30 Best Virtual Reality Companies That Will Change Your World Soon!

The advent of the latest technologies has been the driving force behind the present drift towards virtual reality. It has its own advantages when it comes to delivering impeccable experiences and almost accurate visualizations of the scenarios. Though into the primary steps of development, VR gear has been able to deliver heavily on all these fronts; development is an ongoing face for VR technology, and thus it can be safely said that it would grow bigger and better in the coming times.

From 2016 alone, 10 largest tech companies around the world released their own version of VR headsets to the market. But it’s still at the level 1 stage and development cycle is still in the mediatory stage. Which gave startups around the world to look for the opportunity and make money with this magic device. We can be sure that 2017 going to be a bull ride to the VR market throne, and here’s a look at the most promising VR tech companies that are in this race.

Best Virtual Reality Companies

1. Oculus Rift

best virtual reality companies

Oculus VR is a 2014 acquired division of tech giant Facebook Inc. It has been trying to develop virtual reality gear for consumer usage. Oculus Rift is the most anticipated product from the division. It is the first generation VR headset and is labeled for being used primarily in gaming and related application genres. It uses a positional tracking system, ‘Constellation,’ to deliver the best VR game experience to the user.

2. Google Daydream

best virtual reality companies

Daydream is Google’s bet to compete in the highly responsive virtual reality gear business. This gear launched in the last quarter of 2016 has been designed primarily to be used along with the seventh version of Android platform, ‘Nougat.’ Daydream project aims at development on both hardware and software fronts.

The VR device being brought in this, have to be compatible with the phone using it.

3. Sony Playstation VR

best virtual reality companies

Developed under the codename ‘Project Morpheus,’ this virtual reality gear is meant for being used along with the Sony’s flagship ‘PlayStation 4’ home video gaming module. It is basically a head-mounted 3D VR device, intended for enhancing the gaming rush on PlayStations. It is credited for being able to deliver on the 360-degree positional clarity as well on the high stead audio expectations.

4. WorldViz

best virtual reality companies

This privately owned firm was established in 2002 as a means to design and deliver virtual reality gear that could be used as a means of visualization and immersion for the users. The primary users of the tech included government agencies and universities. The Vizard Virtual Reality Toolkit has been designed to help in simulations and safety training for the users. While presently in the beginning stages, this company has the potential to become one of the best virtual reality companies of all times.

5. GoPro VR- Omni

best virtual reality companies

GoPro is an American technology firm that has made a name in designing and manufacturing action cameras as well software’s. Omni is one of the most anticipated products from GoPro. This virtual reality gear is meant to allow the users to develop 3D virtual reality videos. It allows the user to capture realistic frames and then convert it into virtual reality view.

6. Bricks and Goggles

best virtual reality companies

This is one of the most custom devised modules in virtual reality business. Considered one of the best VR startups Bricks and Goggles are known for taking input projects from the clients and then deliver a VR model on it. It is more like a simulation tactic devised around the real life projects. This helps the user to understand and improvise in a closely set simulation of the real-life scenarios to understand the project better.

7. Leap Motion VR

best virtual reality companies

Leap Motion Inc. is a well-known American firm that is known for delivering few of the most innovative computer hardware devices taking hand and finger movements as input feeds. The virtual reality gear being designed and marketed by the company are being considered equally strong on the innovation quotient. They are known for being in collaborative partnerships with some of the biggest names in the tech business.

8. Fove VR

best virtual reality companies

This virtual reality gear is known amongst the tech community as being the first VR product to be sensitive to eye movement. It has the ability to detect and respond to eye movements as low as 20th part of a degree.  It is amongst the best VR companies of the recent times. After the initial success of crowdfunding campaigns, the product has also received an undisclosed amount of financial aid from Samsung Ventures. The product is meant to be a welcome breakthrough in the presently growing VR industry.

9. Virtuix Omni

best virtual reality companies

Virtuix is aiming at taking the virtual reality experience to a newer level. Virtuix Omni is a locomotion simulator that is meant to allow the users to have the experience of the motion related rush that comes along with video games. This makes use of special friction lessening shoes to create the sensations of walking, running and other motion related variations.

