Garmin, a leading brand in the GPS industry, has made a successful run in the wearable world. The company has already released varieties of fitness trackers and smartwatches that are an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

There is no doubt that any of the Garmin devices are cool on its. With fitness trackers, you can calculate all the activities and monitor the progress of your workout sessions. It is an ideal sort of device for those who are too busy with their life and want to keep the tabs of their health without wasting any time in the gym.

While, the device can store the data of your activities for some days, the company also allows the users to keep the data stored in an online account with the help of the app.

The Garmin connect app is available for iOS, Android and Windows. There is a limit to a data stored on the devices for some days only, hence in order to keep the data intact, you can easily transfer the stats to the online account and manage the progress of the fitness cycle.

Garmin Connect is a mobile app from Garmin that allows your devices to connect with the smartphone so that all the data stored in the trackers can be easily transferred to your online account, from where you can monitor progress about all the features of the device. These sports devices have features like steps taken, calories burned, heart rates, distance covered etc. which can be easily reviewed on your account. Let’s take a look at how to use Garmin connect mobile app?

How To Use Garmin Connect Mobile App?

In order to connect Garmin sports devices with the Garmin Connect, you need to sync the device with the mobile. After installing the app, all you need to do is to pair the mobile phone with respective Garmin device. Each device may have a different mode of syncing.


1. Garmin Vivofit

  • You need to press the button on the device until the Sync icon is displayed.
  • Once visible, release the button and stay near the phone so that it can pair up and sync the information.

2. Garmin Vivosmart

  • You need to press and hold the button on the device and it will pair with phone.
  • Normally, it is an automatic process; hence, all the data will be transferred to your account as soon as you are in proximity of the smartphone.

3. Garmin Vivoki

Just enable the Bluetooth from your device and the phone. It will automatically pair up the device as you reach its scan zone.

Garmin Connect Uses

The Garmin Connect app can make use of most features of the fitness trackers and keeps you posted with the stats. Using Garmin Connect, you can plan your workout sessions, monitor the progress and even create a workout habit from it. Below are the following features that you can do with your Garmin Connect.

Download the App: iOS / Android / Windows

1. Controls the Heart Rates


Using the heart rate zones, you can get the reviews of your heart stats. All you need to do is to adjust the manual setting by adding lowest and maximum heart rates. Once you add the numbers, Garmin Connect Mobile will enter the information into the devices, which can give out better results of your cardio exercises. However, most of the devices do not automatically update the stats of previous workouts. So, it would be better to regularly update the devices, after much such kind of changes.

2. My Fitness Pal

One of the best features of the Garmin Connect mobile app is the ability to monitor your diet plan. Running and working out is fine, but an unhealthy diet simply destroys every possibility of getting into shape.

With Garmin Connect, you can easily pair with food tracking app called as MyFitness Pal that keeps the data of your daily food intake and the running stats as well. With this, you can easily maintain the diet plan and the results can be helpful in determining your intake as to whether to increase the diet after the run or to decrease it. It can adapt your diet on the basis of the energy burned during the day.

Download the App: iOS / Android / Windows

3. Maintain Workout Schedule

It can be your personal assistant in terms of maintaining a workout regime. It has a workout builder tool that lets you maintain the different phases of workout like warm up, rest, cool down etc. You can add the stats of heart rates, calories burned, steps were taken and distance covered in respective departments and thus, the app will let you monitor the progress according to your workout capacity. These intervals determine your ability on a specific set of fitness. Using the stats, you can adjust your fitness cycle and even help with the proper amount of time required for an ideal workout.

You can do a lot more with the Garmin Connect app like build a plan, get connected with the community with real people and even sleep tracking your sleep habits. It is a great tool that will simply do the entire job of numbers while you live with your daily routine life more conveniently.

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