and works with both iOS and Android devices.  Highlighting that it could probably be Misfit Shine’s most biggest competitor it is priced for the same price in the market that of $100 and is the same price as the Misfit Shine. The user is offered detailed feedback via an app and has a vibrating alarm function alongside sleep monitoring. The most interesting feature of this device would be its ability to take pictures of your meal to convert it into total calories with the Jawbone UP. Unlike its competitor the Jawbone UP, Shine does not enable the swapping of data with other apps.


The current prices running for this gadget is $39 in most global markets, virtual and physical both. Also, the bloom necklace costs $35.85, bit costly but worth as a fashion accessory.

Is it worth Buying?

This Fitness Tracker is a blessing for those fashion with fitness conscious souls in the world who have been looking for functionality based multi-purpose tracker.  A major add-on with the Shine is its waterproof feature, which will have many heads glued to the evolution and selling of this product. Ideal for those who regularly account for swimming has their most important fitness option, but the accuracy of reading can be worked on. The device gives better accuracy owing to its potential as a body accessory as it can be worn on any part of clothing.

If you have been looking for a fully functional and waterproof fitness tracker, the Misfit Shine is an excellent choice, especially for the fashion conscious. The lengthy battery life would just set your heart racing for the many woes it eliminates on keeping it working for longer hours. It is Ideal for sports cum luxury vacation. All of this just sweetens the deal more. It is clear that the Misfit Shine has been developed to help take the humble sensor-ridden wristband to a whole new level.  It works well considering its low maintenance status and that it is something good to look at.

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