The Apple watch has caught the world by a storm just like the range of smartphones from the company. With this, you can now pair your Apple watch to the iPhone and use it for attending calls and other functions that you get on your Smartphone. Pairing the watch to the iPhone is necessary for you to make use of these functions.

After pairing, you will be able to customize your watch either directly on the device or from the iPhone with which it has been paired. This ensures that you do not have to take out your Smartphone every time you get a call or a message.

The new Apple watch OS4 comes with various features, which are also available on the iPhone. But as such, just like every other electronic device, there are certain problems that you might face while handling the device. Be it a small software problem or even if your Apple watch gets frozen on the logo, you need to understand that such things are common and there are solutions to each and every problem. When your apple watch is not working properly, first thing you need to do is don’t try to fix it by yourself soon, research and proceed step-by-step. These solutions can be tried out on your own, and you would not require any professional help.

How To Fix Apple Watch Frozen On Logo Error?

Many have complained about their Apple watch being frozen after a software update or if there was any problem in updating the latest version of iOS. These are some of the techniques that you can use for fixing your Apple Watch stucked on Apple logo/boot . These solutions do not take more than 2 minutes and can be done easily

1. Reset Apple watch




Fix Apple Watch Frozen On Logo ErrorJust like every other device, resetting or restarting the device can help in providing a solution. On the side of the Apple watch, you would be having two buttons, namely the digital crown and the side button. To reset your Apple watch, press both the buttons simultaneously. Press them for up to 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo once again appearing on the watch’s screen. You can use this basic technique for fixing the frozen logo on your Apple watch.

2. Using the iPhone VoiceOver Option

Fix Apple Watch Frozen On Logo Error

Like mentioned, you would have paired your iPhone with the watch to make best use of the features in the device. In this case, if you are not able to get the screen even after restarting your watch, it might mean that you have turned on the Screen Curtain function in your watch. For this, click on the Apple watch app on your iPhone and go to the Accessibility in the General settings. In this choose the Voice Over function and switch off the Screen Curtain. Close the app by switching off Voice Over. By unpairing the apple watch from your iPhone will give solve your glitch in a minute.

3. ReiBoot With Mac or Windows

Fix Apple Watch Frozen On Logo Error

Install and run ReiBoot on your Mac or Windows and the software recognizes the devices automatically. In the ‘Fix All iOS Stuck’ page, press the ‘Repair Now’ to download the firmware package. After download, click on ‘Start Repair, ’ and the Apple watch starts to function normally.

Download ReiBoot


Hope this solutions can fix your apple watch frozen on logo problem right away! No need to panic or alarm, it is common in any new gear while setting up. Just keep updating your device often, then everything will be OKAY!

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