Nowadays, almost all athletes and sports communities desire to look presentable even when deranged in sweat and pulsating heartbeat. Fashion industry is slowly taking control of the wearable market. Most essentially, if you are a fitness freak, who counts your daily dosage of distance walked, total calories consumed per day and calories burned. So, here is a fitness monitoring wristband or watch, which camouflages well with your sense of dressing and tracks your activities on a daily basis.

According to the company source, Fitbit has shipped more than a million Alta and Blaze products in the recent days. So, it is time for you to check out this Fitbit Alta review and decide if this could be the best fitness tracker for you or not. This might be a sure shot purchase for those fitness and stylish souls, who desire to maintain sophistication in their look.


The brand, Fitbit in the preceding years was under the criticism for having fitness wristbands that caused skin rashes and irritation. Despite this, the brand remains on the top and arguably the most worn fitness tracker on the market. It is sleek, slim, and has a modular design that can be changed to match your outfit each day. Think of it as the new, fashion-forward Fitbit Charge. The company had never produced a more stylish model of a fitness brand, though. They have changed and surprised their competitors with the all-new, super-slick model that is  Fitbit Alta. Designers Tory Burch have carefully designed custom wristband accessories for this wearable tech company. The activity tracker comes with high-end satin and silver finish bangles.

The Apple watches are probably Fitbit’s most cut-throat competitor. It is therefore clearly seen that the brand is making no amends to bring out a more fashionable choice for its loyal customers. It only makes sense, as this type of a fitness watch will widely appeal to a demographic of women. The Fitbit Alta wristwatches almost resemble well designed jewelry for fitness enthusiast. It is, however, a unisex device for men with a simple yet discrete taste in fitness trackers. Read on further to find out if the Fitbit Alta is functionally less sophisticated than its predecessors Charge HR and Surge.

Fitbit Alta Review

Design & Comfortability

The overall concept of Fitbit Alta is similar to that of the Blaze watch. It’s removable band entirely draws customer attention to it. The removable band allows you to swap it with fancier and trendier accessories. Find yourself a favorite amongst black, blue, plum and teal options available in the classic range. The Alta has a portable and slick 128-by-36 pixel, 1.4 inches OLED screen sitting in the middle of the quick-release or removable band.

The screen is encased in a stainless steel body, which can be easily detached if you wish to switch your band. With time, traditional fitness stats, caller ID and even calendar notifications are all on the small black & white OLED display. It is the most informative Fitbit display yet. This band is 15mm wide; far slimmer than its Garmin Forerunner devices.

The dismountable bands come in three varied sizes:

  • Small in 14-17 cm
  • Large in 17-20.6 cm, and
  • Extra-large in 20.6-23.6 cm

You can play with the bands to your heart’s content by simply pushing and sliding the quick-release button. The Alta fitness tracker sits comfortably on your wrist giving it a whole new and exciting feel. One won’t find any buttons on the Alta because it has a touch sensitive display. It is important to note that this isn’t a touch screen.


You can wake Alta’s display by lifting your wrist or double-tapping the screen, and you can scroll through your daily stats by tapping on the bottom or the side of the display.  Alta’s competitors Jawbone UP4 have a very similar vanilla design but lack in the notification screen. It is advisable not to wear the Alta during a shower or inside the swimming pool since it is not 100% waterproof. However, the watch is totally resistant to splashes, rain or sweat.

Other than that, one can wear it non-stop without having to worry about skin rashes either. The wristwatches’ lightweight feature completely adds to its usability. The thin form factor in its design compliments your look and personality.

Fitbit Alta: Activity Tracking

Since, tt is a sensitive model, which needs to be regularly used to track the steps accurately, especially in the case of running, biking or cycling. The Alta lacks “automatic turn off display” feature, though. During sleep time, the bright light might bother you.


  • The Fitbit Alta will track you steps, active time, Sleep level, distance covered and calories burned in the whole day. It is done by its inbuilt feature using the three-axis accelerometer.
  • The SmartTrack technology used in the Fitbit Alta fitness tracker wristband auto detects certain activities and automatically adds them to the Fitbit app.
  • The user will only need to tap the screen to check progress.
  • Choose from five vertical or horizontal clock options to customize the screen face according to your needs. It shows time easily enough.
  • Features such as GPS, Optical Heart-rate monitoring or stair climbing are absent in the Alta.


One can only find tracking of sleep time, restlessness, and wake in the Alta unlike its competitor Jawbone, which shows clear estimates of deep sleep, light sleep, and REM. It is understandable that the watch does not tell you what the various movements mean during sleep, as it is essentially a fitness tracker that monitors high functioning muscular movements.

