Fitbit is one of the known names in the wearable industry, which certifies its presence by releasing one of the best fitness bands and smartwatches in the market. But, whatever the brand is, every electronic device needs to be charged over time to keep it functioning. Once you charge the gadget, it drains the battery power depending on the usage.

Some devices may offer extra battery life, but also need to be charged from time to time. It is the same routine as you follow in the smartphones. While there are many Fitbit gadgets in the market, it gets really difficult especially for those who aren’t quite familiar with such technology.

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Let’s admit it, nobody here except for some tech wizards are the masters of the device of technical aspects. You need to at least once get the idea of the functioning and know how to use it. Different Fitbit trackers are charged differently so it really depends on what type of Fitbit tracker you own? We will explain the simple instructions on charging the device. We will answer many questions like how long does it take to charge a Fitbit? or What is the ideal charging level for Fitbit? And so on… We will try to clear out most of the queries so that you can easily make use of the products.

How To Charge A Fitbit Device?how-to-charge-a-fitbit-device

Normally, every Fitbit device has its own charging procedure, but most of them have minor tweaks to follow.

1. Fitbit Blaze

  • Insert the charging cable into the USB port.
  • Remove the tracker from the band.
  • Place it in charging frame and insert in your laptop or the adapter.
  • The battery icon will appear indicating the charging level.

2. Fitbit Alta/ Surge

  • Plug one side of the cable in the USB port and other at the back of the Alta.
  • The clips of the cable must secure the tracker so that battery can properly charge.
  • Once it is secure, the battery will start charging.

3. Fitbit Charge/Charge HR/One

  • First, you need to plug the cable into the USB port and another end to the band.
  • Immediately, a battery display will appear that indicates the battery level.
  • For Fitbit One, the process remains the same, but you only need to align the gold contacts on the cable with gold contacts on the tracker.

4. Fitbit Flex

  • First, you will have to remove the tracker.
  • Insert the tracker in the charging panel provided with the product.
  • The frame will fit the tracker and with a small push of the thumb, it should be placed in the cable.
  • You will hear a click indicating the tracker is properly placed.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Fitbit?

While there are many Fitbit trackers, most of them should be ideally able to charge within the period of 1 to 3 hours at max. However, the actual time depends on the battery level and the way of charging method you are following (through Laptop or adaptors).


How Do I Know My Fitbit Is Fully Charged?

If you have any doubts as to how do I know my Fitbit is charged fully, then you can easily track the charging period from the battery level indicator displayed in respective devices. Each device has a battery level indicator that displays the charging progress and once it is fully charged, the indicator will either blink or display the percentage, depending on the device. All in all, it is quite simple to know whether your Fitbit device is fully charged or not.


If you are facing a problem like Fitbit not charging or the Fitbit is not syncing properly, its time to reset the device, if that doesn’t work still, give a call or email to their customer support/ forum.

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