The Misfit Ray is a true example of technology and fashion coming together.  Last year in 2015, Fossil Group, a fashion manufacturer that produces watches and jewellery acquired the brand Misfit, a wearable fitness tech and connected-home Lifestyle Company. The Ray could be the one fashion combined technology that everyone would crave for. Misfit Ray was showcased and announced at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, and it got the attention of lot of people. This Misfit Ray review explore the detail specs and pros & cons of the device.

The Misfit brand is associated with wearable tech products like the Shine and Flash, which usually resemble a flat disc and oblong objects. The coming together of two different lifestyle ideas can make for a product range will cater to a certain ground and mass of people.  The Misfit does have its completion, drawbacks and follies. But for those looking to invest in wearable technology as regular customers, followers and fans; the Ray could be an interesting buy to function with especially regarding its ability to blend with an individual’s personal style and clothing.

Misfit Ray Review

Design and Aesthetics


It is very evident that the Misfit has consciously chosen to head into designing its technology and refurbishing it in a certain way. This can be attributed to the fact that it is now a part and undertaking the Fossil Group brand name in jewellery and accessory design. Misfit re-purposed its technology into creating trackers and other gadgets that follow a slimmer, more eye-catching form factor to give consumers an option for pure aesthetics.

Misfit wants to give the world a unique product bordering more towards aesthetics and fashion. Ray, when designed, has kept from not focusing on a rather new or expanded feature set is a wise way in bringing about gadgets that have mostly a singular or dual functionality but can be worn as a product accessory. For those who know that sometimes an accessory becomes your daily best friend, the Ray could be a leap in this market. It especially goes for those women who love fashion and adhere to fit lifestyle and believe in monitoring it.


This Device is only an aluminum cylinder with clips on both sides. The cylinder is available in two options of either carbon black and rose gold both of which look excellent and elegant. The aluminum casing looks much like a capsule and measures at thirty-eight millimeters long that is in length (38mm) and twelve millimeters (12mm) in diameter of the casing.  This is how compact, portable and sleek the casing measurements are.

The entire casing is held by the rubberized sport / leather band that is included with the ray. If you are feeling more fashionable, 8-millimetre spring clips can be used to attach other chains of not the Misfit brand, of Shine specific, but any that you have. For all the women out there (and men) who would enjoy wearing it like a sleek looking time capsule like a pendant around your neck.

Hardware and Interface

The Misfit Ray has been essentially created to wear alongside a watch or bracelet. It adorns and complements the wrist, neck or any other part of the body one can think of more practically because of its thinner, sleeker ornate design, giving it a more casual look, and seems less bulky.

Those who have witnessed Misfit’s previous products, its existing Flash and Shine fitness trackers, would know how they mostly looked like Metal discs and would pop into wristbands, clips or necklace accessory options. Users complained how they would snap out or fall off too easily.

Functionality and Battery Life

The Ray, like other Misfit Wearable products, do not require charging. In Ray, the battery lasts for as long as six months and is particularly user replaceable. This is what the company has promised about its charging convenience. It is a feature similar to that of its more oblong chunkier range of the Shine fitness tracker which has four months of usable battery and then requires replacement.


Existing Flash and Shine Trackers, have 12-LED clocks as well a fitness progressing ring. However, Ray is designed to be a activity tracker cum fashion wear. Being a lightweight gadget, it has a single multi-color LED meant for simple notifications and alerts.


This device is generically meant to look like a piece of fashionable jewellery, which is custom, usable as a tracking gadget. It looks great; it has the technology and it compliments or even adds to the personality. Situated on the aluminum cylinder is a single multicolour LED that is functional. This panel will alert you of incoming texts or calls as well as buzz a silent alarm to go along in notifying you.

Fitness Tracker

Misfit Ray shares many similarities with the recent Misfit Shine 2 which has almost the same functionalities too. Also, you can compare to the Jawbone UP2 series. It vibrates, tracks steps and sleep. It also lasts for six months on a replaceable battery. One can wear it during a swim, as it is waterproof up to 50 meters of depth.


A double tap on the Misfit Ray will cause the LED to light up and indicate the progress towards the activity goal for the day.

