You shouldn’t take your health and body for granted; You might have heard of this phrase often, but it has almost wiped out from your thoughts without knowing it’s deepness. Fitness is one of the valuable aspects of our lives. If your body is perfect, you are perfect too. Money cannot buy you a new body but with money, you can certainly purchase a device that can take care of it.

Obviously, we are talking about the “Jawbone UP” here. Though there are many fitness trackers on the market, this has caught a lot of attention next to Fitbit. It is a perfect activity tracker to keep track of your Sleep, health, and fitness. To all health junkies, who want know every data related to their body fitness, Jawbone is an ideal gadget. Before we tell you how to use Jawbone UP, let us start with a quick introduction.

What is Jawbone UP?

Though Jawbone UP is quite familiar in the fitness market, it is still a hidden product to many people around the world. “Jawbone” is a San Francisco-based company makes not only smart fitness bands (UP, UP2, UP3) but also manufactures portable audio devices. Alexander Asseily and Hosain Rahman founded the company back in 1999 by the name “Aliph.” In 2011, Jawbone launched its first lifestyle-fitness-tracking device called “UP”.


Jawbone UP keeps tracks of your sleep patterns, eating habits and calories burned. Just like other fitness-tracking devices, Jawbone UP is also worn on the wrist. The battery lasts up to 10 days. The Jawbone UP also has a cool feature that wakes you up after your sleep cycle with vibration.

According to Sleep Specialists, Jawbone UP produces very vital and impressive data. The wristband comes in many variants: UP, UP24, and UP move. The design is unique. Its curvature design perfectly fits on the user’s wrist. However, the ends of the Jawbone UP wristband do not join.

How Does Jawbone UP Work?

Jawbone UP is necessary for the current day living. After all, we live in a no-time world where we give our health and fitness the least preference. Jawbone UP is a simple fitness accessory, which is in the form of rubber wristband.

Jawbone UP may look simple, but there are too many things going on behind this rubber technology. It is shaped by a strip of steel, which gives the wristband a complete support. It works with lithium–ion battery.

The wristband has a motion detector ( an essential component of the device), which keeps the Jawbone UP working. This motion sensor helps in detecting the change in acceleration. Based on that, it collects the vital information of your

The sensors inside it analyze the raw data and convert them into information like:

  • The number of steps you have taken
  • How many hours you have slept
  • How many calories you have burned
  • Heart rate by hour

Jawbone UP requires a data cable to connect. While, its newer versions like UP2, UP3 and UP4 supports Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your phone. Jawbone UP has a powerful inbuilt algorithm which does a perfect job in tracking the data. With its amazing motion detector, it tracks your sleep very well. The actigraphy is designed to track your sleeping patterns in a much smart way. In short, it can monitor even your micro (light sleep and deep sleep).

Jawbone Size

Buy Jawbone based on the size of your wrist. Wearing the wrong size can be uncomfortable and motion sensors might not be able to track your activities accurately.


How To Use Jawbone Up in the best way?

Now, it is time to comprehend the dynamics of Jawbone UP and to learn how to use jawbone up.

Step 1: Wear The Jawbone Up On Your Wrist

First, wear the Jawbone UP wristband properly by bending band just enough so that it can go through your fist. Do not stretch or twist excessively, as it can damage the band.The wrong size might be uncomfortable to wear. So it’s better to check the size before you buy a Jawbone UP. The best way to check your size is to measure your wrist with an inch tape and check the above table for reference.

Modes in Jawbone UP

Another important feature of Jawbone UP is its mode. The band has two modes:

  • Active Mode and
  • Sleep Mode

The Green/Orange light represents active mode while the Blue light denotes sleep mode.

To alternate between the modes, you just have to tap on the upper end of the Jawbone UP wristband. The band should be in active mode when you are active, throughout the day and night. Both these modes give your Jawbone the right information to track your activity.

Step 2: Sync With Your Phone

Like other wristbands, even Jawbone needs to be synced with an app to see your data.

1. First, download the Jawbone app and Install it (available for both Android, iOS and Windows).

2. Synchronize the Jawbone UP band with the app:

  • You will see a silver cap at the end of the band. Open it. You will see a small plug, which connects the band to your mobile phone.
  • Put the band into the headphone jack of your Smartphone. Wait for few minutes, till the SYNC option to pop up.
  • Once the connection is successful, open the app’s dashboard, where it displays all the information related to your day-to-day activities. It includes your recent sleep activities; Number of steps taken, and food intake (In calorie).

Tips for Jawbone Care

  • To get more data about calories, you have to enter some information into the app. Tap the “food and drinks” option and enter your meals. The app will calculate your calories intake, and it tells you accurately how many calories you have burned.
  • Jawbone UP band is resistant to rain, sweat and shower. However, it is not waterproof. Hence, remember to take it off before you dive into a swimming pool or in a Hot Tub. But the current versions comes with waterproof coatings.
  • To clean the band, always use a clean cloth or cotton dipped with alcohol-based sanitizer and rub it gently. Do not submerge Jawbone UP in any solvent or cleaning liquid.
  • It also supports outside applications like MyFitnesspal,  Runtastic, Starva, Whistle and many more.

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