A waterproof fitness tracker is highly sought after by those who are very passionate about the variety of health gadgets available these days. People, who like doing water based sports, exercises or who are more enthusiastic in hitting the swimming pool instead of a treadmill prefer a hardcore waterproof activity tracker for fitness tracking. Apart from water-based activities, many want this sort of thing so that they can wear the tracker even while washing, going out when it is raining, or taking a shower. Many are water resistant as they claim, but unless it is an activity tracker for swimming, you might not want to take chances with your fitness tracker. Also during your daily workouts, you will sweat, and this can make your tracker damp. The following list gives you the Best Waterproof fitness trackers that every hardcore swimmers.

Best Waterproof Fitness Trackers

1. Garmin VivoactiveWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-garmin-vivoactive

The Garmin Vivoctive comes in a slim and stylish design, weighing only 38 grams. It is perfect for swimming and water activity stuff. It is GPS enabled and has a touch screen, which shows notifications on syncing it with your smartphone. The Garmin swimming app gives you all information about distance covered, time duration, temperature, speed, strokes, etc. With a 5 ATM waterproof rating, you can dive up to 50 m depths wearing your Garmin Vivoactive.

2. Basis PeakWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-basis-peak

Basis Peak is one swimming activity tracker that is a must have for swimmers. It gives an edge to functionality as a fitness tracker suited for swimmers. It features commendable waterproofing and comes with a 5 ATM rating. It can also broadcast heart rate data to other devices. So while getting your fitness parameters tracked, you can choose this heavy duty waterproof activity monitor if you’re more into splashes than lifts.

3. Tom Tom Spark Cardio+MusicWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-tomtom-cardio

This fitness tracker is sort of a multi-tasking, all in one thing. It has heart rate monitor, GPS, a huge music playlist that can be played on Bluetooth headsets, activity tracking, and audio feedback on performance, sports activity tracking, etc. Whether you are cycling or swimming, it will update you with a comprehensive metric analysis. It provides 3 GB music storage so that you can tune into an endless choice of the playlist.

4. Misfit Flash LinkWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-misfit-flesh-link

Misfit Flash Link is an accurate and comfortable fitness tracker at a considerably low price. It does the best in tracking your daily activities. Also, it is compact and handy, you can hook it up anywhere in the body and ready for the swim. You can use the Misfit Flash Link up to 30 m underwater.

5. Misfit ShineWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-misfit-shine

Misfit Shine is a light and nice looking fitness tracker that can be used up to 50 m depth of water. It will track your strokes, steps or pedals. It easily synchronizes with smartphones and has a high-quality sleep tracking feature.

6. Misfit Speedo ShineWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-misfit-speedo-shine

The Misfit Speedo Shine is also waterproof at 50 m. It has been specially designed for swimmers. It can accurately track lap counts, swimming distance and has special swim tracking capabilities. It is made of aviation grade aluminum and will track all types of swimming strokes. The aluminum body of the tracker makes it highly resistant, such that it can last for a long time. The tracker is in the form of a metallic disc, which comes with a clasp so that you can attach it to any part of your body, be it a swimsuit or track pants. The device recognizes your tap vibrations and so you interact with the Misfit Speedo Shine by simply taping it. It is one of the most reliable waterproof fitness trackers in the market.

7. Moov NowWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Moov-Now

Moov Now will improve your moves, for it is more of a coach than a simple tracker. It gives you the right feedbacks. Made especially for swimmers, it is both water and dust proof. It has an audio coaching feature and does multisport tracking. So if you go for cycling or running instead of swimming, Moov Now will track that as well. It will feed you with your stroke type, efficiency, distance covered, rate, lap times and give a measure of your stamina while on the swim. Its audio coaching is available for body weight training, running, cycling and cardio boxing, apart from for swimming. It doesn’t only track your progress, but also motivates you to reach your goals. It is waterproof up to 50 m. When you go for swimming, you can change the tracker into swimming mode. It is light, small and a comfortable wear as a tracker.

8. Garmin Vivosmart HRWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-garmin-vivosmart-hr

This good, advanced high tech tracker is waterproof up to 50 m. It will track your heart rate plus workouts according to your set goals. It will notify you about your performance once you are done with your swimming session. You can keep track of your swimming workout with this amazing waterproof fitness trackers.

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9. Mio Alpha 2Waterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Mio-Alpha-2

Mio Alpha 2 is a good choice among waterproof fitness trackers. It features training modes and can help you track your steps as well as your strokes. You can track your performance with timer apps on it. There is also a heart rate monitoring feature on it.

10. Polar LoopWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-polar-loop

This thing comes with a 20 ATM and is recommended for swimming. So you can easily splash into your pool while wearing it. It has many functional features and will track your steps, sleep, and calories. All this with an attractive LED display comes at a reasonable price.

11. Runtastic OrbitWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-runtastic-orbit

You can do round the clock fitness tracking with Runtastic Orbit, which comes with 100 m deep waterproofing. Runtastic Orbit will let you dive deep into the pool while doing usual fitness tracking activities. You can easily track steps and distance on a daily basis. You will also get to monitor your sleep quality and duration each night. Runtastic Orbit will enable you to set calorie loss goals and achieve the goals by tracking how much calories you burn over time. The Orbit Connect app will give you notifications and updates. So with waterproof features, Runtastic Orbit is a perfected fitness tracker.