10. Samsung Gear VR

best virtual reality companies

This product from the house of Samsung has been developed in collaboration with Oculus. It has been primarily designed to work as an augmenting device for the compatible smartphone devices from Samsung. The VR unit acts as a secondary screen for the phone and allows the user to have a closer look at the virtual world with the real world perspective. It also has a trackpad on it to allow the user calibrate the device accordingly.

11. CastAR

best virtual reality companies

CastAR is a relatively newer player in the tech arena. It was established in 2013 and has gained prominence due to the crowd funding received through campaigns. The product portfolio is small, yet it has been able to garner the reputation of being one of the best VR startups. The first product from the company is an augmented reality or virtual reality gear that is meant to enhance the intrinsic experience of gaming and other virtual reality compatible genres. It makes usage of motion sensors and has been conferred with accolades for being innovative.

12. HTC Vive

best virtual reality companies

This product has been developed as a collaborative effort between HTC and Valve Corporation. It allows the users to move in the virtual world while also interacting with various objects that come along the way. The device makes use of as much as 70 sensors which include accelerometer and gyroscope to deliver a rich virtual reality experience. It also makes use of photo sensors and structured light lasers within space to produce the desired effect.

13. Microsoft HoloLens

best virtual reality companies

Microsoft has been known as one of the most static figures in the upper strata of the tech world. HoloLens is a product a virtual reality smart eyewear from Microsoft. It works on Windows 10 platform, making it the first one to do so. This dynamically designed eyewear comes with some of the most sensitive and responsive sensors to enhance the acuteness of the experience for the user. Its sensitivity to motion and reaction makes it one of the best suited for those playing the best VR games.

14. Mechdyne

best virtual reality companies

Mechdyne is a multi-domain company that has a particular specialization in 3D and virtual reality products. It has developed certain product ranges in this domain, namely Cave, Cave 2, Flex etc. The company is keen at developing head mounted devices that are VR compatible. From small scale PC visualization systems to large-scale products like Flex, this company has gained a reputation for being good at all the visualization related products.

15. Virtually Live

best virtual reality companies

The concept behind Virtually Live is to bring the sporting fun directly to the fans. It makes use of high-end visualization techniques to create a virtual environment of the sporting arena. The fans using the service may then freely interact with the virtual scenarios and feel the actual rush of the real-time sporting event. It also allows the fans to be on live chats while constantly following the game.


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16. Vega

best virtual reality companies

This is a program sanctioned and funded under the umbrella of  6th European Framework Program. It is meant to deliver on the need to increase the use of virtual reality to improve the quality of research and development in robotics design. This is mainly aimed at letting the young researchers get a comparative freehand in the virtual world and therefore deliver better results with minimal chances of losses.

17. Virtalis

best virtual reality companies

Known as a leading virtual reality solution provider, Virtalis has clients that have a market presence along various market spheres from automotive design to aerospace industry. Virtalis offers products and services that allow the customers to understand and venture deeper into the virtual reality world to come out with a better perspective about the various prospects regarding their respective services and products.

18. Marxent Labs

best virtual reality companies

Marxent Labs is an enterprise that is primarily credited for designing and delivering virtual and augmented reality solutions to the clients. Along the years, it has produced a number of products in the virtual reality genre that are aimed at structuring the virtual reality genre. It has worked in compatibility with all the leading operating systems of the modern day and is also a preferred partner for some of the largest virtual reality tech players like Oculus and GearVR.

19. Hot Bit VR

best virtual reality companies

This VR platform has been designed to resemble a conventional performance stage in the virtual reality world. It allows various performers like comedians to come and showcase their talents in front of the interested audience that is connected using the VR platforms. Along with the performers and the audience, there is scope for a third player i.e. the advertisers who’ll get to showcase their product in front of an interactive audience.

