Jawbone UP3 vs Fitbit Charge HR


The moment we talk about fitness trackers, the primary option that comes to our mind is either Fitbit the market leader and their rival Jawbone UP fitness tracker. These two brands are big players in the world of wearable technology. Both the companies update their model’s design and firmware regularly. Their R&D is just phenomenal – they improvise their products by keeping the concept of “ease to use” in mind.Their latest gadgets are Jawbone UP3 & Fitbit Charge HR. Users finding it hard to choose the best in between these two products, since they are in the market for a while. So, to ease the user pain, we have compared their two major products here in detail. Now we go ahead comparing the two devices: Jawbone UP3 vs Fitbit Charge HR, you will get to know that these are quality products and in some cases, the former has an edge over the latter and vice versa. So, the utility would be the key factor.

Jawbone UP3 vs Fitbit Charge HR

Design and Hardware

The design has a special role in these products. Unless a product’s design isn’t appealing to a customer’s eyes, he or she will not be willing to buy or eve check out for once. If we talk about design and hardware, the few things that strike are appearance, color, material, pattern & size.

Charge HR comes in 3 sizes whereas Jawbone UP3 comes in a free, easily adjustable size. Charge HR has four attractive colors that are quite trendy while as of now UP3 has just launched with two basic colors: gray & black. However, UP3 has elegant looks; the former has sporty looks while the latter looks more like a bracelet.

Therefore, it is all about the choice. The LED screen differentiates both the trackers — charge HR has an inbuilt OLED display. On the other hand, there is just an indicator light in UP3 for notifications. UP3 needs to be connected to a device for all displays.


The way a gadget functions is a key factor when comparing two products. Now talking about these two players, both the activity trackers are excellent. However, if you have to choose one, you need to go in depth depending on the specific requirement.

Jawbone up3 vs fitbit charge hr comparison

UP3 & Charge HR are primarily designed for tracking elevation, steps, distance, time, sleep, etc. These are basic features, but few parameters make them unique. Say, for example, their heart rate tracking — it is completely different, as they use different technologies.

  • Jawbone UP3 employs the principle of Bio-Impedance to track resting heart rate, breath rate, and body temperature. On the other hand, charge HR uses PurePulse heart rate technology for constant tracking. Both are accurate and utilize sensors for determining heart rate through the wrist. The only physical difference being the OLED, which is present in charge hr and not in UP3.
  • The Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) enables the user to see the heart rate, caller ID, etc. on-the-go and helps in accessing other features just by pressing a button. However, this feature is absent in UP3.
  • The syncing process is quite simplified in both the trackers. They can be wirelessly synchronized via Bluetooth with their respective applications.
  • UP3 & Charge HR are compatible with operating systems like Android & iOS.

Activity Tracking

Features are the core part of any product. In fact, they are the “deciding” factor. So, here is a detailed comparison on Jawbone UP3 vs. Fitbit Charge HR on their technicalities.


Primarily, the purpose heart rate tracking is served by both using different technologies (as discussed earlier). UP3 has biometric sensors that measure electrical currents in your skin to give you a real-time heart rate reading; this has an advantage in battery saving. Also, it has a long standby lasting up to 7 days which in the case of charge HR is 5 days. Both can sync wirelessly and are splash proof however not swim proof.

UP3 has a smart coach feature that makes a note of your regular habits. Also, it sends you personalized notifications to help you meet your target goals. In the case of charge HR, you can earn badges, which motivates you for your next workout.

Fitbit has tried to make it more of a game sort so that it keeps your motivational & enthusiasm level always high.

Both are water resistant till few meters of water. Not made of waterproof.

Just as a coin has two sides, every technology has its positive and negative sides. Talking about the disadvantages of UP3 & Charge HR, both are not GPS-enabled. So, you may not want them if you want to use it for professional running outdoors.

The sleep tracking in both the devices offer continuous tracking of heart rate. However, the number of times you are awake is not cent % accurate. Still UP3 has an edge, as it tracks light sleep vs. deep sleep periods. So if you are looking to buy a tracker that can monitor your sleep patterns, then UP3 would certainly be worth it.

Further, if the analysis of calories burnt recorded on both the gadgets are not perfect. But they can give you a fair idea when you enter the general details like height, weight, etc.

Comparison With Other Products

UP3 & Charge HR are one of the latest modified versions of activity trackers available in the market. They have almost all the features that an activity tracker should possess. But if you compare it with trackers that are GPS-enabled like Microsoft Band or HTC Grip, they lag behind. Nevertheless, if the price is a parameter, then certainly UP3 & Charge HR is value for money.


UP3 ranges from $97 while Charge HR costs between $129 depending on the deal you get and the color you choose. So the cost wise, UP3 has the edge.


Both the activity trackers, come with a one-year warranty from the date of manufacture.

Which One To Buy?

From all the above comparison of Jawbone UP3 vs Fitbit Charge HR, we found both these trackers has the best features in the current fitness tracker market. But Jawbone UP3 got the full mark on over all the features, accuracy and cost. Also, there were few problems in Fitbit syncing with the device. So, it is better to choose the simple and durable fitness tracker always.

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