12. Tom Tom Multi-Sport GPS watchWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-tom-Tom-Multi-Sport-GPS-watch

This fitness gadget is stylized for convenience, ease of operation and functionality. There is a one button control that allows you to navigate through its menu options. It enables pool training once you switch on its swimming mode. It comes with a decent 50 m waterproofing. You can track your burnt calories, stroke count, and SWOLF score. It will also calculate your swimming distance by multiplying the number of turns you take with the pool distance entered before. It is thus more suitable for swim tracking in the swimming pool.

You can also use the Tom Tom Multi-Sport GPS watch for tracking runs and cycling. It comes with a large, visible display and a graphical training partner that will guide you in three different training modes with on-screen graphical instructions.

13. Jaybird ReignWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Jaybird-Reign

This is an awesome multisport activity tracker that can track any sport or activity, and you don’t need to switch to different modes for different activities. Once synced with your smartphone, the Jaybird Reign will provide you with all the statistics and data you need. The LED of the tracker will show your training status. It will notify you when you should start getting active with the Go-Zone and provide you a score according to your capacity to work out. It also has coaching and motivational features to keep up with your goals. However, it doesn’t feature a GPS, but it has heart rate variability monitoring sensors. So, it will tell you when you can work out harder and when you should pull the brakes.

14. Lifetrack Move C300Waterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Lifetrack-Move-C300

This comes at a low price compared to other waterproof trackers, and its low power use gives its battery a long life. It’s humble, and simple appearance hides many advanced tech features that Lifetrack Move C300 boasts of. It has a heart rate monitor, which has been patented as ‘ECG accurate’. It will store your heart data, and you can compare them over time using the tracker.

The calorie tracking feature uses a pace-based calibration algorithm (which also comes patented) which can simultaneously identify different movement responses like running, walking, etc. It is waterproof up to 90 feet, so there are no issues in swimming while wearing it. Its wristbands are available in different colors so that you can choose your favorite color. It doesn’t have a sleep tracker yet and is not as sophisticated looking as other digital fitness trackers. However, its fitness tracking features, waterproofing, and low price can make up for its shortcomings, and it fits as a nice choice for a waterproof tracker.

15. Withings ActiviteWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Withings-Activite

Withings Activite might appear as a regular wear classic wrist watch at first glance. However deceptive it may appear, it is kind of a health tracker that tracks fitness metrics. Swimming is tracked by Withings Activite and it is 50 m waterproof. According to the manufacturers of the watch, the Withings Activite is best at recording crawls and breaststrokes. It tracks steps and different movements as well. It will also let you know how much calories did you lose and the duration of your workouts. It can automatically track your running or swimming. It can also track your sleep. It may not have a GPS sensor or heart rate monitoring feature, but the Paris made Swiss design of the Withings Activite is worth a nice wear for everyday use.

16. Suunto Ambit 3 SportWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Suunto-Ambit-3-Sport

This one is an expensive fitness tracker which is also waterproof. At the same time, its features are good and can give competition to other trackers available in the market. It is one of the best for tracking swimming, running, cycling, jogging, and numerous other outdoor activities. It is not too bulky or heavy to put on and has a clear display, which can be read easily. It will track swimming strokes and count your laps. It provides vocal coaching instructions, interval training, and recovery time along with GPS sensor and heart rate monitoring.  Suunto Ambit 3 Sport is an ideal choice if you like to keep track on all sorts of activities in addition to your daily swimming routine.

17. Polar A300Waterproof-Fitness-Trackers-polar-a300-swim

The Polar A300 waterproof tracker uses an accelerometer and comes at a reasonable price. You need to enter the pool length details manually so that it calculates your swim distance. It will record your swim along with your overall activity. It features a sleep tracking feature too, and the app gives you details in an easy manner. It doesn’t have a heart rate monitoring sensor and in case you want to get your heart rate monitored, you can separately purchase the Polar H7 which is a chest strapped heart rate sensor and pair it up with the Polar A300.

18. Atlas WristbandWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Atlas-Wristband

The Atlas Wristband has a triple axis sensor, and it recognizes your workouts from your muscle movements. When you are swimming, based on your arm movements, the Atlas Wristband will identify your swimming strokes; like if you are making a biceps or triceps curl. It also provides coaching and training features and possesses a touch screen display. The Atlas Wristband can turn out to be a favorite for a multi-sport person.

19. Finis Swimsense performance monitorWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-Finis-Swimsense-performance-monitor

This is a smartwatch designed for swimmers mainly. Once you switch on its swim button, it would automatically start tracking your distance, strokes, and speed and calorie expenditures. It has smart algorithms along with accelerometers and magnetometers. It will identify the different form of strokes like backstroke, butterfly stroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. The results will get instantly displayed on the watch. You can sync data with other fitness websites and share your reports with friends and your coach.

20. XMetricsWaterproof-Fitness-Trackers-XMetrics

Xmetris is exclusively meant for swimmers. It is accurate, combines sensors with biometrics and uses advanced algorithms for tracking. It gives detailed data analysis which you can share on social media. It works on improving your swimming performance.

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Whether you are a swimmer or are looking for options to do away with risks of exposing your tracker to moisture or splashes, these top waterproof fitness trackers are worth a try this year.

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