10 Best Sport Watches To Buy Today

Whether you are trekking or running down the road for fitness, if you want to make your life easier, you need to get yourself a top-grade sports watch.

Sports watches can do so much more than just showing you time. Just like smart watches now a days, you can keep track of all your activities while you are working out, jogging, swimming, cycling or running. They also come integrated with GPS that helps you track your progress every second.

So, how do these smart watches can help us to be fit? It is pretty simple! They automate the monitoring process so that you continue with an uninterrupted training session. There are number of smartwatches for running and jogging available today, but only few give the satisfaction as per your need. Thereby, you can focus more on the primary task instead of resetting the watch now and then. However, picking a watch that suits your needs can be daunting. So, here is a list of 10 best sports watches in the world to consider for your next workout sessions.

List of 10 Best Sport Watches

1. Suunto Ambit Sport Watch

If you are someone who loves mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, or even back country skiing, then this is one of the best smart watches with heart rate monitor. The watch is pretty easy to use and is comfortable around your wrists. It can do a lot of functions for you. If you want to know how high you have climbed the mountain, this watch will give you the altitude information. You can also use the navigation to trace your route.

Best Sport Watches

Also, it has the speed monitor, heart rate monitor, as well as weather updates. One of the biggest features of Ambit is that it can be easily personalised. You can make it do what you want it to do. The other important features include barometer, GPS, barometric altimeter, and vertical speed. It also comes packed with the feature that allows you to plan and analyze online. This means you can maintain your record in the sports diary.

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2. Casio’s G-Shock Digital Analog Sports Watch

Casio is a well known for best sports watches in the world. As always Casio has paid very close attention to the design. G-shock release had  their major break-through in their product line. The watch comes with some important features, it is still lightweight. The wearer does not even feel that it is strapped to the wrist. The design of this watch is extremely classy and grabs your attention immediately. It is available in the blue and white combination.

Best Sport Watches

The watch, as is what G-shock is known for, is resistant to shocks. But that is not it! For up to 660 feet, this watch is also water resistant. This is more of a fashion watch but is categorized under Sports watch because it comes with an integrated speed calculator. You just need to enter the travel distance and then gently tap on the watch. The accurate details of speed will be given to you. It also has the LED light which makes reading the screen easy even in the dark.

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3. Timex Iron Man Sleek

 Timex is one of the largest manufacturers of the watches in the world. The company has been designing top-class, high quality, watches for a very long time. Earlier, Timex used to design regular watches that were not meant for sports. However, today, Timex is also manufacturing top-grade sports watches as well. The band of the watch is in black color and is made stylish with diamond shaped cutout. The digital display is grey in color.

Best Sport Watches

The display is protected by acrylic material, which prevents the watch from damage. It is certainly a great watch for those who love running. The watch features some of the tools including lap counter, stopwatch, timer, and also the option to repeat. There are many other sports features included in the watch. The design is very attractive and is also very lightweight.

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4. Columbia Switchback

This is a great watch for those who love hiking in the deep woods. No matter how far you get into the woods, the watch will always show you the way back home. You can easily trace the way from where you came. It comes packed with the feature called Trackback. This technology instantly reverses your coordinates by 180 degrees. You just need to push a button for that.

Best Sport Watches

This means that you can easily get back to from where you started without having to worry about getting lost. Besides, the top-class GPS feature the watch can do many other things. It comes with data storage of 10-run and a memory of 50-lap. You can buy this watch easily from one of the top e-commerce portals.  The large dial and the stylish design make this watch very attractive.

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5. Casio’s Big Case Watch

This is indeed one of the best watches for all kinds of sports activities. If you are looking for a watch with comprehensive sports features, Casio is the one for you. With compared to G-Shock, the design is extremely attractive and eye-catching with affordable price. However, it is the features of the watch that will impress you. The watch comes with lots of programmable time zones.

Best Sport Watches

It also has timers, stopwatches, alarms with multi functions, a graph for tide and moon. Like other Casio watches, this one is also shock resistant. Also, it is resistant to water as well. This means that you can take it almost everywhere with you. You will also not need to worry about the scratches as the glass is resistant to it. Big Case is a little heavier as compared to other wrist watches. However, it is surprisingly very comfortable.

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6. NX990 New Balance

If you are into lots of cardio training or following a weight loss program, then this is a great watch for you. This is the kind of watch, which helps you achieve your fitness results. Many users say that it is more or less like a personal trainer to them. Of course, it doesn’t give you instructions or doesn’t get strict when you are not doing the stuff, but it does help you out in many other ways.

Best Sport Watches

It is a watch with pulse rate monitor, which can tell you if you are working out enough or not. Also, it comes with the tracker for monitoring the calories burnt.

You can easily transfer the fitness data to your computer using the very handy software. But this software is only for the Windows users. It doesn’t work with Mac computers. The chest strap is digitally coded and ensures that while you are working out the heart rate is not picked from the other people working out around you.

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7. AdiPower TR by Adidas

Whether you like running or doing the cardio training, you can use this watch well. Adidas is a major sport brand in the world and they don’t want left out in this game either. So, Adidas made this custom designed sport watch for those who cardio as their major workout regime. All of its features are great for someone who is training. Up to 200 feet, this watch is water resistant. It also comes with the 100-lap memory.

Best Sport Watches

You will also find interval timer, training timer, start lap, and chronograph.

For those who want to overlook a soccer game, this watch comes with the referee tool. This means that you can watch the football/soccer game with it. When you are running low on battery, there is an internal alarm which will instantly remind you of it. This is easily a must-have watch for every sports person.

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8. Palada Sport Watch

Designed in black color, this incredible watch is a great companion during your sports training. Some of the features that you will truly love are abrasion resistance, thick and strong outer glass, and very comfortable rubber for a snug wear. This is watch is surely meant for sports persons only and its made of high durable material.

Best Sport Watches

This is a perfect watch for outdoor activities. It comes with an alarm, stopwatch, and military time. Although this watch does not feature GPS, it does come with the compass. It can be very handy for the campers and hikers. No matter the dark, with the LED light you can easily read the display whenever you want.

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9. Armitron Sports Watch

Even if it is raining outside, you don’t have to worry because it is 100% water resistant. It has alarm and chronograph. This sports watch also comes with the optional military time. You can easily switch between the two different time zones.

Best Sport Watches

The watch also features stopwatch and multi-functional features. If you are someone who travels frequently, you can easily add a second-time-zone. All in all, it is a simple and yet very functional watch. It is great for those who are involved in mild to moderate physical activities.

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10. Fanmis Digital Sports Watch

A perfect sports watch for those who want to track their daily workout activities. However, the design of the watch is so sleek that you can easily wear it with your casual outfits. The buckle is easily adjustable, and the band is made using high-quality plastic.

Best Sport Watches

It is water resistant up to 30 meters. Fanmis offers many basic features for the sports people.  It also has LED which makes it easy to see the display in the night or when it is dark. This non-popular brand watches will give you the satisfaction as much as the high-end sports watches provide for big bucks.

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Humans and sports are inseparable each other throughout the history, and with all the tech innovations in watch industry, new updates pushing its limits further every day. So, be ready to upgrade yourself to newer timezone.

Hope you loved our top 10 best sports watches list and now you can show us your love by sharing this article with your loved one who needed most!

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