Watch Disney’s Crazy Experiment On Catching A Real Ball In Virtual Reality Environment!

It begun as most complex tech toy in 2012 (Oculus Rift), but now, virtual Reality is one of the coolest inventions in the tech market right now. From Apple, Sony, Facebook, Snapchat to low price Chinese tech market is all working their innovative VR headsets. Which proves that VR will became our entertainment livestock by 2020!


171 million people could be using VR hardware and software worldwide by 2018, according to research firm KZero


To give you more surprise, recently, Diney’s research lab conducted an experiment called “Catching a Real Ball in Virtual Reality Environment” by  Matthew Pan & Günter Niemeyer. The research paper explores the human – machine interaction in VR platform. By Using Predictive technology called Unscented Kalman Filtering,” users can accurately catch a real ball while immersed in a VR environment.

Which mean I can able to predict and catch a real ball while still in VR environment. This research explores the interaction between the dynamic physical object with haptic sensations in virtual reality. Which we can call it “mixed reality.

The research is more interesting when we dig further. The aim of the research to examine the following 3 major visualizations,

1. Rendering a matching virtual ball,
2. The predicted trajectory of the ball
3. A target catching point lying on the predicted trajectory

Check out this video to see what i am talking about,


But How do we can predict the ball motion??? Simple, by using advanced haptic senses in VR headset, we can able to estimate the ball motion as it approaches the catcher. This enables user senses alert and decision making in strategy in catching.


There are currently 685 virtual reality start-ups with an average valuation of $4.5 million, according to start-up tracking site AngelList.


Pretty cool isn’t! It is like a living the life of “Doctor Strange”!

At present VR in the experiment stage, but this may be a next level to the VR technology and hope it may help us to predict much more than a “ball” sooner.


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