Fitbit Alta: Hear Rate Monitor

It is huge let down that the device doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or GPS, which isn’t all too surprising considering how Fitbit is marketing the device. It is for an average user, who doesn’t need all that “extra” stuff. It can do the basics, and it can do them well. It is a damn good tracker to carry during your holidays or camping trips that will involve adventure sports or regular walking, running or cycling. The sleep wristband sits nestled on your wrists without engaging much attention but also adding value to your vacation look.

Fitbit Alta Notifications


You will see three basic elements on Alta’s screen:

  • Call
  • Text, and
  • Calendar

Third party app alerts are absent in this model, and longer text messages are cut off. One needs to remove their phone and read the pending message. It could be an addition to the least of not so good features. The good thing about Alta is that it sets you up with a 250 steps mini goal progression and pops up every hour to motivate you to move. The numbers on the screen change throughout the day to show you how many steps have been taken.

For all those who do not wish to be bothered by the hourly beeping, they can opt to customize reminder settings to start and end at specific times or even days. A very pleasing and cute modification in the Fitbit Alta is that it will vibrate once quickly and then show a character with a message like “Feed me steps!” or “Still 145 more to go!” to motivate your fitness regimen. After you have completed your goal, the Alta freaks out in congratulatory bursts of buzzing and on-screen ‘fireworks’.

It is not surprising that the device is very accurate as it is a known aspect of this case. Step tracking and other basic fitness tracking functions are all areas in which Fitbit excels, and the Alta is just as good as any other Fitbit device out there.

Fitbit Alta App

If you have been a regular user of the Fitbit brand, the Alta offers not much of a difference in the interface of its app. It is very easy to understand and use. The app has a balanced system where you can challenge yourself, earn badges and compete with other users. It is very well compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Tracking your weight loss by logging your food habits and water intake is possible in the app. The main screen shows data contrived through each day of workout and living. You can tap on it to get detailed information about your progress for that day, or to view your stats for the past week, month or year. Since the Alta doesn’t come with any buttons, you won’t be able to set a workout timer or manually start an exercise.


It uses Fitbit’s SmartTrack feature to recognize different exercises and to record them automatically in the app. A tap at its metric system will give a broader look at your performance results.  Syncing the app might prove to be a bummer for certain not very tech-savvy minds but after a few trials, you should be good to go.

In entirety, Alta has a long-standing functional app that is probably its best feature of use and indication. The Fitbit app allows you to share and connect with data available on some other services. Whether you are using Lose It, Runkeeper or MyFitnessPal, you’ll be able to share your data between applications.

Fitbit Alta Battery Life

This fitness tracker boasts of a strong battery life that could last about eight days after charging it one time. Its lithium-polymer design will keep it charged for a total of 5 days of working. Standard screen trackers serve for a week or so. The charger that comes with this device is a clamping one that connects to the back of the module giving it more security than other magnetic chargers. Considering you might be upgrading from an old Fitbit device, it’s disappointing that each of the company’s trackers requires its charging cable.

Fitbit Alta Price

The Fitbit Alta costs just $129 on Amazon, which is about the same price as other fitness trackers with the same feature set. The additional classic bands will cost you $23.22. The Luxe models in blush pink leather, and graphite leather will cost you $59.95. On the other hand, stainless steel options will come at $89.64. The brand will also be coming out soon with the mentioned designer brands. The bands costing might be a little too expensive for just the stylish feature, but they are good options nonetheless.

Buy Now:  Fitbit Alta – $129

Fitbit Alta Verdict

Considering Fitbit review, the device might not be a path-breaking technology, but it does have a rounded, stylish appeal especially for women searching for form and functionality as basics. It is surely a device designed aiming towards a more casual user crowd than hardcore fitness freaks and athletes. This sleek piece would make a good buy for those looking to customize their fitness wrist watches without burning a hole in their pockets while still maintaining general activity tracking abilities. If step tracking on the Alta is tested across its competitors like the Jawbone UP4, Charge HR, Blaze, and the Garmin Vivosmart HR, it is mostly in line with all these brands.


If you are in the market looking for an affordable, attractive fitness tracker that can handle the basics with little to almost no problems at all, go ahead and buy this product. Fitbit Alta is a breath of fresh air, considering that the company has been mostly focusing on features for the past few years, especially regarding aesthetics. It does not stand to be the most powerful fitness tracker available out there, but that is not what this product needs to meet. The overall impact can be summarized in a nutshell that it is comfortable, easy to use, inexpensive, and looks good while you are doing your regular fitness regimen, sleeping or working the hours through the day.

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