Jawbone packs in something new with every fitness band. So, when UP24 was launched, fitness junkies had reasons to rejoice. This stylish, lightweight band is striking at first sight, to say the least. Some might even argue it is the best fitness band from Jawbone to date. Considering the newly added wireless syncing feature, they might be just right.

This clever-Looking band differs from the previous UP bands in terms of aesthetics. You can just put it around your wrist and need not worry about anything. The contour texture of the band keeps the sensors from harm and also gives the band a firm grip on where it belongs- your wrist.

How Does Jawbone UP24 Track Sleep

While status lights and vibrations remain the only way of alerting the user, the UP24 does it innovatively. The Smart Coach feature detects your idle hours with the sensors sensing your motion or the lack of it and alerting you with vibrations. However, you can turn this option OFF on the app as it is not very convenient to have your band go off while in a meeting.

With the sleep tracking activity powered by temperature sensors aboard, you can spend your cranky mornings assessing the sleep you’ve had the previous night or the lack of it. You can view the hours spent in deep sleep and the restless minutes that had kept you from it. Sleep tracking has become a necessary feature for all major players. So how does a seemingly innocent thing on your wrist know so much about your hours spent in slumber?

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How does Jawbone UP24 track sleep?

Actigraphy or The Art Of Tracking Sleep Activity

Imagine yourself sleeping on a lab with electrodes at your temples and an EEG monitoring your brain activity. This is called Polysomnography. It is deemed by sleep researchers as the most accurate way of tracking one’s sleep.

However sleeping in a lab with electrodes on doesn’t seem to be very convenient and hence Actigraphy! Actigraphs are devices similar to fitness bands that can be worn on your wrists with the sole aim to keep track of your sleep during day time and the intensity of sleep during the nights. While it was intended for diagnosing people with sleep disorders, the inferred data from the Actigraphs were comparable to Polysomnography. The added convenience of wearing it on the wrist made it a near-to-perfect option to have on a fitness band.

How does UP24 track your sleep?

How Does Jawbone UP24 Track Sleep

The bioimpedance sensors along with skin and ambient temperature sensors can tell whether the user is in deep or light sleep by analysing the breaths per minute, body temperature and galvanic skin response. The data will be stored in the band overnight in jawbone server, and once you sync the UP24 wirelessly with the UP app, you can view the decoded data as infographs.

Bioimpedance measures the resistance of body tissue to tiny electric current to enable the capture of a wide range of physiological signals including your heart rate.

Just remember to press down the button on your band until the moon LED flashes and off you go to a goodnight’s sleep. This would set all the trackers into work including the accelerometers that track any little movements which mean you’ve not yet dived into a deep sleep.

How Does Jawbone UP24 Track Sleep

Similarly prolonged hours of motionless hours could be interpreted as deep sleep hours by the Jawbone UP app. Press the button again in the morning to inform the band you’re up and running.


Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep is a stage of sleep where rapid eye movements occur along with a shutdown of body muscles. REM sleep is the doorway to deep sleep and cannot be tracked using accelerometers. However the inability to distinguish between REM sleep, where dreams occur and deep sleep comes as a disappointment to those looking for a thorough analysis of their sleep patterns.

Is It Accurate?

The Jawbone UP24 still gives a good idea about your sleep patterns among other activities. While professional athletes and hardcore fitness fans would want something more than just active hours of sleep, it is still one of the best sleep tracking devices build with most accurate sensors for those who are looking to get into the ‘Fit’ zone and would want a simple and basic way to kick off your fitness goals.

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