Best VR Headsets For Gamers


Technology is bound to be elevated with time. With every invention, technology takes a new step in the world. While, we may keep discussing the prospects of new inventions, some of them were in motion since decades ago.

Virtual Reality is a term which people are starting to get the hold of now but it was already an idea proposed in the early 1990s. Honestly, virtual technology is not yet perfected but has certainly come closer to reality. What is this virtual reality? How can it benefit us? These are the probable questions that come in our mind. To put it bluntly, it is an experience of a computer generated world or environment, experienced through you in much more real manner.

Everything in the virtual world is computer generated but you will feel every ounce of it be real. The best way to connect virtual reality is with gaming. The virtual reality can take your imagination ideas and turn it into real to a certain extent.

Everything in the virtual world is computer generated but you will feel every ounce of it be real. The best way to connect virtual reality is with gaming. The virtual reality can take your imagination ideas and turn it into real to a certain extent.

Gaming is another field of entertainment that has been the cause of attraction these days. The gaming industry is earning billions every year and virtual reality perfectly sets in the gaming world. The virtual reality technology has infiltrated the gaming world through headsets.

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It offers the best experience of the gaming environment to the users as if they are physically playing the game. There are many companies that have released the headset, hence, it becomes really difficult to determine the best VR headsets for gaming. However, one thing it guarantees is the entertainment to the users.

The Best VR Headsets for Gaming:

1. Oculus Rift


If the concept of virtual reality headsets came into the market, it was because of the Oculus Rift. This innovation simply changed the depths of reality to a whole new level. The technology was developed by Palmer Luckey and supported by Facebook for a whopping 2 billion dollars budget. The device can easily plug to your computer via the USB port, which will create a 3D imagery system on the screen. The gadget is available now in Amazon for all around the world game lovers.

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The so-called Project Morpheus VR headsets powered by Sony is yet to enter in the market, but there are already speculations that it will break the sales records in comparison to all the other eye gear. Many have even gone to say that it is one of the best virtual reality headsets for Gamers. While, nobody can guarantee these claims as long as the product isn’t out, the design and the features certainly speak a lot about the eyepiece.

Release date: Mid 2016 – $1000

3. HTC Vive


During the 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC), people were delighted to see the latest pair of gadget from HTC, which is developed by Steam in a joint venture with Valve. The HTC Vive Pre is a colossal beast of gaming and perfectly accords with Valve’s gaming ecosystem. The device has 360 head tracking, 70 different sensors and a refresh rate of 90 Hz; what more can you ask for. It also has a feature that lets you interact with the objects in the virtual world.

Release date: April 2016 – $800

4. Samsung Gear VR


Samsung doesn’t need any explanation to magnify its fame or qualities in the market. The new entry from the Samsung may yet be the user-friendliest headgear available in the market. Powered by Oculus Rift, Gear VR has a super AMOLED screen, a trademark seen in the Samsung smart phones. This piece of equipment is a real contender to name as one of the best VR headsets in the market.

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5. Microsoft HoloLens


When other big giants are releasing their virtual reality technologies, you cannot simply ignore Microsoft. The latest piece from the Microsoft is the ultimate mixture of experience of virtual and augmented reality. A perfect way to fuse the real world elements with a virtual display.

You can pretty much experience the virtual world by sitting anywhere. It offers the 120-degree field of view and using Kinect-style commands and gestures. The most promising part is that it doesn’t need any computer connection, as the device itself has an operating system to power the eyepiece. The device is to be launched in 2016.

Release date: Mid 2016 – $3,000



It is a complete different headset than Oculus Rift. The idea is a born child of Kickstarter campaign . It runs on the eye tracking technology by the use of infrared sensors, which constantly checks the user’s eyes and responds accordingly. It offers much more realism in terms of experience. You get more detailed display due to the depth of field and presents much more real view.

Release date: Mid 2016 – $3000

7. Avegant Glyph


Most headsets mentioned above are prone to be heavier, which can be discomforting for longer usage. What you have here is the slick and lightweight headsets from Avegant. It is more compact and smaller and functions just like every other headgear. Unlike the other headsets, it works on using the array of micromirrors that can create an image in front of the eye. It provides the 45-degree field of view, which is the biggest weakness but the device is said to help with eyes fatigue.

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Qualities Of The Best Gaming Headset

It gets really difficult to choose from all the headset companies like Oculus Rift ps4, HTC Vive Pre, Sony PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR and many more. However, there are certain qualities, which each of these headsets should have to qualify as gaming headsets.

The design of the VR headsets should be light and slick. Having too much weight on the device can be problematic for users in long term usage and may even cause discomfort. While most of the headsets are based on the lightweight concept, it is better for users to check on the device before actually buying it. No matter, how cool the features are, it serves no purpose if it is not light in weight.

The field of view or more commonly how much wide you can see through your eyes plays a huge role in virtual reality headset for Gamers. Quite contrary to humans, which have around 180-degree field of view, these headsets provide much lesser viewing field. It can range from 90 to 120 degrees or maybe more in certain devices. Typically, the more field of view means the better depth of the image. Choosing the headsets with a better field of view provides better peripheral vision and satisfactory experience in gaming.

Resolution is another quality that is must to get the pleasure of the virtual world. All the minute details of the 3d generated the world can only be experienced if the VR headsets provide good resolution of the display. Normally, these headsets have about the same type of pixel density as the computers would have, hence you can experience a better quality of the image, while gaming. A Higher number of pixels represent better image quality and ultimately better experience.


If we are talking about tech gadgets, then apps play’s a vital role for user engagement. Here are best virtual reality apps that are available in iTunes and Google app store right now.

  1. Vrse — 360 degree News videos
  2. Jaunt VR – Movies
  3. Discovery VR – Shows from Discovery channel
  4. Cedar Point VR – Thrilling Roller coaster ride

The Future Of Gaming

Though they haven’t yet reached the markets, there are still testing to be done. Virtual reality devices interact with objects in the virtual world to make users feel as if they are really connected to the world. There is no limit to the endless possibilities of the virtual reality technology.

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It is not restricted to gaming world or movies, there is always an opportunity of creating a new direction from this technology. It can turn out to be the great interacting medium between the real world and 3D world. While, the whole concept of virtual reality is not in its perfection as there is much more work needed to be done, but you can certainly expect huge revelations within the coming years that will alter the whole concept of interaction between real and simulated world.

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