The Apple Watch or iWatch, however, you call it, offers some pretty neat interface for its users. The design of this ultimate wearable succors presents a byte sized yet functionally sound user interface on our wrists, another reason why the Apple Watch remains the unbeaten wearable out there on the market.

The Apple Watch appears to have largely just plugged the hole left by the iPod. That has been in decline since its peak contribution in 2006, when the device accounted for 40% of Apple’s total business.Wallstreet Journal

Instagram (@instagram)  is the Vatican for those who like to share their moments in photos. The free photo and video sharing app receive well over 50 million photos and videos, making it one of the largest platforms for sharing images. The sole purpose of sharing your moments is that it reaches your loved ones. So gifting your dear ones with an Apple Watch wouldn’t seem to be a bad idea since Instagram has launched its app for it.


The app doesn’t give many options, as it does in the iPhone’s or iPad’s, but it seems sensible considering the limited screen space. You tap the Instagram icon on your home screen, and it takes you to two options: Feed and Activity; and that’s pretty much it! The Feed option allows you to see what has all been happening in your Instagram account and the Activity, well it shows your activity. Limiting the options has however led to some unforeseen errors while using or accessing the app.

Some Instagram users who had installed the app on their iWatch have got their knickers in a twist trying to access them. They have complained about the mysterious error 1011 they came across while trying to access the app on their Apple Watch. Here’s how to fix the apple watch Instagram error code 1011 in few simple steps!

How To Fix Apple Watch Instagram Error Code 1011?

What Does “Error Code 1011” Mean?

This is what the users have been getting on their screen when they try to access the app:

The operation couldn’t be completed. (IG Foundation Networking Error Domain error – 1011)

Not exactly an eye candy, is it? Well, no worries. The message means that the Instagram is having trouble with its Login Server, (Few iPhone users facing this issue in the recent times!) which brings up the question of why! Why indeed. Instagram argues that you can access the app fine if you have coupled the Apple Watch with your device after you have logged in to your account through your iPhone or iPad. However, the users still face the same message even after following the instructions on Instagram.

So, Why I Am Getting Error Code 1011?

Is it an Instagram error? Could it be a potential Apple Watch error? It seems this could be a possible miscommunication between your phone and smartwatch. Inherent error, which could has its origins from the device’s settings resulting in blocking the Apple Watch.

Many users have been coming up with the error issue in Apple discussions and forums, and hopefully, Instagram will solve this issue in its next update. But there’s no reason for you not to have Instagram on your Apple Watch until then! And that’s why we provide you with an easy fix which won’t take up much of your time.

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Here’s How To Fix the  Apple Watch Error 1011:

So how to fix the mysterious “error 1011”? Before we get there, make sure,

  • You have iOS 8.2 or a later version installed on your iPhone.
  • You have tried reinstalling Instagram on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • You have tried rebooting your iPhone.
  • Your iPhone is discoverable.
  • Your Bluetooth is working properly.
  • Your iPhone is connected to your Apple Watch over Bluetooth.

If you can access Instagram by now, then it’s your lucky day. But, if you still see the error message, that’s okay too, because the fix is simple.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > VPN 
  1. Turn the VPN

Yep, that’s it! Go on to your Apple Watch home screen and tap the Instagram icon. You should be a taken to a Feed and Activity menu.

It seems the issue was about VPN after all. Your iPhone needs to connect to a VPN authorized by your network provider where it registers itself through some digital signature. This allows bilateral communication between the server and your device. Now some users turn ON the VPN to avoid ads while some have it ON without their knowledge. VPN means encryption, which in turn means protection. Your iWatch could be seen as a possible intruder by your service provider resulting in blocking it and yippee, goodbye, error 1011. Your Instagram account should be working properly on your Apple Watch now. If you have more queries about setting up or configuring your VPN settings, go here.

Instagram on your Apple Watch is indeed a different experience. Although you cannot click pictures using your iWatch yet, the app offers a very “substance over style” interface, which suits many Apple Watch users. So view more using your iWatch, keep track and stay updated!

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