How Does Misfit Flash Sleep Mode Work? Is It Worth Buying?

Misfit Flash is the Shine’s younger brother or even the Shine itself without the build or design quality and with fewer features. Both are budget devices, yet the flash is what you’d probably call cheap. But it surprises you with its functionality like its big brother and all Misfit wearables.

Like the Misfit Shine, you also have the option to wear the flash anywhere on your body. You can clamp it on your clothes or shoes for running or cycling, and it seems to have a firm grip over the tracker. The band, however, has less finish than that of the Shine, but that is okay considering the price range that Misfit Flash fits in.

Before getting into tracking sleep process, it is mandatory to understand how does misfit flash work before proceeding for Misfit Flash sleep mode work process,

How Does Misfit Flash work?

Misfit claims the Flash band holds the tracker exceptionally well then its Shine counterpart did, and brightness of the LED lights has been visibly improved. The functions and interpretations of the LED illumination are the same as that in Flash. It tells you how much closer you are to your goal.

how does misfit flash sleep mode work

The Flash is waterproof upto 30 meters compared to the 50 meters benchmark by Shine. The replaceable Panasonic CR3032 coin batteries can last upto 6 months which can save you all the time in the world from charging your device. It is also pretty easy to remove the battery and snap it back on to its place by opening the back panel on the tracker. The tracker and the band feel comfortable on your wrist, and while it is not as lightweight as the Shine, it is still the sporty companion Misfit intends it to be.

Unlike the Misfit Shine’s gleaming display, the matte face of Flash, however, feels more responsive. Give the face a good gentle press and it shows the LED lights running in circles until it stops at the time, which is also more readable with more solid LED illumination than the Shine. Once you’ve activated the tracker, you don’t need to tell the tracker what you’re about to do. It automatically tracks your activity whether it’s swimming, running, cycling or sleeping.  Like many budget wearables, the Misfit Flash also lacks a heart rate monitor.

The Misfit app syncs the data from the tracker to show you the distance covered, calories burned and allows you to set daily weekly or monthly goals. It can also keep track of your activity if you choose to have a game of Tennis or Basketball and the data seemed to be pretty accurate when worn on clothes.  It tracks your sleep without you having to tell the app that you’re about to, and that comes as a big plus after the Shine which needs to be alerted on a daily basis. Just remember to keep the tracking ON. Okay so the Misfit Flash delivers, what about the app?

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How Does Misfit Flash Sleep Mode Work?

The app is where it’s happening. Like the Shine app, the Misfit flash app offers some simple infographics that are pretty easy to infer from. There are four tabs on the top, namely, your Today activity which lets you view your daily activity and tells you the steps and distance discovered along with the calories burned. You can click on the data to see how close you are to your daily goals leaving you to either rejoice at your progress or do some serious thinking.  You do have the option of viewing the data on a week to week or month to month basis by tapping on the calendar icon. You can swipe up the screen to view your achievements labeled under each activity.

how does misfit flash sleep mode work

The group icon tab will let you connect with your friends on social media and view their achievements and progress while it lets you share yours. The Weight tab will let you set weight goals and is a much simpler way to set goals. However it needs you to tell your weight from time to time, and that makes sense.  The menu icon lets you change your Goals, Settings, view apps that are compatible with your Misfit Flash tracker like Apple Health, etc.

Tap on the crescent moon tab and the app lets you view your synced sleep activity. It tells you how much more or less sleep you need to achieve your daily goals.

Like the Misfit Shine app, it lets you sneak onto your light sleep vs. deep sleep data which looks pretty convincing with dark purple bars showing the restless movements during our sleep. However, tracking sleep activity with motion sensors is less convincing and evidently less accurate as one could always wake up during midnight and ponder at the mysterious way the universe works and so forth, thus forgetting to turn off the Misfit sleep tracking.

how does misfit flash sleep mode work

It is intriguing to wake up and look at the data to see our sleeping patterns and while this could be deemed useless, it is not. It tells you a lot about your health and a sleep graph with too many dark purple bars could possibly mean you need more attention to your health. Here’s how you can track your sleep using the Misfit Flash Activity Tracker

1. Download the app from App Store if you’re using iOS. Android users can download the Misfit app from Play store.

2. Install the app on your smartphone. Open the app and place the tracker on your smartphone’s screen.

3. After syncing the data, the app will store and show your physical activities.

4. Before you go to sleep, tap the tracker, and it will automatically start tracking your sleep.

5. Off you go to your sleep, and the Flash will take care of the rest.

It doesn’t make sense to expect too much from the seemingly cheap Misfit Flash activity tracker but the Misfit Flash surprises us with its functionality that even many top smartwatches fails to do so. If you choose to wear the Misfit Shine on your wrist and ask it to behave as a smartwatch, you’re probably going to be disappointed. On the other hand, it is a device best enjoyed worn on your clothes or on a belt so that it can do what it does best- Track your activity, Make your day!

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