How To Fix USB Error Message In PlayStation VR ?

Virtual Reality has gained immense popularity in the recent times. With more and more people taking up these games, the gaming giants have introduced their range of VR helmets that you can use along with the gaming console that you have purchased the company. Virtual Reality has helped in taking the whole concept of gaming to the next level. They give you the exact feel that you get when you face such situations in your real life. With attention to detail, these VR headsets can easily be plugged into the gaming console before accessing the game that features the VR functions.

The Times spoke with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s global chief executive, Andrew House, who revealed that Sony had sold 915,000 headsets since the product’s launch last October

PlayStation VR (PSVR) is one of the latest entries in the market and has been doing successfully right from the time of its launched in 2016. But as everyone knows, every cloud has a silver lining. In this regards, there might be certain problems that you might face while using the VR helmets for your PlayStation VR. You can connect the VR goggles to the PS4 VR slot, but it is not guaranteed that it might work if there is any fault in the connection.

Below are the most recurring errors that most PSVR users facing while setting up,

  • USB connection error 
  • USB not detected 
  • HDMI connection error

It is annoying for users and not so proper solution for it till now. All 3 issues has the same solution as per the experts opinion. So, we have your back and now you can troubleshoot the error in a matter of few seconds or minutes, without having to call the professional help!

Why This Error Is Happening?

USB Error Message In PlayStation VR

Once you plug in the PlayStation VR and wear the VR goggles, you might encounter a white icon on the screen called as the ‘USB.’ At this point of time, you might be able to understand that there might be some error with the connection between the PlayStation VR and the processor unit, which is the device on which you play the games.

There are no special error codes for the USB malfunction but rather the message ‘USB Error’ appears on the screen after you plug the VR goggle to the USB slot.

As such, once you encounter this error, there are a few easy ways to fix the problem, which are as follows:

How To Fix USB Error Message In PlayStation VR ?

  • Not Plugged In

You might face confusion when you plug in the USB cord to the device. If you end up plugging the USB into the wrong slot instead of the slot that accepts the PlayStation VR control box , the error might appear, and your goggles will not function.

Check the connections once again and see if you have plugged into the right spot. For some, this process may take time, as they would have to try every slot till they get it right. Many of the devices today, mentions the correct slot with indications to help you choose the USB slot for your PlayStation VR.

USB Error Message In PlayStation VR

  • Faulty Plugging

In a hurry to start the game, you might have not properly inserted the USB cord in the correct slot given. Check if there are any loose ends in both the control box and the PlayStation gaming console.

Once everything is done, try restart once again and now you won’t this error message in your screen.


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