  • Red- 0-24%
  • Red & Orange- 25 -49%
  • Red, orange & yellow- 50-74%
  • Red, orange, yellow & white – 75-99%
  • Flashes all the colors of the rainbow: 100% and above

This little magic capsule even monitors sleep duration and quality of sleep. For this, of course, one would need to refer to the reading on the app. But nonetheless, this piece of accessory is practically able to record most data that is essential to you. It is not intended just as a wrist watch or necklace even. Women can show it off wearing around their waist with their bikini’s at the beach. It is meant to be used as a piece of jewellery, what with its clips allowing different personal collections of chains to be attached.

To motivate the user not to be idle, Misfit Move will remind the user to walk or move after an extended period of time being idle.

Also, you will get flash green light whenever you get a SMS or call. But there is no option for WhatsApp and Facebook alerts.

Talking about beating the competition, the Ray is still not there as yet. It has reinvented its looks but cannot beat High-fashion Fitbit products, like the Tory Burch line for example. This Fitbit tracker is functional to all extents and turns into a more elegant accessory that concludes style. They fall in the same price range and have plenty of options.

Misfit does not disappoint in making this one equally waterproof, like its counterpart technologies like the Shine. The object is completely waterproof up to fifty meters in depth. That means it is perfect for those who love taking a dip and burning a few calories or just DE-stressing even amidst hard working days. Even while you are aware of how much your phone could be beeping but at the same time, the device records your fitness levels.

Misfit Link App

Misfit Link is the interface that gives users about the happenings inside the little ornamental design.  The Ray when connected to the Link, a programmable smartphone interface that turns the band into a simple, smart dashboard button in some way.

The mobile app indicates clearly the calories burned and other such data associated with it. The user can tag specific activities like cycling or yoga. Tracking your steps is also very well possible on this tiny tracker.


The mobile app well lets you double up the Misfit Ray as a presentation clicker, selfies button, music plays. The only problem with this idea is that one needs to triple tap the device to activate the said or thought button. For example, one would need to triple tap each time you wish the music player went from play, pause to next.

It could prove to be an irritating way of telling your device to function. It will be as if you are beating it up for it to come alive and listen to your requests. This particular function could find room for improvement in the Misfit Wearable technology review and feedback. This mobile app allows the Misfit Ray fitness tracker to double up as a presentation clicker, selfie button, music player and so on. Unfortunately, the only configuration left is a triple tap. So even for playing music, you are resigned to allocating the triple tap to pause, play the next track or go back. Third party vendors like Skinomi has already released carbon fiber colored prints to accessories the fitness tracker itself.


Misfit Ray rose gold/ carbon black priced for $99.99.The price makes it much more affordable than the Fitbit Burch’s gold and silver accessories, which start at $165 and go up to $195. These accessories would still require one to buy the Fitbit product.

In A Nutshell

The Misfit Ray works as a perfect accessory model for fitness conscious as well as fashion and looks conscious individuals. This device is a huge breakaway from the signature flat disc that everyone just associates the Misfit Wearable brand with. The Ray shows potential for a different kind of followership and market. The heavy focus generated is mostly on customization of the gadget. It is discreetly touted as a personalized piece of adorning fashion jewellery.  This does not alter the fact that certain functionalities can be looked through and improved.  It is heavily being marketed as an everyday accessory product that can be worn by most individuals. The idea and concept that wearable can be part of a person’s daily life because they imbibe both fashion, technology is a subtly blooming idea, and The Misfit Ray can be seeing capturing the market in its way producing newer and slender designs.

It is pretty much understood if aesthetics is a huge consideration when it comes to purchasing and wearing a fitness tracker, then the Misfit Ray is worth considering and it will work perfectly for its value. Though certain parties would agree that the pricing range is a little bit high for what it is offering. Otherwise, one can even look at other available options.

For those who are heavy fitness freaks and are looking for the total worth of their money might be better off spending a bit more money on dedicated fitness trackers that give a full view and in depth information of your fitness levels and also motivate you. A real tech versus fashion versus functionality perspective will tell you to go into preferably something with GPS and heart rate monitoring capabilities.

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