It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle; owing to the hectic life and busy schedule we have these days. Only a few percentage of people take care of their body. Being fit is a source to stay healthy and live long. Since we have a busy life, it is quite natural that 45% of us do not focus on working out.

Under such circumstances, Fitbit can really come handy. It is a physical activity device created just for the purpose of being keep yourself in shape without spending too much time in working out or spending endless hours in the gym.

The first FitBit product was introduced in 2008 by Eric Friedman and James Park, the co-founders of Fitbit Inc. With Fitbit, you can easily keep track of your sleep, daily activities and work around the way to stay fit. It is a high tech compatible pedometer that suits your need, without hampering your routine life. It helps you to stay active, develop a balanced diet, provide better sleep, and even calculates the calories you have burned, all without exerting many efforts in the process.

But a very important question over here is — How does the Fitbit work? This is something a buyer will always in his or her mind, before deciding to get one. Considering this, we have decided to give an overall view of it. Read on…

So, How Does The Fitbit Work?

The device is very simple and effectively easier to wear. It comes in a clip, just about the size of a clothes’ pin, which you can store it in your pocket, or choose to wear it on your wrist like a watch. The different range of products offered by Fitbit include:

  • Charge
  • Flex
  • Zip
  • Surge and
  • Blaze
  • Alta (Upcoming)

These are loaded with different features and functionality, depending on the requirements. Once you have it in your pocket or wrist, it will keep you track of all the activities happened throughout the day.

Activity Tracker:

It is sensitive enough to measure the number of steps taken and distance covered by you in a day. Also, it calculates the amount of calories burned during the day and even monitors your sleep pattern. With advanced software and sensors, you don’t have to worry about its functioning and let it do the job for you.


Fitbit devices are loaded with multiple features, each functioning to give you best results of your body. It checks the calories burned throughout the day. All you have to do is to add data like age, height, and weight, then it automatically calculates your calories Further, it resets at the end of the day.

The best thing about this device is that it can easily detect the difference in calories usage from resting to heavy physical activities like running and jogging. It works on the principle of body movements. The sensors detect such movements to provide accurate results.

Sleep Tracker:

It helps with your sleep pattern too. Once, the device is wrapped around your wrist, it begins to monitor your sleeping habits. Say, for instance, sleeping in different directions, the number of times you wake up during the night and it also knows when you go to sleep. With this, you can monitor your sleep cycle and emphasize more on getting quality sleep.


Despite myriad features, it also keeps track of your heart rate. With its inbuilt sensors, it detects the blood flow in your veins.  However, features vary based on the type of Fitbit device you choose.

Data Storage:

Since we are talking about the functionality, data storage has its own role. You can store the data on the Fitbit website through Fitbit Connect. It is a software that helps you sync your device with the computer or phone that will directly transfer the collected data to your account.

With this, you can easily monitor or track your progress and work out the best way to stay fit and healthy. Above-mentioned details on how Fitbit works is simply a glimpse of features it offers to the consumers. While the data is synced with your account automatically every 15 minutes, it is not necessary to be in the range of the computer throughout the day.

The devices are capable of storing the data for about a week. Hence, you can easily transfer the data within that time and reset the cycle of the data from the start. All in all, it is a great product for fitness enthusiasts and even normal people, who do not get much time to workout and stay in shape. With this, you can easily maintain your healthy cycle without much efforts.

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