The world is getting advanced every day. We see new gadgets being launched and disappearing at the same time. That’s because only the reputed ones stay. We are now touching the pinnacle of technology. The world has no boundaries now. From Telegram to Wi-Fi, the world has reached to a completely different dimension, which no one had thought of 100 years ago.

Every day there is something new going on; people are competing with each other to make better things and with these better and innovated products, our life is getting easy. Who would have thought that we could video chat with our loved ones even sitting thousands of miles apart?

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In the sequence of making your life easy, Apple Inc. has launched their product called “Apple Pay” or what they popularly call it as “iPay”. But you must be wondering What is Apple Pay? And How do I use Apple pay? Well, fret not, as we have a full post for you explaining this amazing service. Read on.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a digital wallet service by Apple Inc, which was released in October 2014. It gives users freedom to make payments from their iPhone6, 6 Plus and  Apple Watch compatible devices (iPhone 5 and later model). You can also use apple pay on your iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3 and later models.

Apple Pay is mobile payment service; it stores your debit and credit card information and lets you use it to pay anywhere. Apple Pay keeps your credit and Debit Card information on a Secure Network so that it can’t be used by any other person or device. In a very innovative way, Apple has changed the way we pay. It has digitalized and replaced the use of credit and debit Card for swiping and pressing down the numbers on every transition. It is a contact payment technology.

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How Do I Use Apple Pay?

If you have iPhone 6 version phones, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 4, then you don’t have to worry because Apple Pay is already been integrated into your wallet app. In short, it comes pre-installed with your handset.

  • When you start the app for the first time, it will give you the option to set up your wallet with your credit or debit card details. You can also use Apple Pay through your Apple Watch. You have to use apple watch app in your iPhone.
  • In “My Watch”, tab scroll down to Password & Apple Pay. It doesn’t matter if you have used apple pay on your iPhone, you will have to enter the details again. But Apple got your back in this one; setting up your card details is easy.
  • You can use your iPhone’s camera to capture the information of the card, the smart camera will capture the information and it will then ask you if it is right or wrong.
  • You need to add your three-digit CVV code written back of your card. After that, the credit card and debit card company may use their own verification which is for security purpose. Once your card details are added, you can find your card detail in passbook app and set your card for further transitions.

Payment Process

When you are buying something at a store, you don’t have you to go in your back pocket to get your card and to follow up all the process to pay; now the stores got “Wireless Payment Terminal” or “Tap-to-pay contactless terminal”.

The best part is that you don’t have to wake up your iPhone or open an app, as soon as you will hold your iPhone up to the wireless payment terminal it will automatically initiate the payment process.


On the other hand, if you are purchasing some stuff and planning to pay it from your Apple Watch, you have to take your watch up to “wireless payment terminal” and double tab underneath the digital crown to initiate the payment with your default card. You have to hold your Apple Watch close to the contactless payment terminal until you hear beep or vibration, according to your setting.

Authorization is done by Touch ID or passcode and the card information is never stored on the iCloud. The card information never leaves your device. Your Apple Watch will not work in the transaction if you have not set up a passcode. It is to secure your payments.

There is no fee for using the Apple Pay service. All you need is a mobile internet connection.

Apple Pay is currently available in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Rumors are that Apple will deploy this Apple Pay service to Hong Kong, Singapore and Spain by the end of 2016.

Almost all major banks in the United States support Apple Pay now. It works with Master Card, American Express and Visa. In the United Kingdom, Apple Pay works with M&S Bank, Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland.

In the meantime, Apple’s long-time rivalry, Samsung has already released their own version of payment service called “Samsung Pay“. This payment method is already got attention in US and Europe countries, so the future will be a pretty interesting one for mobile wallet payment market.

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