Essential Guide On How To Create A GoPro Time Lapse Video?


GoPro is one of the must-have gadgets if you are a traveler, a photographer or even a regular person. GoPro is cool, probably one of the coolest cameras in the market. It has many features. It is not like your regular DSLR. It is lightweight, durable and waterproof. GoPro is best known for it’s live action and time lapse videos, and there is no other rival there to beat their quality yet. So, before we dig deeper and go advanced in telling you how to create a GoPro time-lapse video with high quality, let us start with an introduction.

What is GoPro?

GoPro is technically an action camera, which is widely used in extreme action video recording. Many sports enthusiasts use GoPro to record videos from “Point of View” angle. It is a wearable camera with which you can do 2 things:

  • Capture still snapshots and
  • Record HD videos with wide-angle lens

GoPro is used for taking extreme action videos. You can also wear it on your head with a help of a band, and you can record everything from your point of view.

GoPro was established in the year 2002 when the founder Nick Woodman wasn’t satisfied with the way other cameras functioned. He had a hard time capturing pictures of himself while surfing. You will be surprised to know that, in the early startup stage of GoPro, Nick was selling belts, necklaces made of seashells and camera straps to make money.

In 2004, GoPro sold its very first camera (with a 35mm film). About a decade later, that is in 2014, GoPro sold many fixed-lens HD video cameras. In fact, they are leading the market. After that the company has released numorous versions of cameras like GoPro 1, 2, 3, 3+, 4 +, and GoPro Hero. The reason for its popularity is due to 3 things:

  • Small
  • Compact
  • Delivers high-end, crystal-clear clarity videos

What Is “Time-lapse”?

Whether you want to capture your motorcycle trip with your Point of View or capture yourself underwater, GoPro delivers it all. However, one of the best features of GoPro is its ability to capture High-Resolution Time-lapse video. It is a perfect gadget if you want to capture a time-lapse video.

Before you take your GoPro and climb up to a hill to create a “Time-Lapse” video, you should know what exactly a “Time-Lapse” video is. Well, Time-Lapse is a technique, where you can capture photos in a very frequent time (normally 0.5 – 3.0 seconds) and when played at normal speed it looks like time is lapsing faster than normal, hence the name -“Time-Lapse”. In short, it is a type of photographic video technology, where you can capture hours or days of photos and watch it in all combined.

Say, for example, you are capturing 30 still images from a difference of 0.5 seconds or 1 second. When you try to playback at 30 frames per second, it will show all your 30 images in just 1 second long. So, you are seeing it in a time lapse motion. It is the opposite of slow motion photography.

How To Create Time-lapse Video Using GoPro?

Now the big and main question, How To Create a GoPro Time-lapse Video? To your surprise, it is not hard to create Time-lapse video using GoPro. The founder of GoPro wanted to give normal people a gadget through which they could create professional like videos in a very easy way. Hence, it is not hard for someone to use GoPro.

Here are steps to create Time-Lapse Video using GoPro:

Step 1: Set Your Gopro For Time-lapse

It is important to set your GoPro before you shoot a Time-lapse video. Many people don’t do this and in excitement, they just ruin their videos. You definitely don’t want to go home after 4 hours and more than 2000 photos, which are not worth using. So, before anything set your GoPro.


  • First, check the setting of your camera’s still image. You need to check the 12MP WIDE image capture mode for time-lapse video recording. This is the maximum in your GoPro’s camera setting.
  • In the same setting mode, select “Camera-and-clock” icon. This option is to select the time between two shots. Normally, people use 0.5 seconds to 3 seconds between two shots. Remember, you need thousands of photos and even with thousands of photos, your video will be in seconds.
  • Now exit the setting and select the “camera and clock” icon to start your GoPro and to click photos, which will later become time-lapse. As your camera starts capturing footage for time-lapse, your GoPro’s red LED will blink and the display will show you the amount of footage it has captured for your Time Lapse video.

Step 2: Place Your GoPro In Stable Point


  • This is the most important step. Even with a perfect setting and best GoPro, you can ruin your time-lapse video if you haven’t placed your camera well. So place your camera where there is no or less disturbance.
  • Don’t just put your GoPro anywhere. Pick a perfect place to stick your GoPro that can capture the best view and can do justice with the landscape. You can’t stand with your GoPro for hours. You need something or somewhere you can put your GoPro. You need a place where you can put your GoPro for hours and the best way is to use a “Tripod”. GoPro can be easily fixed on a tripod.

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Step 3: Editing The Videos

Just capturing the footage doesn’t make a time-lapse. You have to edit the footage. Don’t worry even if you are not a professional editor, you can easily do this.


  • Firstly, import your photos from GoPro to your system.
  • Open the video editor software, and it’s better to choose the good editor like, Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12
  • Once you have selected all the photos, put them in the timeline.
  • Now here is the tricky part, there is no rule of playback rate of frames. It just changes from landscape to landscape. Normally and for Sunset and Clouds, 15 frames per second is perfect.
  • Sometimes 15 FPS does not do justice with the traffic. It shows the way to fast. So, you have to see by yourself what frame rate suits your time-lapse video.
  • Hurray, its done!

3 Important Rules To Keep In Mind While Creating A Time-Lapse Video

1.Patience will give you better result 

This will take time. Don’t start capturing footage for time-lapse if you don’t have time. Even for 30 seconds video, you have to wait more than 90 minutes. So be prepared to wait.

2.Don’t worry about every photo

When capturing thousands of photos you will find that there are many photos, which are not good — birds or any other animal can come in between. So just delete the image, one image won’t make a difference because you are capturing photos at the rate of 1 second.

3. Use a Large and fast memory card

You need a 32 GB or bigger memory card for capturing time-lapse video. You also need a fast one. A normal card is okay for point-and-shoot images, but while capturing time-lapse, you need a class 10-memory card. Your GoPro captures high-resolution images and at a very fast pace.

Here we go, that’s it!!! Now it’s your time to explore the world with your GoPro in many ways that will excite you later point of your life.

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