Garmin Vivomove Smartwatch Review

garmin vivomove smartwatch review (2)

Garmin has recently extended its wearables family by introducing and unveiling an all new, most stylish and lavishing fitness trackers that are unlike the previous bands – Vivosmart HR+ or Vivofit Bands via Garmin vivo watch series.  Vivomove, as it is called is a smarter analogue watch that the rivals like Fitbit Blaze and is best if compared with Withings Activite or any of the Fossil’s legacy fitness tracking watch to have a place around your wrist.

Garmin Vivomove Smartwatch Review

Garmin Vivomove: Design

One of the most discussed features of any fitness tracker is simple and attractive aesthetics, and Garmin Vivomove watch is nothing behind. While some of the other models are bulky, unsightly to wear for a special occasion or too much sporty, Garmin introduces something out of this league this time.

garmin vivomove smartwatch review (2)

The new trackers combine fitness and wrap it into a fashion package with a minimal sporty look at first glance.
The new Garmin watch is an analogue model having a year long battery life and supports the interchanging of bands as well. These bands must be compatible with any 20 mm bands on the market, and the new Garmin smartwatch is capable of tracking things like your steps, sleep and also reminds you of the options available to remain active and alert throughout the day.

Like all of Garmin’s devices, the smartwatch is waterproof down to 50 meters (165 feet), so you can swim and shower with it. Now you don’t need to worry about your number of laps while swimming. All in all, it is pretty similar to the Withings Activite.

Garmin has fortunately made a departure from the conventional designs we are used to seeing till now, and this new Garmin smartwatch is a welcome change in the all digital wearable era.

The company has acquired a new and stylish approach to the business wearable unveiling the Vivofit 3. The Vivomove watch keeps the tracking skills to minimum and has emphasised greatly on looks making it look decent tracker for casual and regular usage.

Garmin Vivomove: Versions

Vivomove watch is available in 3 different models that start with the Sports version at the bottom, Classic to the next and the Premium that comes with the option of stainless or gold tone steel finishes on the top.

garmin vivomove smartwatch review
Along with the watch, there is a 42 mm watch case, and all the models from basic to premium have been slapped with a 5ATM water resistance rating and thus apt to be taken for a dip in a pool, even up to a depth of 50 metres. However, you are suggested not to try such acts with leather straps on it. The good thing is that the bands are replaceable and interchangeable and thus let you pick up new sports or leather options.

Garmin Vivomove: Hardware

The watch is sleek and stylish and being offered in a variety of material and models. While the Vivomove sports has a silicone based band, the Classic ones owe a leather band. There is also Vivomove Premium that features steel body and leather strap.

Overall, you will not be ashamed to wear this device to a wedding or office. The build quality is nice, and the watch has a good weight, which is not annoying at all to wear.

Garmin Vivomove: Activity tracking

As far as the tracking is concerned, the Vivomove watch is capable of counting steps, monitoring sleep patterns and estimating the calorie burned. The build in accelerometer is also able to track the distance of the indoor workouts and also sets you a new goal every day.

garmin vivomove smartwatch review

However, very unfortunate that there are no signs of heart rate sensors which might disappoint you at the start, but perhaps not too much surprising looking at the sleek design and modern look.

garmin vivomove smartwatch review

Garmin’s Mode bar has been built to watch face and let you know how long you have been inactive for (Ideal time). There is also a step count progress bar right on the opposite sides. Data gets synced to the Garmin Connect Mobile that displays the progress in details as well as provides you tips and meaningful insights on how to stick to healthy habits on a regular basis. As far as the fitness tracker and relationship of a smartphone with it goes, it does not make a cut!

Garmin Vivomove: Notifications

The Vivomove smartwatch is analogue and thus, no scope of touch screen here, and you will also find a distinctive lacking of smartphone’s notification support. You cannot be able to view text messages or any other social media updates on your watch.

You tend to miss smart notification support you have been getting with other Garmin trackers like Vivoactive HR or Vivosmart HR smartwatch. This also means that there are no vibration alerts present, and you do not get the ability to control music as well!

garmin vivomove smartwatch review

There is little dissatisfaction on the software part as well. Though the watch syncs with the Garmin’s Connect mobile app on iOS or Android, where you can see the connect with friends, activity stats and other details such as personalised insights as well as feedback yet it is confusing to navigate and clunky as compared to the apps provided by the competitors.

Garmin Vivomove: Battery Life

Regarding battery life, it is great news for those smartwatch lovers. That is because the Vivomove Garmin has been powered with pretty standard coil cell batteries that the usual analogue watches are using. You get one year of tracking without any need of replacements.

Garmin Vivomove: Move Bar

The two bars allow a user to check on their progress and inactivity at a glance.

  1. The bar present on the left side of the face depicts the progress towards your personalised daily steps goals.
  2. The red bar present on the right side of the watch shows that the user is inactive for a longer time, filling half way after every single hour of inactivity and 15 minutes after that till the time it is reset by walking or working out for 5-10 minutes.

The vívomove can automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect Mobile app without any manual intervention.

Garmin Vivomove Vs Withings activité

garmin vivomove smartwatch review

On the technical end, the three levels of the watch have the same built-in features inside. It is only the bands that differ from each other. Let us have a look and compare the Vivomove with something like Withings activité? Here are the comparison results of the two gadgets:

  1. Withings activité has sport mode recognition’s for riding, swimming, running, and others while Garmin smartwatch does not have its MoveIQ units.
  2. Garmin comes with an inactivity sidebar whereas Withings does not
  3. Withings syncs the clock time via Withings app and Bluetooth Smart. On Garmin Vivomove smartwatch, you need to use the crown dial and set it manually anytime
  4. Garmin comes with a superb one-year long battery life whereas Withings is somewhat closer to just 6 to 8 months
  5. Withings has alarm and vibration capabilities whereas Garmin does not have any
  6. Garmin can pair to both mobile and desktop.  Withings only supports smartphones.

Here’s how both units have many of the same features:

  1. Both the devices are waterproofed and can sustain swimming workout while wearing
  2. Both come with universal watch band support and thus, swap as and when you want
  3. Both units can track sleep as well as distance you have walked
  4. Both the smart watches make use of sleep metrics
  5. The coil cell batteries are also a similarity, and you just need to replace them

Both units use Bluetooth Smart to sync metrics throughout the day to your phone

Garmin Vivomove: Prices

Vivomove is available in 6 different models and can be customised to your personal style:

  1. Vívomove sport – ($149.99)
  2. Vívomove classic black or rose gold-tone with leather straps – ($199.99)
  3. Vívomove premium with leather straps and full steel body – ($299.99)

Garmin Vivomove : Verdict

Vivomove smartwatch is a sort of relaxation from those heavy made fitness tracking watches that have loads of functions yet hard to utilise. However, there is one caveat here to the Vivomove. Garmin Vivomove has been built with limited functionality, and less emphasis has been laid on the fitness tracking.

The sleep tracker is next to useless. However, the designs, the waterproof features and two bars are worth a mention. It just tracks your activities and lets you know when you have been inactive for long and thus, apt for those who are conscious about fitness but not a junkie. You can carry it like a normal classic watch without letting anyone know how much reliant you are on it. The lack of charging needs makes it more preferred to me as compared to those who require charging in few days. Get universal band support as well.

A worth buying smartwatch if those who love to adore minimal features and elegant design.

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