Fitness trackers are a rage these days and one of the best gifting options for your closed ones. May it be your dad, mom, gym teacher, or your friend, activity trackers make the perfect present. While there are various brands setting up new benchmarks with each of their launches, one cannot miss mentioning the name of Fitbit. They are the most reliable brands in the market that boast numerous features, excellent battery life, good looks, and specs that melt away the heart of the buyers.

There are several models of Fitbit bands in the market that it is hard to determine which band is suitable for your needs and budget. Here is a list of all the Fitbit models compared, based on their features and functionality. Also, to make narrow down your search, we have written about the Fitbit battery life comparison for each model available in the market now. So, let’s find out which Fitbit device stand out from the crowd!

List Of Fitbit Battery Life Comparison

Fitbit Zipfitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-zip

The Zip from Fitbit is the least expensive tracker out of the seven models from the brand. It is a small, versatile and water resistant device that can be easily clipped on your clothes or shirt collars. It features an easier-to-read screen and comes in a variety of colors. The wireless sync option makes it compatible with devices. It tracks the distance, calories, active minutes, time of day and your step tracking as well.

Fitbit battery life comparison:The battery life of Fitbit Zip is 4 to 6 months with its in-built battery, which makes it long lived than any other device in the market. It is an ideal fit for people who look for affordable, functional, and simple looking gadgets. Causal athletes can buy this tracker for their regular training.

Fitbit Onefitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-one

Boasting of features like being clipped on to the clothing, tracking steps, calories, distances, floors you have climbed, active minutes, sleep time, and others, Fitbit One also features a silent vibrating alarm and a clock. The product comes with an inbuilt OLED display and synchronizes with your compatible devices wirelessly.

Fitbit battery life comparison: The battery charge for Fitbit One runs for around for 10 to 14 days, which is fairly good for any device with so many features. To all those who are serious to monitor their activities and sleep time, this device is worth the money.

Fitbit Flexfitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit

Fitbit Flex is one the sleekest and stylish wristbands that tracks sleep, calories, steps, distance walked and traveled. The band also boasts a silent vibrating alarm that can sync wirelessly with various compatible devices. It doesn’t come with a traditional screen but a slim wristband display with LED lights that show your progress as you reach your goals.

Fitbit battery life comparison: The device is capable of running for up to 5 days without asking for any power. If you are one of those who want to track their health and fitness no matter what kind of activity they are in, can buy this affordable band.

Fitbit Chargefitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-charge

One step up from all of the above mentioned bands, the Charge is an upgrade regarding prices, features and looks. The model comes with features of calculating burned calories, active minutes, distance, sleep tracking, silent vibrating alarm, caller ID and others. The wristband also has an OLED display and can be synced wirelessly to compatible devices.

Fitbit battery life comparison: Battery life is a big relief as the Fitbit Charge runs for up to 7 – 10 days. The smart watch type band is ideal for all those who want to get a luxurious looking gadget on their hands without paying any hefty amount.

Fitbit Charge HRfitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-charge

Another smart budget tracker that is very much similar to Fitbit Charge HR yet different in many ways is none other than the “Charge HR”. The device includes continuous heart rate monitor and packs interesting features like exercise tracking, caller ID, wireless syncing, water resistant design, OLED display, and others.

Fitbit battery life comparison: The fitness band battery charge device lasts for 5 days and comes out as a reliable and multifaceted fitness tracker at prices that are seriously less.

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Fitbit Surgefitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-surge

The top lined and highly blesses Fitbit Fitness Tracker is Surge, which is the most expensive yet worth than all the other devices. Apart from usual tracking, the device comes with a caller ID, smart text notifications, continuous heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, music control, and wireless sync to compatible devices and others. These fancy features are a true fitness metrics and enable the users to log their workouts, view their exercise summary, track the walked or ran distance, monitor their burned calories count, record the number of floors climbed and calculates the pace.

Fitbit battery life comparison: It lasts for 7 days and the GPS battery life lasts up to 10 hours. The device is ideal for all smartwatch lovers who don’t pay much for Apple watch!

Fitbit Blazefitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-blaze

Fitbit Blaze can be deemed as an advance tracking smartwatch that is capable of providing a hybrid of advanced fitness trackers and a basic smartwatch. The Blaze fitness tracker can read PurePulse Heart rate, keeps track of you all day activities, and monitors your sleep and other workout summaries on display. Users can also enjoy the wireless sync to a multitude of devices, smart notifications for text, calendar and emails, etc. music control of your mobile playlists or connected to GPS systems to map your route when it is sync connected with any compatible device.

Fitbit battery life comparison: The battery lasts up to 5 days and an ideal fit for those who are not ready to try a new advanced smartwatch but love to explore the smart features and keeping their fitness on top priority.

Fitbit Altafitbit-battery-life-comparison-fitbit-alta

Often touted to be the sleekest gadget that keeps the users inspired, the Alta is a stylish tracker that comes in vibrant colors that include blue, plum, teal and black. This latest smart wristband features all day tracking of activities, smart notifications, sleep monitor, reminders to help you move or rest! Fitbit Alta is water resistant and also features an OLED tap display that syncs wirelessly to compatible devices.

Fitbit battery life comparison: With a battery backup of up to 5 days, the tracker is worth a pick. Though it does not packs all the essential and advanced features yet visually appealing and a precise heart rate monitor, GPS, etc. makes it a valuable tracker with arguably winning features.

Hope this article helped you in giving the right information about the battery life of various Fitbit fitness trackers. So, it’s hard to choose the best among them. At the end of the day, you have to compromise on features or the battery life. Better the feature, lower the battery life. If you feel, we have missed writing something important; feel free to write it in the comments section.

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