Every digital camera that we make use of today requires a memory card or the SD card to store all the images and the videos that you have shot using the device. If this particular accessory is not present, the device by itself would not function and would keep telling you to add the SD card to continue. As such, the GoPro Hero 5 action camera requires the SD card to shoot the action live and to never miss out on the moments.

In recent GoPro’s have been of great assistance for the sports and adventurous people. The latest GoPro Hero 5 is the most advanced new action camera from GoPro Tech. With all the new features of high-quality pixels, zoom quality , 4k Ultra-HD video shooting, and many more additions, this one is a worth a price for your next adventure. Needless to say, this action camera is able to provide the best quality videos and images and does not miss out on any of the moments. Even if you miss out on capturing the moment, the camera does not fail to do so. You will be requiring a proper functioning SD card to use the action camera without any trouble.

Reason For GoPro Hero 5 “No SD Card” Error ???

As mentioned, your camera is functional only with the card inside it. Without the limited inner space, even if you switch on the device, it will not shoot any images or videos and will start to send out the error message from the beginning. This can be very much frustrating but happens to be a common problem for the GoPro Hero 5 and every other imaging device that makes use of the SD card. As you can see, there are several reasons for the appearance of the SD card error message on your device. But all these have the easy solutions that you can try out on your own without having to call the professionals for their assistance.

Keep in mind that, when you purchase the GoPro Hero 5, the sales assistant or the product description given in the online shopping portal would advise you to make use of the SD card recommended by the makers of the device. This is because, only certain cards will be readable by certain devices.

Even if you use another card instead of the suggested one, the card might function in the beginning, but you might end up facing some errors in reading the card or using the device in general, after a certain period of time.

This makes your purchase not worthwhile and you would have to once again buy a card that is readable by the device.

Troubleshooting Of No SD Card Error In GoPro Hero 5

1. Get Only Class 10 microSD card

Like mentioned, the SD card in the GoPro Hero 5 Black or any other models under the series, will face unexpected error when you try to read the card in the device. Most of the GoPro devices make use of the Class 10 microSD card, which is the best in range of memory cards for the device. But as such, you need to understand that not every Class 10 SD cards would be accepted by the GoPro Hero 5, as the speed might vary for the same from one brand to another.

GoPro common errors and the troubleshooting

2. Get The Maximum Storage

Action cameras are used in places where you require the high speed video capture without any interference. As mentioned, Class 10 microSD card is required for the GoPro Hero 5 to function without any problem. In case of any error, you can get check your device capability of higher memory and get the maximum storage as possible, which will give boost to the device to store your shots without any slowness.

3. Do The Proper Formating Of SD Card

Transfer every file from your SD card to the computer, as you might lose them after formatting. Insert the SD card in the camera and navigate to the setup menu. Choose the format option from the list to format the SD card in the device. Wait for the process to get over and switch off the camera and switch on once again and check if the screen shows that you have no files in the SD card.

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4. Updating Firmware

At times, the version of your GoPro model and the SD card might not be compatible, though it comes under the recommended list. In this case, connect the device to your computer and try to download the GoPro firmware or the new version for your SD card that needs an update. For the GoPro Hero 5, the official website will have the link for the firmware update along with the instructions required for updating the firmware.

5. Presence Of Dust

Dust can interfere with the normal functions of the SD card. In this case, try using a small brush and little amount of isopropyl alcohol to rub on the surface. Wipe away with a towel and ensure that it is dry before inserting them inside the device. If this cleaning is not successful, try to clean the memory card slot in the GoPro Hero 5. Never blow using your mouth, as this might cause the moisture from your mouth to enter the device. Use compressed air to siphon out the dust and the try to insert the SD card and switching on the device.

Now you can see your GoPro Hero 5 works just fine and if still error shows up, then its time you need to contact your seller quickly and explain the problem clearly so they would rectify it as soon as possible.