GoPro App shows preview not supported

The GoPro app is a handy tool to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote for your GoPro camera.  While the app is good for framing in on the subject, the app shows “Preview not supported” and “Playback not supported” messages while trying to load the preview and playback the media. Let us have a look at the what and the why!

GoPro coupled with your smartphone is a forced to be reckoned with! The GoPro app for your iOS and Android smart devices gives you total control and accessibility to your GoPro camera. It’s the better way to tell your stories to the world on live. You can use your phone or tablet as a remote control for your GoPro to adjust the settings, settle in on a frame and can even trim your footage to make amazing clips and pictures.

The vision for GoPro was never just to be in extreme sports.’ —GoPro President Tony Bates

The app offers an aptly named ‘HiLight’ feature where you could highlight your video footage for playing it back later. You can browse through your videos and pictures from your phone. In short, the app is a pit stop to manage and sort out your media.

The app also allows you to do an OTA update (over-the-air updates) for the camera software. However, high latency inherited from the large sized videos and pictures do prompt some messages that aren’t as appealing as those videos you filmed on your GoPro.

Over The Air (OTA)  is a standard for the transmission and reception of application-related information in a wireless communications system

Do you notice the feed on the ‘live view’ screen on your GoPro app lagging behind like a snail on a bad day? While it could give you a certain edge in framing the picture, the delay could be very much irritating, especially when you are trying to take pictures remotely using the GoPro app and end up clicking the wrong picture. And there’s more. The live view display could have been a bit bigger so we wouldn’t miss out on the details in the frame.

The GoPro app lets you choose the resolution you want for your footage without the hassle of your camera’s buttons but fails in displaying the live feed when it comes to high-resolution footages and therein lays the rub.

A ‘Preview not supported’ message is prompted on the live view section when users opt for higher res videos such as 4K. The ‘Playback is not supported’ message is another avatar of the same issue that pops up when users try to playback the high res videos. Read on to find out how to get rid of these errors.

Why GoPro App Shows Preview Not Supported?

GoPro App shows preview not supported

If you choose to shoot in 4K or 2.7K, that’s great. But don’t expect to find a live view from the GoPro app while shooting. You’ll be able to see the live view display until you hit the record button and when you do, poof! The display goes black with the ‘Preview not supported’ message. However, you cannot say you did not see that coming; the GoPro app lets you choose the resolution for your video but lacks two options. Yes, you guessed them right- 4K and 2.7K. If you want to shoot in either of those modes, you have to set it up on the camera itself; and don’t expect any live feed.

Make sure you have turned OFF Protune in your HD HERO3 or HERO3+ to get the live view. Protune edits the output which the app is unable to process, yet.

HERO3+ Black Edition Supported? HERO3+ Silver Edition Supported?
4K 17:9 No 1080-60-W Yes
4K No 1080-60-M Yes
2.7K 17:9 No 1080-60-W Yes
2.7K No 1080-30-W Yes
1440-48-W No 1080-30-M Yes
1440-30-W Yes 1080-30-N Yes
1440-24-W Yes 960-60-W Yes
1080-48-SuperView No 960-30-W Yes
1080-30-SuperView Yes 720-120-W Yes
1080-24-SuperView Yes 720-120-M Yes
1080-60-W Yes 720-120-N Yes
1080-60-M Yes 720-60-W Yes
1080-60-N Yes 720-60-M Yes
1080-48-W Yes 720-60-N Yes
1080-30-W Yes 720-30-W Yes
1080-30-M Yes 720-30-M Yes
1080-30-N Yes 720-30-N Yes
1080-24-W Yes WVGA-120 Yes
1080-24-M Yes WVGA-60 Yes
1080-24-N Yes
960-100-W No
960-48-W Yes
720-100-SuperView No
720-60-SuperView Yes
720-48-SuperView Yes
720-120-W No
720-120-N No
720-60-W Yes
WVGA-240 No
Protune (all resolutions) No

Hero 4, probably the strongest and definitely the peppiest among the group is capable of rendering a preview for all the resolutions including 4K and 2.7K. But the high latency of the likes of 4K videos needs your smartphone or tablet to have high processing speeds and powerfully integrated Wi-Fi modules so it could render a preview.

Here’s a list of some popular devices and their preview capability:

iPhone 3GS YES YES YES No Preview
iPhone 4 YES YES YES No Preview
iPod (all generations) YES YES YES No Preview
iPad (2-current) YES YES YES YES
Android 4.1+ YES YES YES YES

You will get a busy message on the live view screen if the time-lapse mode is ON.

Why GoPro App Playback Not Supported ?

You can view your videos and pictures you have taken using your GoPro on the GoPro app. The media is stored on the SD card, and you can view them by choosing the GoPro media option present on the app. If a ‘Playback not supported’ message is prompted, it probably means either you have Protune ON or your device doesn’t support the resolution of the footage or the picture. High res videos such as 2.7K and 4K can present trouble when you are trying to playback your footages.

GoPro App shows preview not supported

As said in an article from WSJ, the smartphones will be a huge problem for GoPro when it comes to the mutual sync. So, this leads to our problems “preview not supported”/”playback not supported” and the solution is not tricky as we think.

The errors stem or the root cause of these problems are from the high latency of smartphones and tablets over high-resolution videos. Well, we can’t all have IBM Watson in our hands, can we? While the errors don’t seem to be a mess up from GoPro, they need to overhaul the app to make the most out of the fun cameras.


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