We all know how good the Fitbit fitness trackers are and because of their quality they reached the top of the wearable market so soon, even the Apple, Samsung, and other players still behind. One of their major feature in their fitness band is heart rate monitors (HRM).

Fitbit Charge HR enables the power of calculating your heart rate as well as regular activities throughout the day from just your wrists. As a heart rate and a motion tracker, it automatically detects the level of activity to record on your Fitbit App.

However, consumers are facing a few Fitbit problems and could not able to get the right answers. These usually include error code messages, which are a result of the faulty setup. Out of such errors, we will tell you about the major errors in Fitbit error code 400 and error code 541 and learn how to fix it in detail here. Read on…

1. How To Fix Fitbit Error Code 400 – Bad Request Error?

fitbit error code 400 & 541

Does your Fitbit charge hr device keep displaying the error: Request failed: bad request (400)? Does this error occur when you are trying to set up the Fitbit using your iPhone app? Well, you are not the only customer, who is facing this problem.  In fact, this complaint has been reported by many users who use Fitbit flexFitbit Alta, etc. The error 400 is usually a consequence of bad setup (when connecting to the app).

Steps To Eliminate the Fitbit Setup “Bad Request Error (400)”

  • Error 400 is not only an outcome of bad setup but also occurs if the software handling is not up-to-date. Get the latest version of the app for your Fitbit Charge HR and make sure that the app is installed on your device.
  • You might have the latest app set up with the Fitbit Charge HR. However, sometimes logging out and logging back into the app will override the Fitbit setup to remove the error in setting up the iPhone app.
  • Your Fitbit Charge HR connects to your device by the Bluetooth 4.0 LE. It could be that the Fitbit might be facing problems due to several connections. Deleting other Bluetooth connections would solve the problem.
  • This could be an old remedy for all electronics, but if you keep pushing the button constantly, you might receive a response.

Note: After trying the methods listed above, you will find a “Low battery” message. Hence, make sure that your Fitbit device is charged to its maximum for the set up to start automatically again.

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2. How To Fix Fitbit Error Code 541 – You are ineligible for an account on Fitbit?

fitbit error code 400 & 541

Another common error that occurs when setting up the device with the app is the error 541. Well, it occurs when you enter your DOB (Date of Birth) under 13 years of age. This means that when consumers who tried to feed in their details into their Fitbit device, especially in the case when they bought the wristwatch for their kids under the age of thirteen, the Fitbit showed an error code reset 541. To troubleshoot this problem, follow the below steps:

Solution 1

To override this error, input the birth year that falls below 2013. Anyone born before this birth year can make an account on the Fitbit. To debug the Fitbit code 541, one can also fake the birth-date (something that falls before 2013). The news is that the federal law restricts devices to gather user’s data below a certain age. Currently, Fitbit does not wish to get into that, due to the lacking update in the security features.

Solution 2

You can either erase all the app data from the phone or use your computer to resolve. To do this, first, remove the software installation through the Fitbit app. Then, reinstate all the data, especially the DOB. This method should finally work and get your setup working again after a few trials.

Here’s How You Can Set Up Fitbit Device The Right Way…

Fitbit error code pop-up’s and other sync related problems usually occur due to faulty installations and setup procedures.

To do it right, make sure to follow these steps:

fitbit error code 400 & 541

  • Setting up the Fitbit charge hr device will need a compatible mobile device or computer.
  • To connect the Fitbit device with your phone, you need to pair them via Bluetooth.
  • Once the setup is done, you can synchronize the data with the Fitbit’s dashboard. The dashboard helps you see your statistics, set goals, challenge friends, analyze your historical trends, log food & water, and lots more. To access all this, you need to have to sign in with your email id.

Fitbit app is compatible with more than 200 iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices.

To get started:

  • Make sure that the Fitbit application is compatible with your phone. You can check this at this link.
  • Find the Fitbit app in one of these locations, depending on your device: Apple App Store for iOS devices (example: iPhone, iPad and Mac PC), Google Play Store for Android devices (example: Samsung Galaxy S5), and Windows Store for mobile devices with Windows 10 (example: Surface tablet or Microsoft Lumia phone).
  • Next, install the app. Remember that; you will require an account with the respective store before you can download (even a free app like Fitbit).
  • Once the application is installed, just open it and tap the option > Join Fitbit to get started.
  • The app then guides you to create an account and further, lets you connect (or pair) the tracker with your phone.
  • Pairing ensures that the tracker and phone can communicate with each another easily.

For example, say, you are using an Android phone (running with Android Marshmallow), grant the Fitbit app to access some features of your phone so that it can set up, pair, and synchronize your fitness tracker.

The personal details you are asked during a setup help the app to compute your BMR (basal metabolic rate), which determines your approximate calorie expenditure. Now, this information is undisclosed unless you manually go into the Privacy settings and choose to share your age, weight, and height with your Fitbit friends.

Hope, the above solutions fix the errors that pop up on your Fitbit device. Even after trying them, if the issue persists, I suggest you contact their customer help center and get resolved it soon.

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