Easy Guide For How To Set Up Nike Fuelband?


The evolvement of the world with each passing moment, technology is also taking new shapes day by day. On one side, where people are getting into more digitization techies, the other side they are indulging more into innovations. Nike Fuelband is one of those fitness trackers that can easily connect with iOS and Android platform. It is easy and of course, makes your workout and running more interesting and regular.Now the question is — how to set up Nike fuelband if you are using Android phone or an iPhone? The answer is pretty easy. You might be facing few issues if you are new to this fitness band, which is very normal, so don’t be alarmed!. Like other digital fitness trackers, this also has few steps following which one will be able to connect his iPhone or Android phone with Nike Fuel band.

How To Set Up Nike Fuelband?

Fitness trackers are the hottest topics that each techie is talking about these days. Nike, one of the leading sports brand, has launched fuel bands that help users to track their physical activity. FuelBand lets the wearer to track his or her daily physical work, working out, running, steps are taken day-to-day and most importantly, the amount of energy that is burnt by physical activities.


FuelBands can be easily connected with your smartphones. This Nike App is available on Android, Windows and iOS platform. Whether you are using Android smartphones or iPhone, you can easily get this app. There are some simple steps to set up your fuelband.

Like other fitness brands like Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit it is not possible to sync your band with your phone right away, you need a computer and a USB cable to sync your Nike Band. So, if you have already bought this band, then it’s mandatory to follow the Nike rules!!

Now, Nike FuelBand can be connected with Android and Windows without any hassle. Also for iPhone users, the steps are same. Like Android phones, you can download the App on iPad and connect it to your Nike Fuelband. To pair your phone with the Nike FuelBand, follow the steps given below:

1. Download the App

The first step for pairing your Nike FuelBand with your phone is to download the App from the app store. If you are using Samsung Galaxy S3 ,Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5 ,LG Google Nexus 5 ,Moto X by Motorola
and HTC One, you will easily get this App to work freely. Though these are the names, which are compatible for FuelBand pairing, it is said that this Nike App can work without any difficulty on other Android Phones as well. In addition, you will be able to download the App on your iPad.

Download the App: Android / iOS / Windows

2. Connect the App


Once you have downloaded the Nike App, you will need a PC to connect it.

  • After downloading and launching the App, it will ask you to connect the FuelBand to your device.
  • Connect your FuelBand to your PC’s USB port.
  • Once it is connected, it will show you the latest software updates. If it is not an updated version or if there is the latest version available, then it will start downloading the latest one automatically so that you can get the updated software.

3. Give the Required Details

Right after downloading and launching the App, you will be prompted to give some general information about your health. These details include your,

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Day-to-day activity goals

You will also be asked as to which wrist you are going to wear the band. You need to put all this information before you start using it.

4. Charge It Up


Once you are done with configuration, primary set up, information & details and everything, connect the band for charging before you use it. The important parts of setting up your FuelBand are completed in last three steps. Now you need to charge it up for quite some time to make it wearable properly.

5. Connect To Your Phone

Once your device is fully charged, you can easily connect it to your phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth and wait for some time so that your Nike FuelBand is connected.
  • Hold onto the FuelBand button until the small Bluetooth icon shows up on the Nike fit band screen.
  • Leave the button and press it again to make the icon flash frequently. This recurrent flashing means that your fuelband’s Bluetooth is well ready to be connected.
  • Next, go to your Android phone’s Bluetooth settings (for iPhone or Windows, go to the Bluetooth setting) and make your phone discoverable. Locate your Fuelband and connect it smoothly.

6. Sign-In

Once all these steps are done, your fuelband is all set to work. The last step for setting up the Nike FuelBand with your Android smartphone or iPhone is the “sign-in”. Sign in with your Nike account in the App, start recording and tracking your daily work out details.

Nike FuelBand Setup Problem Fix

Nike Fuelband set up is an easy thing to do when you are using bit advanced phones. Users often face Nike fuelband setup problems at first. However, it can be easily fixed. It is neither the fuelband nor the phone’s fault. The Bluetooth setting matters the most here. Users need to be very careful while setting up the Bluetooth for making it discoverable, if not, you will be facing the issue like, Nike fuelband not syncing.

Users are required to hold the button for a long time until the tiny Bluetooth icon shows up. At times, it has found that users do not press the button for long, and this makes the device stay unconnected with the phones. Once the Bluetooth connection has set up properly, the device will be ready to work. You will easily track and record all your daily activity goals and the amount of energy burnt.

Hope you have got an idea on how to set up and run the Fuelband, let us know in the comment section below if you are still facing any problems, and our team ready to help you out at any time!

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