20. Theia Interactive

best virtual reality companies

Developed as a predominantly 3D modeling firm, this company has come up a long way in creating a complete virtual reality driven platform. Creating a plethora of solutions that are aimed at developing a better understanding and appetite for virtual reality solutions, this firm has been successfully able to etch its name in the highly competitive and growing virtual reality playfield. So, this is one of the best vr companies look forward to see this year.

21. CrowdOptic

best virtual reality companies

This tech startup has been turning a lot of heads off lately. It makes usage of GPS in the Smartphones and smart-glasses used by the spectators and then creates a virtual reality scenario of events in real time. This may find various important applications where the situation requires to be handled remotely while ensuring that the physical presence can’t be possible like for supervisors sitting at the fire station while the firefighters are trying to control the fire.

22. Haptical

best virtual reality companies

Haptical aims at making its mark in the virtual reality business by selling information to theVR junta. It is more like dealing in broadcasts like news and related stuff. This while one hand allows the otherwise distributed VR user community to connect with each other, also opens up an opportunity for various players to showcase their products to prospective suitors.

23. Lucid VR

best virtual reality companies

Lucid is a pioneer in consumer-oriented virtual reality products. It has been credited with being the first to design several of 3D consumer items for the first time. Lucid Cam is one such product. It allows the user to capture a 3D video at an 180-degree view. It is considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in the industry as it allows the general user to have hold of the tricky 3 Dimension technology.

24. Merge VR


best virtual reality companies

Merge is a predominantly mobile device oriented VR platform. It aims at delivering the virtual reality to the users by making the use of already high flowing smartphone tech. The products from the company are also known for their attractive designs. Merge also deals extensively in developing tech and software assistance for the further light of virtual reality technology.

25. Surreal VR

best virtual reality companies

Surreal aims at developing a VR online gaming platform that has the ability to be customized to a really high extent. It allows the users to create avatars with faces and features that then are used to play various multiplayer games. Surreal VR takes pride in calling itself a social VR platform. This tech is supported on all the major VR and head mounted devices making it a preferred cross platform service.

26. Altaspace VR

best virtual reality companies

Altaspace is much more than a gaming VR platform but allows the users to have access to various other activities like getting news, meditate and even watch videos. This cross-platform device can be used to connect with the other people as it allows the user to connect through VR calls.

27. TeliportMe

best virtual reality companies

TeliportMe is a virtual reality platform that allows the users to capture the imagery of their choice in 360-degree panoramic view and then share this 3D image as virtual reality versions. This helps in giving people access to a lot of experiences through their involvement with the virtual reality community. It has got some assistance from the best VR companies to develop its product range and ideas to a greater extent.

28. Jaunt VR

best virtual reality companies

Entering the cinematic universe and having a firsthand experience of everything is what every cinematic buff desires. Jaunt is targeting to allow this by developing a set of software and compatible hardware that can allow the user to virtually enter the cinematic universe and have an experience never seen before.

29. Iris VR

best virtual reality companies

Iris understands the importance of VR when it comes to cutting the costs of testing and allowing a better safety standard. It is a market-oriented VR platform designed primarily to serve construction and building industry by reducing the time and cost of making and then testing the models. The design’s consistency can be directly checked and improvised using the VR platform instead of conventional methods.

30. Lytro

best virtual reality companies

Lytro can be considered one of the most anticipated VR companies as it is credited for delivering the first light field professional camera solution to enable the user to enter and experience the cinematic view from the virtual perspective. It allows the users to interact and understand the happenings in the cinematic view through VR simulations and visual imagery.

What does it mean?

All the virtual reality devices are meant to deliver an experience that is close to the real life but is actually on the virtual front. These best virtual reality companies are making the world more adventurous and creative. This allows the user to simulate the actual response which can be recorded as a measure of the relative head for the further development of the products. Other than these applications, it can be used readily as a means of entertainment and connectivity.

VR is the fastest growing industry and technology of the contemporary times, and therefore it will be more than interesting to follow the unraveling of the possibilities attached to it.

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